Biology Schedule for 2016-2017

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Homework, Reading Assignments, Discussion Topics, and Labs

Use the Links in the Labs column to find your laboratory assignment. Laboratory work is usually due two weeks after class discussion of the lab requirements, unless otherwise stated in the assignment. Special arrangements may be made to complete some lab work over the summer.

9/8/17Labs, Lab NotebooksField Lab #1
9/15/17Chemical PropertiesProperties of Water
9/22/17Microscope UseMicroscope Basics
Slide Preparation
9/29/17Cell MembranesAP Lab #4: Osmosis (Alternative: Diffusion through a Membrane)
10/6/17Cell EnergyAP Lab #13: Enzymes (Alternative: Catalase activity)
10/13/17Cell RespirationAP Lab #6: Respiration (Alternative: Oxygen production in yeast)
10/20/17PhotosynthesisAP Lab #5: Photosynthesis (Alternative: AP Lab 2009 #11: Dissolved Oxygen)
10/27/17Cell DivisionAP Lab #7: Mitosis and Meiosis (Alternative: Simplified Microscope observations)
11/3/17Field ChangesField Lab #2
11/10/17DNA StructuresAP Lab #3: DNA Sequencing ( Alternative: DNA Modeling)
11/17/17Gene Technology: BacteriaAP #8: Bacterial Transformation (Alternative: Bacterial Culturing Techniques)
11/24/17Thanksgiving Holiday
12/1/17Inheritance and Mathematical ModelingAP Lab #2: Mathematical Modeling (AP 2009 #8 Hardy-Weinberg) - No Alternative
12/15/17Field ChangesField Lab #3
12/22/17Christmas Holiday
12/29/17New Year Holiday
1/5/18MicroorganismsObserving Protista
1/12/18Plant Transport (part 1)AP Lab #1: Artificial Selection
1/19/18Field Changes: PlantsField Lab #4
1/26/18Gene Technology: Bacteria #3AP Lab #9: Bacterial DNA (Alternative: Bacterial DNA)
2/2/18Lab MethodsTesting for Vitamin C
2/9/18RespirationTesting Lung Capacity
2/16/18CirculationObserving Capillary Circulation
2/23/18Immune SystemImmunology Virtual Lab
3/2/18Animal BehaviorField Lab #5 (or finish AP Lab #1)
3/9/18Gene Technology: Fruit FliesTransgenic Fly (AP 2009 #7)
3/16/18Nerve SystemStimulating Human Nervous System
3/23/18The Senses: VisionMeasuring Peripheral Vision
3/30/18Holy Week Holiday
4/6/18Skeletal SystemDissection of a small animal
4/13/18Plant Structures: FlowersField Lab #6
4/20/18AP Lab #11: Transpiration (Alternative: Simplified Plant Transport)
4/27/18Plant Interactions with environmentPlant Responses
5/4/18Ecology: BiomesBiome Identification
5/11/18Ecology: HabitatsAP Lab #12: Habitat Selection (Alternative: Brine Shrimp Behavior)
5/18/18Ecology: Energy FlowAP Lab #10: Energy Flow (Alternate: Population Density)
5/25/18Ecology: Recycling ResourcesRecycling Success
6/1/18Plan Summer Lab CompletionAll Incomplete Labs