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Forces of Nature

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Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Taking the Forces of Nature Course

1. What should a student know before taking this course?

You should be comfortable using a text processor so that you can write up your lab reports.

You should review basic safety rules for doing lab work of any kind with your parents.

2. What level of mathematics is required?

A junior high school mathematics background is required. You should be able to add and subtract, multiply and divide, find averages and percentages, and be able to handle simple algebraic equations, such as F = ma or s = 1/2 at2. It also helps to be able to graph data, although we will talk about this in chat.

If you are concerned about your readiness for this course, you can take this short assessment [PDF] and email your answers to the instructor.

3. How much preparation time is necessary?

In addition to chat, about four hours per week is necessary to complete the assigned reading, perform the experiment, write up your report, and review the reports of other students.

4. What kind of grade will I get?

This is an ungraded summer enrichment course. If you require a grade or credit for your work, contact the instructor. You may be required to do extra projects for academic credit. However, lab work credits earned on Physics AP-level labs will be carried over into that course.