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Understanding the SAT and AP Examination Programs

NMSQTs, SATs, CLEPs, ACTs, APs and AP Courses

The best way for a homewschooler or independent adult learner to achieve recognition from a college admission office for work done in ay course is to take a universally recognized and standardized test. There are several major types of tests, takien at different times, and for different purposes. Most are admnistered by the College Board organizaiton, (College Board Organization, but the ACT is administered by a different group.

You will need to take the PSAT/NMSQT exam to qualify for many scholarship programs. You must take this exam in your junior year in high school.

You may take either the SAT or the ACT, depending on your level of preparation, your academic goals, and the policy of the colleges to which you may want to apply. In most cases, these exams are used as part of your college admission packet, and should be taken at the end of your Junior year or the beginning of your Senior year.

You may take either the AP or the CLEP to establish your mastery of a subject for college level credit.

The Moodle pages for your course will have specific information about this years' ACT, SAT subject, and AP examinations.