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Chapter 21: 14-21

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Biology Homework Chapter 21: Nutrition


Reading Preparation

Textbook assignment: Chapter 21: Digestion and Nutrition, sections 14-23.

Study Notes

Web Lecture:

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: Nutrition and Digestion -- Osmoregulation

Take notes on any questions you have, and be prepared to discuss the lecture in chat.

Study Activity

Perform the study activity below:

Tissue studies and genetics come together when biologists study the origins of Alzheimer's disease and propose treatments and prevention.

  • Use the MyPlatePlan Tool below (from the US government site Choose My Plate)to calculate the calories you need for your age and body size. Then click on the plan for your age and calorie count to determine what you should be eating on a daily basis. How close to a good nutrition plan are you? What happens if you increase or decrease your physical activity?

Chat Preparation Activities

Chapter Quiz

Lab Work

Read through the lab for this week; bring questions to chat on any aspect of the lab, whether you intend not perform it or not. If you decide to perform the lab, be sure to submit your report by the posted due date.