Physics 1 and 2

Physics Schedule for 2017-2018

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Homework, Reading Assignments, Discussion Topics, and Labs

Use the Links in the Homework column to find your homework assignment for Monday and Wednesday chat sessions (Friday chats focus on lab work and AP preparation). Homework is due on the date given, unless otherwise stated in the assignment.

17-SepPL011: 1-8Basic Methods of ObservationEqual Arm Balance/Density
212-SepPL02A2: 1-5Motion in One DimensionFalling Bodies 1
314-SepPL02B2: 6-8Constant AccelerationFalling Bodies 2
419-SepPL03A3: 1-4VectorsProjectiles Challenge
521-SepPL03B3: 5-8Motion in Two Dimensions
626-SepPL04A4: 1-4Forces: Newton's 1st and 2nd LawsForce Vectors: Force Table
728-SepPL04B4: 5-7Forces: Newton's Third LawIntertial vs. Gravitational Mass
83-OctPL04C4: 8-9Forces: applicationsForce Vectors: Inclined Planes #1 (Frictionless)
95-OctPL05A5: 1-3Uniform Circular Motion; GravityCentripetal Force
1010-OctPL05B5: 4-7Gravitation and WeightlessnessPendulum 1
1112-OctPL05C5: 8-10Kepler's lawsPendulum 2
1217-OctPL06A6: 1-4Work and EnergyInclined Planes and Friction
1319-OctPL06B6: 5-7Conservation and Non-Conservative ForcesSpring Constant
1424-OctPL06C6: 8-10Conservation of EnergyAtwook's machine
1526-OctPL07A7: 1-4MomentumCollision Kinematics 1
1631-OctPL07B7: 5-10Elastic and Inelastic CollisionsCollision Kinematics 2
172-NovPL08A8: 1-3Angular Motion and accelerationTorsion Pendulum 1
187-NovPL08B8: 4-5Rotational DynamicsTorsion Pendulum 2
199-NovPL08C8: 6-9Rotational Kinetic energyRolling bodies (Galileo exp)
2014-NovPL09A9: 1-3Static EquilibriumEquilibrium
2116-NovPL09B9: 4-7Elasticity, Stress, and StrainStructural Integrity
23-NovThanksgivinNo Class
2328-Nov10: 1-5Fluid DynamicsBuoyancy
2430-NovPL10B10: 6-14Buoyancy and ViscosityBernoulli's Principle
255-DecPL11B11: 7-16Wave MotionSpring Oscillation
267-DecPL11B11: 7-16Wave MotionStanding Waves
2712-DecPL12A12: 1-9SoundSpeed of Sound
2814-DecPL13A13: 1-5Thermal EquilibriumThermal Expansion
19-DecChristmasNo Class
21-DecChristmasNo Class
26-DecNew YearsNo Class
28-DecNew YearsNo Class
292-JanPL13B13: 7-14Ideal Gas LawGas Volumes
304-JanPL14A14: 1-4Specific HeatCalorimetry
319-JanPL14B14: 5-8Heat TransferSpecific Heat
3211-JanPL15A15: 1-4Laws of ThermodynamicsAdiabatic Changes
3316-JanPL15B15: 5-6Heat Engines and WorkJoule's Experiment
3418-JanPL15C15: 7-12EntropyStatistical Implications
3625-JanPL16A16: 1-6Electrical ChargeElectric Force
3730-JanPL16B16: 7-12The Electric FieldElectroscope
381-FebPL17A17: 1-6Electrical Potential
396-FebPL17B17: 7-11Electrical Capacitance and EnergySimple Circuit 1: Series Circuits
408-FebPL18A18: 1-6Electrical Power and Direct CurrentSimple Circuit 2: Parallel Circuits
4113-FebPL18B18: 7-10Alternating CurrentSimple Circuit 3: Kirchhoff's Rules/Electric Circuit 2
4215-FebPL19A19: 1-4DC Circuits and EMFsInternal Resistance
4320-FebPL19B19: 5-8RC CircuitsCircuits with Capacitors
4422-FebPL20A20: 1-4Magnetic FieldsMap a Magnetic Field
4527-FebPL20B20: 5-12Ampere's LawMagnetic field of a Slinky solenoid
461-MarPL21A21: 1-5InductionElectric Motor
476-MarPL21B21: 8-15Transformers and LRC CircuitsElectric Motor (con't)
488-MarPL22A22: 1-7Electromagnetic WavesSpeed of Light
4913-MarPL23A23: 1-5Light and ReflectionReflection
5015-MarPL23B23: 6-10Lenses and RefractionRefraction
5120-MarPL24A24: 1-5Light: Waves and ParticlesYoung's Experiment
5222-MarPL24B24: 6-12Diffraction and PolarizationThin Film Interference
5327-MarPL25A25: 1-6Optical Instruments: MagnificationTelescope
5429-MarPL25B25: 7-12Optical Instruments: ResolutionResolution
553-AprPL26A26: 1-5Special RelativityGPS Relativity
565-AprPL26B26: 6-11Mass and EnergyGPS Relativity (con't)
10-AprHoly Week
12-AprHoly Week
5717-AprPL27A27: 1-6Early Quantum MechanicsCHALLENGE LAB: Black Body radiation
5819-AprPL27B27: 7-13Wave-Partical DualitySpectrometry
5924-AprPL28A28: 1-6Quantum MechanicsWave Nature of Light
6026-AprPL28B28: 7-12Quantum NumbersDemonstration Lab: Photoelectric effect
611-MayPL29A29: AllMolecules and Solids
623-MayPL30A30: 1-7RadioactivityCHALLENGE LAB: Geiger Counter
638-MayPL30B30: 8-13Decay and half-lives
6410-MayPL31A31: 1-4Nuclear Fission and FusionCHALLENGE LAB: Hadron Collider Data
6515-MayPL31B31: 5-9Practical uses for Radiation
6617-MayPL32A32: 1-7Elementary ParticlesCHALLENGE LAB: Cloud Chamber
6722-MayPL32B32: 8-12Strange Particles and Quarks
6824-MayPL33A33: 1-10Astrophysics
6929-MayMemorial Day Holiday

You may also want to review the Physics 1 syllabus and Physics 2 syllabus. Each has been certified as AP compliant for 2015-2016 and subsequent years.