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Chat times for Summer 2024
1:00p-2:30p ET/10a-11:30a PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Student Guide

HTML Student Survival Guide

Why Study Webpage Design?

Well, first, because it's fun to learn how to create web pages and share ideas with your friends, or make new friends that share your interests.

Second, knowing how to do something at the most basic level makes you independent of the whims of others. While there are many options for creating webpages using pre-formatted pages and design, it is useful to understand how HTML and websites work. Knowing the basics allows you to tweak pre-formated pages so they do what you want, rather than suffer a solution that isn't quite right for your project. You'll be able to adapt quickly when standards and user expectations change, or support your own site when a supplier goes out of business or changes a model you've been using so that it no longer works for you.