AP Physics 1 and 2 Combination

Chat times for 2017-2018
12:30pm-2pm ET/9:30am-11am PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

Site Map for Physics

Our first meeting of the 2017 academic year will be Wednesday mornng, 6 September, at 12:30pm EDT (which translates to 9:30am PDT for those of us on the West Coast, 7am for the Mountain time zone, and 8am for Central). Before that meeting, you should verify that you can access the Physics course from the Moodle and become familiar with this website. If have problems with email or chat, notify Scholars Online technical support. If you have problems with accessing the website, please let me know as soon as possible.

Welcome to the Scholars Online Physics Class!

Site Map

  • The first set of links on the left side of each page connect you to general course information that covers what you need to know before you start the course. Material on these pages is publicly available through the web to anyone.
    • Home. This takes you back to the short course description.
    • Overview. This is a brief outline of the material covered in the course, the course approach and level, and the prerequisites. You can use this description in any transcripts or reports you make to officials or on college applications to describe this course.
    • Procedures. This page carefully explains what I expect of students, how chats, homework, and examinations work, and some suggestions to help students study for this course. One of the links from this page explains some conventions we have found practical for chat classroom behavior--please read them!
    • Required Texts. This describes the texts and media we will use. Be sure to purchase the correct edition!
    • Lab Work. This page contains general information on how to do labs for "lab credit" (which is optional), and links to some science equipment suppliers. If you plan on getting lab credit for this course, you must read the lab safety page and send me a signed, paper copy of the parental agreement to supervise labs.
    • FAQs. This page contains some commonly asked questions about our online courses. If you can't find an answer here, though, please email the instructor!
    • PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, CLEP, ACT, and AP Examinations. If you plan to take any of these examinations, please read this page! It explains the advantages of taking each type of test, and what they can and won't do for you when you apply for college admission, placement, or credit.
  • The second set of links, under "Enrolled Students", connect those students currently enrolled in the course to lecture and lab material for academic year.
    • This Site Links you back to this SiteMap Page.
    • Student Survival Guide. This guide has information about how to study science, manage time and pace yourself through the different assignments, find the web lectures, use the text and other course media, complete essay and math homework problems, prepare for quizzes and exams, form study groups to work together, do labs and write lab reports, and use other web resources.
    • Parents Guide. This contains information for parents to use to help their students perform well. It includes a summary of expectations for student performance, suggestions for study helps and checklists to use in determining whether the student is completing all the work on time.
    • Lectures lists the weblectures for each week. These will also be linked from the Moodle Class site.
    • Labs lists the available lab exercises. The appropriate chapter and lab deadlines will be available from the Moodle site.
    • The Physics 1 Syllabus contains the formal syllabus approved by the College Board for the Physics 1 curriulum we use in the fall semester. (PDF). You may also examine the Physics 1 AP Authorization letter allowing this course to use the AP designation on transcripts (PDF).
    • The Physics 2 Syllabus contains the formal syllabus approved by the College Board for the Physics 2 curriulum we use in the spring semester (PDF). You may also examine the Physics 2 AP Authorization letter allowing this course to use the AP designation on transcripts (PDF).
  • Links at the footer of each page take you to the Scholars Online Moodle, Home page, back to the Physics home page, or let you email Dr. Christe.