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Biology Lab: AP Investigation #2 - The Hardy-Weinberg Principle

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Lab Exercise

Biology Lab: The Hardy-Weinberg Test

Concept: Inheritance of simple traits can be tracked in family lines by identifying which family members express the dominant and which family members express the recessive traits. The phenotypes of offspring give clues to the genotypes of dominant-phenotype parents.

Contact the teacher for materials.
You should be able to perform this lab with the materials you were sent, along with simplified instructions which you may use in lieu of the AP Investigation #2 instructions if necessary.


The ability to taste specific chemicals is an inherited trait. By testing this ability, we can determine whether an individual expresses the dominant or recessive phenotype, and from several offspring of the same parents, we can determine the genotypes of the parents.

Goal: To determine the distribution of the ability of family groups to taste PTC.


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