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Chapter 11: 1-11 Gene Expression - Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Controls

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Biology Homework Chapter 11: Gene Expression


Reading Preparation

Textbook assignment: Chapter 11: The Control of Gene Expression, sections 1-11.

Study Notes

In chapter 10, we looked at the structure of DNA and the process by which it is duplicated during mitosis. That process occurs only once during each cell's creation. Now we look at the real reason for the DNA in the cell: to direct and control the cell's processes in gene expression. For each step, we want to know what conditions are necessary before the step can procede and what conditions cause it to stop.

Much of this chapter was rewritten for this edition of the text, reflecting research in the last decade that challenges some of our "accepted wisdom" about genes and proteins. If you have studied biology before in other texts, read this section carefully! You may find that theories you learned two years ago has already undergone change.

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: Control of Gene Expression

Take notes on any questions you have, and be prepared to discuss the lecture in chat.

Study Activity

Perform the study activity below:

Use the Interactive Exercise at Learn Genetics to Translate and Transcribe a Gene.

  • Click to start the interactive session.
  • Watch the short introduction. When prompted to choose a gene, hover over the cell DNA and pick one of the three gene options.
  • When prompted, match each of the the designated DNA bases with the appropriate RNA base.
  • Watch the explanation describing how the cell builds the ribosome complex to produce the protein sequence from the RNA information.
  • See if you can determine the matching codon sequences and the amino acid each identifies to build the amino acid peptide chain.
  • Watch the final summary.
  • If you have time, process a different gene to review and verify what you have learned.

Chapter Quiz

Lab Work

Read through the lab for this week; bring questions to chat on any aspect of the lab, whether you intend not perform it or not. If you decide to perform the lab, be sure to submit your report by the posted due date.