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Chapter 16 Homework

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Chapter 16: The Sun

Reading: Astronomy, Chapter 16: Our Star, The Sun

WebLecture: The Sun

Planetarium Program: Carry out observing projects #60 and #61.

Homework problems:

Go over the list of Key Words and Key Ideas at the end of the chapter. If you don't remember the definition of the key word, review its use (the page number on which it is explained is given).

Read through the Review Questions and be prepared to discuss them in class. If any of them confuses you, ask about it!

Check the Moodle for the particular problems assigned to you and post your solution for that problem, with explanations.

Lab: Observing the Sun

Moodle Quiz: Take the chapter quiz. Quizzes are generally due by the day after our next session (this gives you two chances to ask questions in class -- use the opportunity!).