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Physics Core/AP 1 and 2

2018-2019 Course Syllabus

Course Materials are always under revision! Weblecture content may change anytime prior to two weeks before scheduled chat session for content.

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Course Syllabus for Core/AP Physics

2018-2019 Core and AP Physics Syllabus: Homework, Reading Assignments, Discussion Topics, and Labs

Use the Links in the Homework column to find your homework assignment for Monday and Wednesday chat sessions (Friday chats focus on lab work and AP preparation). Homework is due on the date given, unless otherwise stated in the assignment.

1Sep 5, 2018HW011: 1-8Basic Methods of Observation
2Sep 7, 2018Equal Arm Balance/Density
3Sep 10, 2018HW02A2: 1-5Motion in One Dimension
4Sep 12, 2018HW02B2: 6-8Constant AccelerationFalling Bodies 1
5Sep 14, 2018Falling Bodies 2
6Sep 17, 2018HW03A3: 1-4Vectors
7Sep 19, 2018HW03B3: 5-8Motion in Two Dimensions
8Sep 21, 2018Projectiles Challenge
9Sep 24, 2018HW04A4: 1-4Forces: Newton's 1st and 2nd Laws
10Sep 26, 2018HW04B4: 5-7Forces: Newton's Third LawForce Vectors: Force Table
11Sep 28, 2018Intertial vs. Gravitational Mass
12Oct 1, 2018HW04C4: 8Forces: applications
13Oct 3, 2018HW05A5: 1-3Uniform Circular Motion; GravityForce Vectors: Inclined Planes #1 (Frictionless)
14Oct 5, 2018Centripetal Force
15Oct 8, 2018HW05B5: 4-7Gravitation and Weightlessness
16Oct 10, 2018HW05C5: 8-10Kepler's lawsPendulum 1
17Oct 12, 2018Pendulum 2
18Oct 15, 2018HW06A6: 1-4Work and Energy
19Oct 17, 2018HW06B6: 5-7Conservation and Non-Conservative ForcesInclined Planes and Friction
20Oct 19, 2018Spring Constant
21Oct 22, 2018HW06C6: 8-10Conservation of Energy
22Oct 24, 2018HW07A7: 1-4MomentumAtwook's machine
23Oct 26, 2018Collision Kinematics 1
24Oct 29, 2018HW07B7: 5-10Elastic and Inelastic Collisions
25Oct 31, 2018HW08A8: 1-3Angular Motion and accelerationCollision Kinematics 2
26Nov 2, 2018Torsion Pendulum 1
27Nov 5, 2018HW08B8: 4-5Rotational Dynamics
28Nov 7, 2018HW08C8: 6-9Rotational Kinetic energyTorsion Pendulum 2
29Nov 9, 2018Rolling bodies (Galileo exp)
30Nov 12, 2018HW09A9: 1-3Static Equilibrium
31Nov 14, 2018HW09B9: 4-7Elasticity, Stress, and StrainEquilibrium
32Nov 16, 2018Structural Integrity
33Nov 19, 2018Review of Classical Mechanics
Nov 21, 201810: 1-5Fluid Dynamics
34Nov 26, 201810: 6-14Buoyancy and ViscosityBernoulli's Principle
35Nov 28, 2018HW11A11: 1-6Simple Harmonic Motion
36Nov 30, 2018Spring Oscillation
37Dec 3, 2018HW11B11: 7-16Wave Motion
38Dec 5, 2018HW12A12: 1-9SoundStanding Waves
39Dec 7, 2018Speed of Sound
40Dec 10, 2018HW13A13: 1-5Thermal Equilibrium
41Dec 12, 2018HW13B13: 7-14Ideal Gas LawThermal Expansion
42Dec 14, 2018Calorimetry
43Dec 17, 2018HW14A14: 1-4Specific HeatGas Volumes
44Dec 19, 2018HW14B14: 5-8Heat TransferSpecific Heat
45Dec 21, 2018
Dec 24, 2018ChristmasNo Class
Dec 26, 2018ChristmasNo Class
Dec 28, 2018ChristmasNo Class
Dec 31, 2018New YearsNo Class
Jan 2, 2019New YearsNo Class
Jan 4, 2019New YearsNo Class
46Jan 7, 2019PL15A15: 1-4Laws of Thermodynamics
47Jan 9, 2019PL15B15: 5-6Heat Engines and WorkAdiabatic Changes
48Jan 11, 2019Joule's Experiment
49Jan 14, 2019PL15C15: 7-12Entropy
50Jan 16, 2019REVIEW
51Jan 18, 2019Statistical Implications
52Jan 21, 2019PL16A16: 1-6Electrical Charge
53Jan 23, 2019PL16B16: 7-12The Electric FieldElectric Force
54Jan 25, 2019Electroscope
55Jan 28, 2019PL17A17: 1-6Electric Potential
56Jan 30, 2019PL17B17: 7-11Electrical Capacitance and EnergySimple Circuit 1: Series Circuits
57Feb 1, 2019
58Feb 4, 2019PL18A18: 1-6Electrical Power and Direct Current
59Feb 6, 2019PL18B18: 7-10Alternating CurrentSimple Circuit 2: Parallel Circuits
60Feb 8, 2019Simple Circuit 3: Kirchhoff's Rules/Electric Circuit 2
61Feb 11, 2019PL19A19: 1-4DC Circuits and EMFs
62Feb 13, 2019PL19B19: 5-8RC CircuitsInternal Resistance
63Feb 15, 2019Circuits with Capacitors
64Feb 18, 2019PL20A20: 1-4Magnetic Fields
65Feb 20, 2019PL20B20: 5-12Ampere's Law
66Feb 22, 2019Map a Magnetic Field
67Feb 25, 2019PL21A21: 1-5Induction
68Feb 27, 2019PL21B21: 8-15Transformers and LRC Circuits
69Mar 1, 2019Electric Motor
70Mar 4, 2019PL22A22: 1-7Electromagnetic Waves
71Mar 6, 2019PL23A23: 1-5Light and Reflection
72Mar 8, 2019Speed of Light
73Mar 11, 2019PL23B23: 6-10Lenses and Refraction
74Mar 13, 2019PL24A24: 1-5Light: Waves and ParticlesReflection
75Mar 15, 2019Refraction
76Mar 18, 2019PL24B24: 6-12Diffraction and Polarization
77Mar 20, 2019PL25A25: 1-6Optical Instruments: MagnificationYoung's Experiment
78Mar 22, 2019Thin Film Interference
Mar 25, 2019PL25B25: 7-12Optical Instruments: Resolution
Mar 27, 2019PL26A26: 1-5Special Relativity
Mar 29, 2019Telescope
79Apr 1, 2019PL26B26: 6-11Mass and Energy
80Apr 3, 2019PL27A27: 1-6Early Quantum Mechanics
81Apr 5, 2019GPS Relativity
82Apr 8, 2019PL27B27: 7-13Wave-Partical Duality
83Apr 10, 2019PL28A28: 1-6Quantum MechanicsBlackbody Radiation
84Apr 12, 2019Spectrometry
85Apr 15, 2019Holy WeekNo Class
86Apr 17, 2019Holy WeekNo Class
87Apr 19, 2019Holy WeekNo Class
88Apr 22, 2019PL28B28: 7-12Quantum NumbersDemonstration Lab: Photoelectric effect
89Apr 24, 2019PL29A29: AllMolecules and Solids
90Apr 26, 2019Wave Nature of Light
91Apr 29, 2019PL30A30: 1-7Radioactivity
92May 1, 2019PL30B30: 8-13Decay and half-lives
93May 3, 2019CHALLENGE LAB: Geiger Counter
94May 6, 2019PL31A31: 1-4Nuclear Fission and Fusion
95May 8, 2019[AP Physics 1 Exam May 7]
96May 10, 2019[AP Physics 2 Exam May 10]CHALLENGE LAB: Hadron Collider Data
97May 13, 2019PL31B31: 5-9Practical uses for Radiation
98May 15, 2019PL32A32: 1-7Elementary Particles
99May 17, 2019CHALLENGE LAB: Cloud Chamber
100May 20, 2019PL32B32: 8-12Strange Particles and Quarks
101May 22, 2019PL33A33: 1-10Astrophysics
102May 24, 2019CHALLENGE LAB: Black Body radiation
May 27, 2019Memorial Day Holiday
103May 29, 2019REVIEW
104May 31, 2019Planning for Summer LAB completions

You may also want to review the Physics 1 syllabus and Physics 2 syllabus. Each has been certified as AP compliant for 2018-2019 academic year.