Vocabulary List 1: De Bello Gallico 1.1-2

appello, appellere, appuli, appulsus: drive to, move up, bring along, force towards; put ashore at, land
attingo, attingere, attigi, attactus: touch, touch/border on; reach, arrive at, achieve; mention briefly; belong to
commeo, commeare, commeavi, commeatus: go to, visit, travel; pass; resort to; go to and fro, come and go; communicate
contendo, contendere, contendi, contentus: stretch, draw tight, make taut; draw/bend; tune; stretch out
continenter: unbroken/continuously/without pause, uninterruptedly; repeatedly/successively
contineo, continere, continui, contentus: secure, maintain, sustain; fasten/hold in position; retain, keep safe, preserve
cotidianus, cotidiana, cotidianum: daily, everyday; usual/habitual, normal/regular; ordinary/common/unremarkable
cultus, cultus M: habitation; cultivation; civilization, refinement; polish, elegance
differo, differre, distuli, dilatus: postpone/delay/differ; put off, keep waiting; give respite to; differ, disagree
divido, dividere, divisi, divisus: divide; separate, break up; share, distribute; distinguish
effemino, effeminare, effeminavi, effeminatus: weaken, enervate, make effeminate, emasculate, unman
etiam: and also, besides/furthermore, in addition/as well; even, actually; yes/indeed
exter, extera -um, exterior -or -us, extremus -a -um: outer/external; outward; on outside, far; of another country, foreign; strange
fere: almost; about, nearly; generally, in general; hardly ever
finis, finis: boundary, end, limit, goal; country, territory, land
flumen, fluminis N: river, stream; any flowing fluid; flood; onrush
fortis, forte, fortior -or -us, fortissimus -a -um: strong, powerful, mighty, vigorous, firm, steadfast, courageous, brave, bold
gero, gerere, gessi, gestus: bear, carry, wear; carry on; manage, govern
humanitas, humanitatis F: human nature/character/feeling; kindness/courtesy; culture/civilization
importo, importare, importavi, importatus: bring in, convey; import; bring about, cause
incolo, incolere, incolui, -: live, dwell/reside; inhabit; sojourn
infer, infera -um, inferior -or -us, infumus -a -um: below, beneath, underneath; of hell; vile; lower, further down; lowest, last
initium, initi(i) N: beginning, commencement; entrance
institutum, instituti N: custom, principle; decree; intention; arrangement; institution; habit, plan
inter: between, among; during
lingua, linguae F: tongue; speech, language; dialect
longus, longa -um, longior -or -us, longissimus -a -um: long; tall; tedious, taking long time; boundless; far; of specific length/time
mercator, mercatoris M: trader, merchant
mons, montis M: mountain; huge rock; towering heap
obtineo, obtinere, obtinui, obtentus: get hold of; maintain; obtain; hold fast, occupy; prevail
occasus, occasus M: setting
orior, oriri, ortus sum: rise; arise/emerge, crop up; get up; begin; originate from
pars, partis F: part, region; share; direction; portion, piece; party, faction, side
parvus, parva -um, minor -or -us, minimus -a -um: small, little, cheap; unimportant; smallest, least
pertineo, pertinere, pertinui, pertentus: reach; extend; relate to; concerns, pertain to
praecedo, praecedere, praecessi, praecessus: go before, precede; surpass, excel
proelium, proeli(i) N: battle/fight/bout/conflict/dispute; armed/hostile encounter; bout of strength
prohibeo, prohibere, prohibui, prohibitus: hinder, restrain; forbid, prevent
propterea: therefore, for this reason
provincia, provinciae F: province; office; duty; command
proximus, proxima, proximum: nearest/closest/next; most recent, immediately preceding, last; most/very like
quod: because, as far as, insofar as
quoque: likewise/besides/also/too; not only; even/actually
reliquus, reliqua, reliquum: rest of/remaining/available/left; surviving; future/further; yet to be/owed
saepe, saepius, saepissime: often, oft, oftimes, many times, frequently
septentrio, septentrionis M: Big/Little Dipper; north, north regions/wind; brooch w/7 stones
sol, solis M: sun
specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatus: observe, watch, look at, see; test; consider
tertius, tertia, tertium: third
unus -a -um, primus -a -um, singuli -ae -a, semel: 1.1:
vergo, vergere, -, -: incline, lie, slope
virtus, virtutis F: strength/power; courage/bravery; worth/manliness/virtue/character/excellence
adficio, adficere, adfeci, adfectus: affect, make impression; move, influence; cause, afflict, weaken
ager, agri M: field, ground; farm, land, estate, park; territory, country; terrain; soil
alter, altera, alterum: one; second/another; former/latter
altus, alta -um, altior -or -us, altissimus -a -um: high; deep/profound; shrill; lofty/noble; deep rooted; far-fetched; grown great
angustus, angusta -um, angustior -or -us, angustissimus -a -um: narrow, steep, close, confined; scanty, poor; low, mean; narrowminded, petty
apud: at, by, near, among; at the house of; before, in the presence/writings/view of
arbitro, arbitrare, arbitravi, arbitratus: think, judge; consider; be settled/decided on
at: but, but on the other hand; on the contrary; while, whereas; but yet; at least
bellor, bellari, -: fight, wage war, struggle; take part in war/battle/fight
bellus, bella -um, bellior -or -us, bellissimus -a -um: pretty, handsome, charming, pleasant, agreeable, polite; nice, fine, excellent
civitas, civitatis F: community/city/town/state; citizens; citizen rights/citizenship; naturalization
coniuratio, coniurationis F: conspiracy, plot, intrigue; alliance; band of conspirators; taking joint oath
consul, consulis M: consul; supreme magistrate elsewhere
copia, copiae F: plenty, abundance, supply; troops, supplies; forces; resources; wealth
cupiditas, cupiditatis F: enthusiasm/eagerness/passion; desire; lust; greed/usury/fraud; ambitio
cupidus, cupida -um, cupidior -or -us, cupidissimus -a -um: eager/passionate; longing for/desirous of; greedy; wanton/lecherous
dis, ditis (gen.), ditior -or -us, ditissimus -a -um: rich/wealthy; richly adorned; fertile/productive; profitable; sumptuous
dolor, doloris M: pain, anguish, grief, sorrow, suffering; resentment, indignation
exeo, exire, exivi(ii), exitus: come/go/sail/march/move out/forth/away, leave; pass, expire/perish/die
facile, facilius, facillime: easily, readily, without difficulty; generally, often; willingly; heedlessly
facilis, facile, facilior -or -us, facillimus -a -um: easy, easy to do, without difficulty, ready, quick, good natured, courteous
finitimus, finitima, finitimum: neighboring, bordering, adjoining
fio, feri, factus sum: happen, come about; result; take place, be held, occur, arise
fortitudo, fortitudinis F: strength, courage, valor; firmness
gloria, gloriae F: glory, fame; ambition; renown; vainglory, boasting
imperium, imperi(i) N: command; authority; rule, supreme power; the state, the empire
induco, inducere, induxi, inductus: lead in, bring in; induce, influence; introduce
infero, inferre, intuli, illatus: bring/carry in, import; advance, bring/march/step/move foward; impel, urge
iuro, iurare, iuravi, iuratus: swear; call to witness; vow obedience to; conspire
lacus, lacus M: basin/tank/tub; lake/pond; reservoir/cistern/basin, trough; lime-hole; bin; pit
late: widely, far and wide
latitudo, latitudinis F: width, breadth, extent
latus, lata -um, latior -or -us, latissimus -a -um: wide, broad; spacious, extensive
longe, longius, longissime: far, distant, a long way; by far; for a long while, far
longitudo, longitudinis F: length
mille, milis N: thousand; thousands; miles
minus: less; not so well; not quite
multitudo, multitudinis F: multitude, great number; crowd; rabble, mob
natura, naturae F: nature; birth; character
nobilis, nobile, nobilior -or -us, nobilissimus -a -um: noble, well born; aristocratic; outstanding; important/prominent
nobilitas, nobilitatis F: nobility/noble class; birth/descent; fame/excellence; the nobles; rank
passus, passus M: step, pace
pateo, patere, patui, -: stand open, be open; extend; be well known; lie open, be accessible
perfacile: very easily; readily
persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi, persuasus: persuade, convince
potior, potiri, potitus sum: obtain, acquire; grasp; attain, reach; come by
praesto, praestare, praestiti, praestitus: excel, surpass, be outstanding/superior/best/greater/preferable; prevail
pro: on behalf of; before; in front/instead of; for; about; according to; as, like
regnum, regni N: royal power; power; control; kingdom
undique: from every side/direction/place/part/source; on all/both sides/surfaces
vagor, vagari, vagatus sum: wander, roam