Mediaeval Latin

Bruce A. McMenomy, Ph.D.
for Scholars Online
2016-17: Time to be arranged with enrolled students (probably Friday)

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Lists of required texts and reference materials are all now available through our Bookstore site.

Other optional materials

A Timeline of the Authors in Sidwell’s Reading Medieval Latin

A Timeline of the Principal Scholastic Philosophers (together with links to Wikipedia articles)

The Bartholemew’s World Site (Stanford University)

The Logeion Site (University of Chicago), with excellent lexical resources for Mediaeval as well as Classical Latin and Greek.

The Rule of St. Benedict in its simplest form, without notes, as one HTML file (The Latin Library).

Regula Benedicti by chapter, annotated.

The Vulgate available in clean HTML by the book (The Latin Library).

The Vulgate as a single PDF file (very readable).

The Vulgate by book.

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