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Biology Lab: Fruit Fly Inheritance

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Lab Exercise

Biology Lab: Transgenic Fly

Concept: Cross-breeding rapidly-producing species such as drosophila (fruit flies) can allow us to determine genetic inheritance information, including recombination values to map relative gene locations.

Goal: To understand how genetics affect development of tissues and organ systems in individual organisms.

Drosophila genetics manipulation

Goal (alternate la3): To gain skill in manipulating genes directly and through crossbreeding flies in simulation.




  1. Follow instructions to create a transgenic fly. You will need to prepare DNA for insertion to the fly genome, prepare the fly embryos, actually inject the embryos with your prepared DNA, breed the flies and examine the transgenic adults.
  2. Be sure to read the notebook pages and read through the technical details of DNA manipulation.
  3. Once you have created your transgenic flies, use them in at least one of the three experiments available to measure per-luc gene expression as a function of light and body location.


Write up your lab experience. Be sure to outline your procedure in detail, record your data, and show examples of your analysis.