Chat times for 2017-2018
Monday-Thursday-Friday 9am-10:30 ET/6am-7:30am PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

Course Materials Under Revision for 2017-2018

Procedures, Methods, Goals, and Expectations

Methods, Goals, Procedures

Class Meetings: Two per week

You get to chat sessions by going to the Chat Login Link (available from the ScholarsOnline home page as well). Chats for the courses you are taking will be listed each day (so you will see only the chats for "today" listed: we try to keep this simple).

During each class session, we will base our discussions on the material in textbook and weblectures. We will work through applications of the concepts and take "WebTours", visiting other sites which have interesting information, examples, or simulations. Logs of our discussions will be available from the Scholars Online Chat login page following the class for your review.

You may raise questions about the material from the text, my weblectures, your homework, your labs, and when we have time, from news media articles with any connection to our topics — and if we have time, any science topic that puzzles you, whether part of our course or not.

I realize that occasionally you may need to miss our online chat sessions, because of illness or family emergencies, and occasionally because of planned activities. You must have a parent notify me of your absence and the reason, either by email or Moodle Message, if at all possible before the session starts. You are still responsible for posting all essay or problem homework assignments to the class forums, and for mastering the materials covered in class by reviewing logs of any class sessions you have missed.

All reading assignments for the semester will be posted in the course calendar at the beginning of the course. Reading assignments include material from the textbook, my online lectures, and on occasion, readings from other websites. You are expected to read assigned material and complete homework before attending the chat session.


Homework assignments for each session will be posted on the Scholars Online Moodle course homepage. These may include essay-type answers about concepts, or they may include math-based problems or lab data analysis from the text, questions or Moodle lessons designed by the teacher. There may be instructions to complete simulations or excercises on interactive media, or watch short videos a particular concept in action. All homework problems are for your benefit, and do not have to be turned in to me. It is important that you do all the assigned homework regularly so that we can identify and resolve any problems before you work on the next assignment.

Ideally, you should do all the homework questions assigned on the Moodle homework page, whether you are assigned to post these or not, unless specifically instructed otherwise. These exercises expose you to different ways of learning and using the concepts from the text and in class lectures.

Do not simply look up the correct answers in the back of the book!

Instead, do your best to answer the question or solve the problem, then check your work and attempt to correct problems you miss yourself by comparing your methods and answer with those posted by your peers. If that doesn't clarify a problem for you, ask for additional help in class — that is what chat is for! You will be responsible for presenting solutions with detailed comments in class or to the forum to specific homework problems. For those of you in Chemistry and Physics courses: become familiar with the math notation options in the Moodle so that you can spend less time entering your solutions and more time focussing on concepts.

Because I am not collected all of the homework assigned from each of you every session, you may be tempted to skip doing workbook exercises or homework problems assigned to other students for presentation.


Most of the quiz and exam questions I use to evaluate your work will be based on these exercises. The more you do, the more thoroughly you prepared you will be. If you plan to take the SAT II or AP Physics examinations, dedicated and steady preparation throughout the year is essential. If you really do not have the time to do all the exercises, select the ones you find most challenging, and discipline yourself to attempt them so you are ready to ask for help in chat if you really can't do them.


Labs are NOT optional; see the labs page for more information.

Quizzes and Exams

Weekly quizzes will be available on the Moodle course homepage after the last discussion session for each chapter; you should try to take the quizzes within a few days of finishing the chapter. You will receive immediate feedback on your work and your score will be recorded in the Moodle. You can use the Moodle grade reports to determine which quizzes you have taken and how well you have done.

Exams will be given at the end of each term (biology), or at the end of a major conceptual unit (chemistry and physics). These must be taken under parental supervision and returned to the teacher by electronic mail for grading. In addition, a paper copy signed by the parent must be returned by regular United States mail to the teacher, verifying that the exam was taken under the specified conditions.

Putting it all together

Keeping track of everything can be quite a challenge. Here's one possiblity for pacing yourself through the week. You can use this as an starting point or change it all around to suit your own study style. Have your parents go over your schedule and make arrangements for them to checkyour work regularly. Be sure they understand when you need time for labwork or reports: you will need to balance family and community commitments with your course load.

Notice that I haven't scheduled anything for Saturday; you may want to keep that day open to do labs or to catch up if you get behind during the week. I also never schedule material to be turned inon Sundays; while I may read email on Sundays, I do no grading that day and will not respond toquestions unless there is an emergency.


  • Attend class; ask questions about anything that you were unable to complete in the homework assignment, or don't understand from the text
  • Read the Web Lecture for Wednesday's chat sess
  • Read the text assignment for Wednesday, working through any examples, charts, and diagrams carefully.


  • Watch any videos, complete Moodle Lessons, or perform assigned simulations to practice applying concepts.
  • Do the homework assigned for Wednesday's chat and post it.
  • Do some lab work: plan, perform, or write up your current experiment.


  • Attend class; ask questions about anything that you were unable to complete in the homework assignment, or don't understand from the text
  • Read the weblecture for Monday's chat session.
  • Read the text assignment for Monday, working through any examples, charts, and diagrams carefully.


  • Watch any videos, complete Moodle Lessons, or perform assigned simulations to practice applying concepts.
  • Read through the AP question for Friday (if assigned) and work through it.
  • Do some lab work: plan, perform, or write up your current experiment.


  • Attend class; ask questions about your lab work, present your plans for the next lab, and ask questions about the AP application examples.
  • Do the homework assigned for Monday's chat and post it.


  • Take the online quiz by the due date, but after completing all work for the chapter.

The Scholars Online Moodle and Chat

The Moodle server at Scholars Online will host our chats, notice boards for general instructions, the forums for your class assignments, the quizzes, and the schedule for our work. Access will be limited to class members. We also have the ability to create Wiki entries (good for learning terminology), take surveys, and work on group activities. There will be additional forums for posting labs and solutions to assigned AP problems. Since only members of the class will see your postings, you should feel free to use the class forum to ask questions and contact each other about class business, and to continue discussions for which we may not have time in class, but remember:

I reserve the right to pull any threads or entries which I feel are unsuitable, so keep it clean and charitable.


Just so we are all headed in the same direction....


You are expected to:

You may expect me to: