Natural Science - Year I

Chat times for 2017-2018
9-10:30am ET/6-7:30am PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

Scholars Online Natural Science - 2017-2018 Lab Schedule

Labs for Natural Science I

Labs are contained in the weekly units. See Lecture Schedule listing for a complete listing of current lab activities associated with each unit.

Sep 5, 2017Preparing for chatLab reports
Sep 12, 2017What is ScienceBasic Observation
Sep 19, 2017Scientific Observation and the Experimental MethodWeather Observations
Sep 26, 2017Requirements for ScienceHumidity
Oct 3, 2017Creation Stories and NatureThe Motions of the Sun
Oct 10, 2017Ancient ObservationsPlanetary Observations
Oct 17, 2017Basic Algebra, NumeralsMeasurement and Error
Oct 24, 2017Greek Mathematics: Pythagoras, Euclid, ApolloniusSound
Oct 31, 2017Ionian and Eleatic Monistic MaterialistsMeasuring Density
Nov 7, 2017Greek Theories of MotionMeasuring Velocity and Acceleration
Nov 14, 2017Eudoxus and Aristotle: Model of the UniverseNaked Eye Observations of the Planets
Nov 21, 2017Aristotle and ClassificationField Lab #2A
Nov 28, 2017Aristotle and Invertebrate LifeField Lab #2B
Dec 5, 2017Theophrastus and Plant LifeField Lab #3
Dec 12, 2017Archimedes and HeroBuilding a Simple Machine
Dec 19, 2017Roman EngineeringResisting Forces
Dec 26, 2017Christmas
Jan 2, 2018New Year
Jan 9, 2018Thinking about HistoryScientific Methods
Jan 16, 2018Review: The End of the Ancient WorldReview
Jan 23, 2018Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance History of ScienceTBD
Jan 30, 2018Early Christian Fathers and ScienceVibrating Strings
Feb 6, 2018Arab ScienceLenses
Feb 13, 2018Medieval CosmosTBD
Feb 20, 2018Leonardo and Scientific IllustrationDissection of an Earthworm
Feb 27, 2018Andreas VesaliusTaste
Mar 6, 2018William HarveyCapillaries
Mar 13, 2018Robert Hook and the MicroscopeMicroscope Basics
Mar 20, 2018Francis BaconInduction and Deduction in experiments
Mar 27, 2018Holy Week
Apr 3, 2018The Copernican RevolutionObserving Planets
Apr 10, 2018Brahe, Kepler, and the Early Followers of CopernicusGalilean Observations of Venus and Jupiter
Apr 17, 2018Galileo Galilei and Heliocentric TheoriesGalilean Observations of the Sun and Moon
Apr 24, 2018Galileo Galilei and MechanicsGalilean Pendulum Experiment
May 1, 2018Isaac Newton and the Laws of MotionFalling Bodies II
May 8, 2018William GilbertMapping Magnetic Fields
May 15, 2018Isaac Newton and Universal LawsTBD
May 22, 2018The Accomplishments of the Scientific RevolutionNone
May 29, 2018Review; Final thoughtsPlan Summer Lab Completion