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Course Materials Under Revision for 2017-2018

Laboratory Requirements and Equipment


You must complete any twelve labs to receive honors course credit with lab credit.

You must complete twenty labs, ten of which must be AP labs, to receive AP Course credit.

All labs for credit must be completed by the close of the school year in June, unless you make special arrangements with the instructor.

Lab assignments will be available from the web site at the start of the session. Most labs will be associated with specific topics, and you are required to complete the lab and send in the report during during the assignment period so that the class may compare results. Field labs must be done in the order and at the intervals specified, unless weather conditions prevent completion at the scheduled time.

IMPORTANT! For safety reasons, both you and your parents must read the safety procedures before starting the lab sequence. Your parents must sign and send a copy of the lab permission letter to me before I can accept any lab reports from you for credit.

Lab Equipment

If you wish to purchase a kit rather than individual items, Robert B. Thompson has assembled several versions of the equipment and materials required to perform most of the experiments in his Illustrated Guide to Home Biology lab manual available The Home Scientist. The basic version (BK01A) contains most of the materials required to complete labs in this course for AP credit, except for a microscope and common household or easily obtained stationary items.

Students wishing to complete only the twelve labs for honors credit may find it less expensive to buy only what they need for their selected labs.

Buying your own equipment

In addition to the equipment listed below, many labs will use common household items, such as paper, pens, rulers, cups or jars, food samples, plastic bags, etc. These will be listed in the equipment section of the individual labs. In addition to equipment, the field labs require that you have an outdoor area which you can study throughout the year.

This list is still incomplete. It includes all equipment and materials used in alternative labs, but not all equipment and materials required for AP exercises. Check back for chemicals and sources.

Field Labs

Microscope Labs

General Lab Equipment and Materials


Lab equipment may be borrowed from schools or purchased. Sometimes local college bookstores or medical schools carry dissection kits; staining kits and other supplies are often available from educational toy stores and science museums. You may also want to check my growing list of mail order suppliers.