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Chat times for Summer 2024
6:00-7:30p ET/3:00-4:30a PT

Dr. Christe Ann McMenomy

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Methods and Procedures for SCRATCH

Assignments and Projects

Assignments for each chat session will be posted in the course schedule. We will do some introductory work the first week, then proceed through the work book doing one project each week.


We will use the Scholars Online MOODLE environment to collect your written work. You should receive a password for your account and be able to log once your membership is paid. Your personal homepage will contain links to the course materials, which will be displayed week by week with forums where you can post your answers to each chapter's questions, read the responses from your fellow students, make comments, and learn from each other.

Programming Projects

You will complete the primary project in each chapter and may work on variations to this project if they have time. This work will be saved on the MIT SCRATCH platform. Students will design a final project individually or on teams to share for the final session.


Chats start promptly and last 90 minutes. Plan your meals accordingly!

Scholars Online uses a text-based chat (no live audio or video), although the chat medium is capable of supporting both audio uploads, graphics, and video from the teacher. We have found this method of discussion has several advantages: