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Chapter 37: 1-10

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Biology Homework Chapter 37: Communities and Species Interactions


Reading Preparation

Textbook Assignment: Chapter 37: , sections 1-10

Study Points

Web Lecture

Read the following weblecture before chat: Communities Characteristics

Take notes on any questions you have, and be prepared to discuss the lecture in chat.

Study Activity

Perform the study activity below:

Read through the description of Moose-Wolf interactions at Isle Royale.

  • How are wolf populations determined (i.e, what factors cause the wolf population to change)?
  • How are moose populations determined?
  • Why is the interaction between the two populations not a simple boom-and-bust cycle?
  • What does it mean to say the moose population is "unstable"?
  • Which appears to have more affect on the moose population, wolf predation or severe winters? What information is needed ot determine this?

Chat Preparation Activities

Chapter Quiz

Lab Work

Read through the lab for this week; bring questions to chat on any aspect of the lab, whether you intend not perform it or not. If you decide to perform the lab, be sure to submit your report by the posted due date.