Chat times for 2017-2018
9am-10:30 ET/6am-7:30am PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

Scholars Online Biology for 2017-2018

Course Overview

The course structure for Scholars Online Biology will change for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. See the Overview 2018-2019 page for a description of the new format.

The Scholars Online AP Biology course is a college-level introductory survey of the basic principles of modern biology, including

We will approach this mass of material through our texts, through discussion, through guided Web Tours, and through lab experiences. As we learn about the concepts and methods of modern biology, we will try to put them into perspective by addressing these questions:

Meetings: This course meets in online chat sesssions three times a week. Two sessions are dedicated to a review of the material and open discussion of issues students may have with concepts and applications. The third session is dedicated to covering lab work.

Credit: You may review the letter of certification and the formal syllabus and for this course as approved by the College Board. Students completing the course satisfactorily will receive formal AP credit. Students completing a minimal level of lab work will receive honors credit.

Standard Exam Preparation: Students should be well prepared to take both the AP examination and the SAT II Biology Test in both Microbiology and Ecology forms. Those interested in either exam should read the Biology Exam Preparation page, and contact the instructor if they have questions.

Prerequisites: Scholars Online AP Biology is designed to be an independent course for students who have completed high school biology, a rigorous junior high school life science course, or Scholars Online Natural Science I and II.

Labs and Lab Equipment: Students under 18 must have parental permission to perform labs in order to receive lab credit. The lab permission form and a list of required equipment and materials is available from the Lab Requirements page.

Need more information? Further details on this course are available at this site on course procedures, our apprach to evolution, and other frequently-asked questions.

Enrollment: To enroll in this course, or for further information on Scholars Online, please visit the Scholars Online Website.