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Chemistry Schedule for Honors and AP Chemistry Lectures 2016-2017

Use the Links in the Homework column to find your homework assignment. Homework is usually due on the date given, unless otherwise stated in the assignment.

19/7/2016HW01A1: 1-7Basic concepts: the characteristics of matter
9/9/2016Lab Work/AP TopicsLab Methods: Notebooks
29/12/2016HW01B1: Review 1-2Units and Precision
9/14/2016HW01C1: Review 3-5Scientific Notation, Significant figures, Dimensional Analysis and Graphing
9/16/2016No Meeting (but you have an assignment anyway)Lab Methods: Safety
39/19/2016HW02A2: 1-4Atomic Structure: Number, mass, Isotopes, weight
9/21/2016HW02B2: 5The Periodic Table -- Overview of the Elements
9/23/2016Lab Work/AP TopicsLab Skills A: Materials and Equipment Calibration
49/26/2016HW02C2. 6-10Molecules, Compounds, Moles
9/28/2016HW03A3: 1-3Balancing Chemical Equations
9/30/2016Lab Work/AP TopicsLab Skills B; Techniques for Distillation Lab Skills C: Solution Preparation
510/3/2016HW03B3: 4-5Reactions in Solution
10/5/2016HW03C3: 6-7Reactions with acids/bases and gases
10/7/2016Lab Work/AP TopicsLab #1: Determination of Water Content in Hydrates
610/10/2016HW03D3: 8-9Redox Reactions
10/12/2016ReviewProblem Solving review
10/14/2016Lab Work/AP Topics
710/17/2016HW04A4: 1-3Mass Relationships, Limiting Reactants, Percentage Yield
10/19/2016HW04B4: 4-5Chemical Analysis and Molarity
10/21/2016Lab Work/AP TopicsLab #2: Qualitative Methods: Flame Testing
810/24/2016HW04C4: 6-8pH and Spectrophotometry
10/26/2016HW05A5: 1-3Energy and Changes of State
10/28/2016Lab Work/AP TopicsLab #3: Enthalpy of Reaction
910/31/2016HW05B5: 4-5Thermodynamics and Enthalpy
11/2/2016HW05C5: 6-8Calorimetry, Hess's Law, and "Favored" Results
11/4/2016Lab Work/AP Topics
1011/7/2016ReviewReview and Part I Exam
11/9/2016HW06A6: 1-3Electromagnetic Radiation, Quantization, and the Bohr Atom
11/11/2016Lab Work/AP TopicsLab #4: Reaction Rates in Photosensitive Reactions
1111/14/2016HW06B6: 4-5Quantum Mechanics
11/16/2016HW06C6: 6-7Electron Orbitals
11/18/2016Lab Work/AP TopicsLab #5: Two-Phase Chromotography Separation
1211/21/2016HW07A7: 1-3Electron Configurations in Atoms
1311/28/2016HW07B7: 4Electron Configurations of Ions
11/30/2016HW07C7: 5-6Periodic Trends
12/2/2016Lab Work/AP topics
1412/5/2016HW08A8: 1-3Covalent Bonds
12/7/2016HW08B8: 4-6Resonance, Octets, and Shapes
12/9/2016Lab Work/AP topicsLab #6: Qualitative Methods for Differentiating Ionic and Covalent Bonds
1512/12/2016HW08C8: 7-10Bond Polarities, Order, Length and DNA
12/14/2016HW09A9: 1-2Valence Theory
12/16/2016Lab Work/AP topicsLab #7: Conservation of Energy and Chemical Equilibrium
1712/26/2016HolidayNew Years
12/28/2016HolidayNew Years
12/30/2016Lab Work/AP topics
181/2/2017HW09B9: 3Molecular Orbital Theory
1/4/2017ReviewReview and Part II Exam
1/6/2017Lab Work/AP topics
191/9/2017HW10A10: 1-3The Ideal Gas Law
1/11/2017HW10B10: 4-8Gas Law Applications and Real Gases
1/13/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab #8: Real Gases and the Ideal Gas Law
201/16/2017HW11A11: 1-3Intermolecular Forces
1/18/2017HW11B11: 4-6Properties of Liquids
1/20/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab 9: Reaction Rate Dependencies
211/23/2017HW12A12: 1-3Lattices and Ionic Solids
1/25/2017HW12B12: 4-7Solid States and Phases
1/27/2017Lab Work/AP topics
221/30/2017HW13A13: 1-2Concentrations and Solutions
2/1/2017HW13B13: 3-5Solubility and Colloids
2/3/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab #10: Determining Solution Concentrations
232/6/2017ReviewReview and Part III Exam
2/8/2017HW14A14: 1-2Rates of Reactions
2/10/2017Lab Work/AP topics
242/13/2017HW14B14: 3-4Concentration and Rates
2/15/2017HW14C14: 5-6Reaction Mechanisms
2/17/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab #11: Using Titration Methods to Determine Concentrations
252/20/2017HW15A15: 1-2Equilibrium
2/22/2017HW15B15: 3-4Using Equilibrium Constants
2/24/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab #12: Determination of the Rate Law for a Reaction
262/27/2017HW15C15: 5-6Disturbing Equilibrium
3/1/2017HW16A16: 1-4Acids and Bases: pH and Equilibrium
3/3/2017Lab Work/AP topics
273/6/2017HW16B16: 5-8Acid/Base constants and reactions
3/8/2017HW16C16: 9-10Lewis Acids and Bases
3/10/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab #13: Properties of Buffer Solutions
283/13/2017HW17A17: 1-3Common Ions, Buffers: Titration
3/15/2017HW17B17: 4Solubility
3/17/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab #14: Creating Effective Buffer Solutions
293/20/2017HW17C17: 5-7Precipitation Reactions
3/22/2017HW18A18: 1-3Spontaneity and Energy Transfer
3/24/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab #15 Creating Standardized Solutions
303/27/2017HW18B18: 4-6Entropy
3/29/2017HW18C18: 6-7Gibbs Free Energy
3/31/2017Lab Work/AP topics
314/3/2017HW19A19: 1-3Oxidation Reduction and Voltaic Cells
4/5/2017HW19B19: 4-5Electrochemical Potentials
4/7/2017Lab Work/AP topicsLab #16: Electrochemical Cells and Electrolysis
334/17/2017HW19C19: 6-8Electrochemistry and Thermodynamics
4/19/2017ReviewReview and Unit IV Exam
4/21/2017Lab Work/AP topics
344/24/2017HW25A25: 1-3Radioactivity
4/26/2017HW25B25: 4-6Rates of decay and fission
4/28/2017Lab Work/AP topics
355/1/2017AP ExamAP Exam Day
5/3/2017HW25C25: 7-9Fusion and Nuclear Chemistry Applications
5/5/2017Lab Work/AP topics
365/8/2017HW20A20Environmental Chemistry
5/10/2017HW21A21Main Group Chemistry
5/12/2017Lab WorkLab #17: Gravimetric Analysis of Water Impurities
375/15/2017HW22A22Transition Metal Chemistry
5/19/2017Lab WorkLab #18: Using Titration and Redox methods to measure pH
385/22/2017HW24A24Organic Molecules
5/24/2017ReviewReview and Unit 5 Exam
5/26/2017Lab Work
395/29/2017HolidayMemorial Day
5/31/2017ReviewOptional Review Session for Cumulative Final
6/2/2017Lab Work

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