AP Physics 1 and 2 Combination

Chat times for 2017-2018
12:30pm-2pm ET/9:30am-11am PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

Required and Optional Texts

The followng texts and materials are required for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 courses:

  • Physics: Principles with Applications 7/E by Douglas Giancoli, from Prentice-Hall.

    This is a college level introduction to physics for non-physics majors and requires some algebra and trigonometry, but no calculus. It is available in eText from VitalSource, and in hardcover and paperback versions. Any format of the seventh edition is acceptable.

    Do not confuse this text with Giancoli's Physics for Scientists and Engineers, which is calculus-based.

    Note on reading the text

    Much of the difficulty in learning physics lies in learning how to apply the concepts, usually through mathematical manipulation, to hypothetical and real situations. Pay attention and work through the examples in the test! If you don't understand how the examples work, email me or ask during chat, or compare the problem to another homework practice problem solution that you do understand.

    Like all teachers, the author of your textbook needs to present a lot of material as succinctly as possible. Consequently, he sometimes presents as straightforward and simple fact generalizations which ignore special cases and exceptions. Part of my job will be to offer alternatives to this presentation, or to expand it with more examples, so you see some of the complexity behind Giancoli's summaries. This doesn't mean that we will cover it all! If you run across a topic you want to investigate more, let me know. We may try to work it into the course if there is time, or I can work with you on an independent project.

  • Preparing for the Physics B AP Exam, Giancoli (2004, ISBN 5360731586) is not required for the course, although students preparing for the AP exam may find it useful.

You may order all texts through Scholars Online Bookstore.