Biology Schedule for 2017-2018

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Homework, Reading Assignments, Discussion Topics, and Labs

Use the Links in the Homework column to find your homework assignment. Homework is usually due on the date given, unless otherwise stated in the assignment. Friday sessions are devoted to Lab work and special AP topics not covered in the text.

9/6/2017HW011: 1-11The Scientific Study of Living Things
9/8/2017Lab Requirements, AP Exam RequirementsField Lab 1: Baseline
29/11/2017HW02A2: 1-9Elements, Atoms, Molecules, and Chemical Bonds
9/13/2017HW02B2: 10-16The Special Properties of Water
9/15/2017No MeetingProperties of Water
39/18/2017HW03A3: 1-7Organic Compounds: Functional Groups and Carbohydrates
9/20/2017HW03B3: 8-16Organic Compounds: Lipids, Proteins, and Nucleic Acids
9/22/2017Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesMicroscope Basics and Slide Preparation
49/25/2017HW04A4: 1-12Cells: Basic cell structure, Nucleus and Endomembrane components
9/27/2017HW04B4: 13-22Cells: Energy Organelles, CytoSkeletons and Surfaces
9/29/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #4: Osmosis
510/2/2017HW05A5:1-9Working Cells: Membranes
10/4/2017HW05B5: 10-16Working Cells: Energy and Enzymes
10/6/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #13 Enzyme Activity (Alternate: Enzymes)
610/9/2017HW06A6: 1-8Cellular Respiration: The Process
10/11/2017HW06B6: 9-16Cellular Respiration: Energy Results
10/13/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #6: Respiration
710/16/2017HW07A7: 1-9Photosynthesis: Light Reactions
10/18/2017HW07B7: 10-14Photosynthesis: Calvin Cycle
10/20/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #5 Photosynthesis or Dissolved Oxygen Lab
810/23/2017HW08A8: 1-10Inheritance: Mitosis
10/25/2017HW08B8: 11-23Inheritance: Meiosis
10/27/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #7: Meiosis/Mitosis
910/30/2017HW09A9: 1-10Inheritance: Mendal's Laws
11/1/2017HW09B9: 11-23Inheritance: Variations on Mendel's Laws
11/3/2017Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesField Lab #2
1011/6/2017HW10A10: 1-16DNA Replication: Inside the Nucleus
11/8/2017HW10B10: 17-23DNA Replication: Outside the Nucleus
11/10/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #3: DNA Sequencing
1111/13/2017HW11A11: 1-11Gene Controll
11/15/2017HW11B11: 12-18Cloning and Cancer
11/17/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #8 Bacterial Transformation
1211/20/2017HW12A12: 1-10Gene Cloning
1311/27/2017HW12B12: 11-21DNA Profiling and Genomics
11/29/2017HW13A13: 1-11Evolution: Darwin's Theory and Populations
12/1/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #2: Mathematical Modeling
1412/4/2017HW13B13: 12-19Microevolution Mechanisms
12/6/2017HW14A14: 1-11 (All)The Origin of Species
12/8/2017Lab Review/AP Free Exercises
1512/11/2017HW15A15: 1-13Origin of Life Questions; Macroevolution
12/13/2017HW15B15: 14-19Phylogeny
12/15/2017Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesField Lab 3
1612/18/2017HW16A16: 1-11Single Cells: Prokaryotes
12/20/2017HW16B16: 12-19Single Cells: Protists
12/22/2017Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesPond Water
1/1/2018New Year
1/3/2018New Year
1/5/2018New Year
171/8/2018HW17A17: 1-11Plants
1/10/2018HW17B17: 12-19Fungi
1/12/2018Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #1 SETUP
181/15/2018HW18A18: 1-9Symmetry and Simple Invertebrates
1/17/2018HW18B18: 11-16Segmented Invertebrates and Echinoders
1/19/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesField Lab 4
191/22/2018HW19A19: 1-10Vertebrates
1/24/2018HW19B19: 11-17Human Evolution Theories
1/26/2018Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #9: Bacterial DNA
201/29/2018ReviewReview of units 1-4
1/31/2018HW20A20: 1-15 (All)Animal Tissues
2/2/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesVitamin C
212/5/2018HW21A21: 1-13Human Digestive System
2/7/2018HW21B21: 14-21Nutrition
2/9/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesLung Capacity
222/12/2018HW22A22: 1-12 (All)Gas Exchange
2/14/2018HW23A23: 1-6Mammalian Cardiovascular System: the Heart
2/16/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesCirculation
232/19/2018HW23B23: 7-15Blood Vessels and Blood
2/21/2018HW24A24: 1-11Innate Immunity, Adaptive Immiunity and the Humoral Immune system
2/23/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesImmunology Simulation
242/26/2018HW24B24: 12-16T Cells and Immune System Disorders
2/28/2018HW25A25: 1-9 (All)Osmosis and Excretion
3/2/2018Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #1 FINISH Or Field Lab 5
253/5/2018HW26A26: 1-12 (Al)Chemical Regulation: Hormones
3/7/2018HW27A27: 1-8Human Reproductive System
3/9/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesTransgenic Fly Lab
263/12/2018HW27B27: 9-18Embryonic and human development
3/14/2018HW28A28: 1-10Nerve Signals and Transmission
3/16/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesNerve Sensitivity
273/19/2018HW28B28: 11-21Human Brain structure
3/21/2018HW29A29: 1-6Perception, Hearing, Balance
3/23/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesPeripheral Vision
3/26/2018HolidayHoly Week Observance
3/28/2018HolidayHoly Week Observance
3/30/2018HolidayHoly Week Observance
284/2/2018HW29B29: 7-13Vision, Taste, Smell
4/4/2018HW30A30: 1-12Animal Movement
4/6/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesDissection
294/9/2018HW31A31: 1-8Plant Structure, Function, Growth
4/11/2018HW31B31: 9-15Reproduction of Flowering Plants
4/13/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesField Lab 6
304/16/2018HW32A32: 1-11Uptake and transport of nutrients; Soil
4/18/2018HW32B32: 12-14Nutrition and Symbiosis
4/20/2018Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #11: Plant Transport
314/23/2018HW33A33: 1-8Plant Hormones
4/25/2018HW33B33: 9-13Growth Responses, Plant Defenses
4/27/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesPlant Responses
324/30/2018HW34A34: 1-7The Biosphere and Aquatic Biomes
5/2/2018HW34B34: 8-18Terrestrial Biomes
5/4/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesBiome Identification
335/7/2018HW35A35: 1-11Behavior and Learning
5/9/2018HW35B35: 12-23Foraging, Mating, and Social Behaviors
5/11/2018Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #12: Habitat Selection
345/14/2018HW36A36: 1-11 (All)Population Structure And Dynamics
5/16/2018HW37A37: 1-13Structural Features of Communities
5/18/2018Lab Review/AP Free Exercises2012 AP Lab #10 Energy Flow
355/21/2018HW37B37: 14-23Ecosystems: Structure, Dynamics, Alterations
5/23/2018HW38A38: 1-13 (All)Conservation Biology
5/25/2018Lab Review/AP Free ExercisesRecycling Success
365/28/2018Memorial Day Holiday
5/30/2018ReviewReview of units 5-8
6/1/2018ReviewSAT Preparation/Final EvaluationsScheduling for Summer Lab Completion

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