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Chapter 8: 1-10 Cell Reproduction - Binary Fission and Mitosis

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Biology Homework Chapter 8: Cell division - Mitosis


Reading Preparation

Textbook assignment: Chapter 8:The Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritance, sections 1-10.

Study Notes
We start a new unit with chapter 8. If you have questions or confusion about the material in chapters 1-7, now is the time to review and identify where those problems exist, study the material, and ask questions.

Meiosis and mitosis are sometimes confusing, because the names and the processes are similar. The only cells produced by meiosis are gametes, "half-cells" that have to eventually join together to form not merely a new cell, but a new organism.

All other eukaryotic cells are produced by mitosis. This process is similar to the binary fission used by single celled prokaryotes, but includes the extra steps necessary to reproduce the organelles and nucleic DNA structures found only in eukaryotes.

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: Cell Reproduction

Take notes on any questions you have, and be prepared to discuss the lecture in chat.

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Read through the lab for this week; bring questions to chat on any aspect of the lab, whether you intend not perform it or not. If you decide to perform the lab, be sure to submit your report by the posted due date.