Vocabulary List 10: De Bello Gallico 6.13-20

adhibeo, adhibere, adhibui, adhibitus: summon, invite, bring in; consult; put, add; use, employ, apply; hold out to
aditus, aditus M: approach, access; attack; entrance; chance, opportunity, means, way; beginning
adulescens, adulescentis (gen.), adulescentior -or -us, adulescentissimus -a -um: "young, youthful; ""minor""
aliquo: to some place/person; in some/any direction/quarter; some/anywhere
caedis, caedis F: murder/slaughter/massacre; assassination; feuding; slain/victims; blood/gore
consecro, consecrare, consecravi, consecratus: consecrate/dedicate, set apart; hallow, sanctify; deify; curse; vow to a god
contagium, contagi(i) N: action/fact of touching, contact; contact communicating infection, contagion
decerno, decernere, decrevi, decretus: decide/settle/determine/resolve; decree/declare/ordain; judge; vote for/contend
decretum, decreti N: dogma, principle, doctrine; idea held w/conviction; course of action, resolve
defugio, defugere, defugi, -: escape from/make one's escape/flee; keep clear of
dignitas, dignitatis F: worth, excellence; fitness/suitability,; honor, esteem, standing
disciplina, disciplinae F: teaching, instruction, education; training; discipline; method, science, study
disco, discere, didici, discitus: learn; hear, get to know, become acquainted with; acquire knowledge/skill of/in
divinus, divina -um, divinior -or -us, divinissimus -a -um: divine, of a deity/god, godlike; sacred; divinely inspired, prophetic; natural
dominus, domini M: owner, lord, master; the Lord; title for ecclesiastics/gentlemen
Druis, Druidis M: druids, priests of the Gauls
excello, excellere, -, excelsus: be eminent/preeminent; excel
facinus, facinoris N: deed; crime; outrage
hereditas, hereditatis F: inheritance, possession; hereditary succession; generation; heirship
honos, honoris M: honor; respect/regard; mark of esteem, reward; dignity/grace; public office
impius, impia, impium: wicked, impious, irreverent; showing no regard for divinely imposed moral duty
incommodum, incommodi N: disadvantage, inconvenience, setback, harm, detriment; defeat/disaster; ailment
interdico, interdicere, interdixi, interdictus: forbid, interdict, prohibit; debar
interpretor, interpretari, interpretatus sum: explain/expound; interpret/prophesy from; understand/comprehend
intersum, interesse, interfui, interfuturus: be/lie between, be in the midst; be present; take part in; be different
nonnumquam: sometimes
par, paris (gen.), -, parissimus -a -um: equal; a match for; of equal size/rank/age; fit/suitable/right/proper
pareo, parere, parui, paritus: obey, be subject/obedient to; submit/yield/comply; pay attention; attend to
principor, principari, principatus sum: rule; rule over
privatus, privata, privatum: private; personal; ordinary
privatus, privati M: private citizen
procuro, procurare, procuravi, procuratus: manage; administer; attend to
reddo, reddere, reddidi, redditus: return; restore; deliver; hand over, pay back, render, give back; translate
regio, regionis F: area, region; neighborhood; district, country; direction
religio, religionis F: supernatural constraint/taboo; obligation; sanction; worship; rite; sanctity
reperio, reperire, repperi, repertus: discover, learn; light on; find/obtain/get; find out/to be, get to know; invent
sacrificium, sacrifici(i) N: sacrifice, offering to a deity
sceleratus, scelerata -um, sceleratior -or -us, sceleratissimus -a -um: criminal, wicked; accursed; lying under a ban; sinful, atrocious, heinous
suffragium, suffragi(i) N: vote; judgment; applause
transfero, transferre, transtuli, translatus: transport/convey/transfer/shift; transpose; carry/bring across/over; transplant
tributum, tributi N: tax, tribute
anima, animae F: soul, spirit, vital principle; life; breathing; wind, breeze; air
diligentia, diligentiae F: diligence/care/attentiveness; economy/frugality/thrift; industry; love
disputo, disputare, disputavi, disputatus: discuss, debate, argue
edisco, ediscere, edidici, -: learn by heart; commit to memory; study; get to know
fas, undeclined N: divine/heaven's law/will/command; that which is right/lawful/moral/allowed
immortalis, immortalis, immortale: immortal, not subject to death; eternal, everlasting, perpetual; imperishable
immunitas, immunitatis F: immunity, freedom from taxes
iuventus, iuventutis F: youth; the age of youth, young persons; young men, knights
militia, militiae F: military service/organization; campaign; war; soldiers, army
mundus, mundi M: universe, heavens; world, mankind; toilet/dress, ornament, decoration
parens, parentis: parent, father, mother
perdisco, perdiscere, perdidici, -: learn thoroughly
permaneo, permanere, permansi, permansus: last, continue; remain; endure
propinquus, propinqui M: relative
sidus, sideris N: star; constellation; tempest
studeo, studere, studui, -: desire, be eager for; busy oneself with; strive
tribuo, tribuere, tribui, tributus: divide, assign; present; grant, allot, bestow, attribute
vacatio, vacationis F: freedom, exemption; privilege
versus, versus M: line, verse; furrow, ground traversed before turn; row/string, bench
vicenus, vicena, vicenum: twenty each
vulgus, vulgi N: common people/general public/multitude/common herd/rabble/crowd/mob; flock
accidit, accidere, accidit, accisus est: happens, turns out, befalls; fall upon; come to pass, occur
aliquod, undeclined: some, several; a few; not many; a number; more than one
ambactus, ambacti M: vassal, dependent; retainer, servant
incido, incidere, incidi, incasus: happen; fall into, fall in with, meet; fall upon, assail
potentia, potentiae F: force, power, political power
propulso, propulsare, propulsavi, propulsatus: repulse, drive back/off; ward off, repel, avert; pound, batter
quotannis: every year, yearly
soleo, solere, solitus sum: be in the habit of; become accustomed to
versor, versari, versatus sum: move about; live, dwell; be
adfectus, adfecta, adfectum: endowed with, possessed of; minded; affected; impaired, weakened; emotional
administer, administri M: assistant, helper, supporter; one at hand to help, attendant; priest, minister
aliqua: somehow, in some way or another, by some means or other; to some extent
arbitror, arbitrari, arbitratus sum: observe, witness; testify; decide, judge, sentence; believe, think, imagine
contexo, contexere, contexui, contextus: weave/entwine/braid/twist together; compose/connect/link/combine; make/join/for
dedo, dedere, dedidi, deditus: give up/in, surrender; abandon/consign/devote; yield, hand/deliver over
furtum, furti N: theft; trick, deception; stolen article
gratus, grata -um, gratior -or -us, gratissimus -a -um: pleasing, acceptable, agreeable, welcome; dear, beloved; grateful, thankful
immanis, immane, immanior -or -us, immanissimus -a -um: huge/vast/immense/tremendous/extreme/monstrous; inhuman/savage/brutal/frightful
immolo, immolare, immolavi, immolatus: sacrifice, offer in sacrifice; sprinkle with sacred meal; immolate
innocens, (gen.), innocentis: harmless, innocent; virtuous, upright
latrocinium, latrocini(i) N: brigandage, robbery, highway robbery; piracy, freebooting; villainy
morbus, morbi M: sickness, illness, weakness; disease; distemper; distress; vice
natio, nationis F: nation, people; birth; race, class, set; gentiles; heathens
noxia, noxiae F: crime, fault
numen, numinis N: divine will, divinity; god
placo, placare, placavi, placatus: appease; placate; reconcile
simulacrum, simulacri N: likeness, image, statue
supplicium, supplici(i) N: punishment, suffering; supplication; torture
victima, victimae F: victim; animal for sacrifice
vimen, viminis N: twig, shoot
vita, vitae F: life, career, livelihood; mode of life
vivo, vivere, vixi, victus: be alive, live; survive; reside
animal, animalis N: animal, living thing/offspring; creature, beast, brute; insect
ars, artis F: skill/craft/art; trick, wile; science, knowledge; method, way; character
artificium, artifici(i) N: art/craft/trade; skill/talent/craftsmanship; art work; method/trick; technology
caelestis, caeleste, caelestior -or -us, caelestissimus -a -um: heavenly, of heavens/sky, from heaven/sky; celestial; divine; of the Gods
captus, capta, captum: captured, captive
colo, colere, colui, cultus: live in, inhabit; till, cultivate, promote growth; foster, maintain
conspicor, conspicari, conspicatus sum: catch sight of, see; observe, notice; perceive; be conspicuous; be regarded
cruciatus, cruciatus M: torture/cruelty; torture form/apparatus; suffering, severe physical/mental pain
depello, depellere, depuli, depulsus: drive/push out//off/away/aside, repel; expel; remove, wean; banish utterly
devoveo, devovere, devovi, devotus: devote, consecrate; vow, promise solemnly; mark out, appoint; curse, execrate
dimico, dimicare, dimicui, dimicatus: fight, battle; struggle/contend/strive; brandish weapons; be in conflict/peril
dux, ducis M: leader, guide; commander, general; Duke
exstruo, exstruere, exstruxi, exstructus: pile/build up, raise, build, construct
gens, gentis F: tribe, clan; nation, people; Gentiles
inventor, inventoris M: inventor; author; discoverer
mercatura, mercaturae F: trade, commerce
occulto, occultare, occultavi, occultatus: hide; conceal
pecunia, pecuniae F: money; property
quaestus, quaestus M: gain, profit
rego, regere, rexi, rectus: rule, guide; manage, direct
tumulus, tumuli M: mound, hillock; mound, tomb
adolesco, adolescere, adolevi, adultus: grow up, mature, reach manhood/peak; become established/strong; grow, increase
adsisto, adsistere, adstiti, adstatus: take a position/stand, attend; appear before; set/place near
aetas, aetatis F: lifetime, age, generation; period; stage, period of life, time, era
finio, finire, finivi, finitus: limit, end; finish; determine, define; mark out the boundaries
liber, libera -um, liberior -or -us, liberrimus -a -um: free; unimpeded; void of; independent, outspoken/frank; free from tribute
munus, muneris N: service; duty, office, function; gift; tribute, offering; bribes
natalis, natalis, natale: natal, of birth
pala, palae F: spade; shovel
prognatus, prognata, prognatum: sprung from; descended
puerilis, puerilis, puerile: boyish; youthful, childish
aestimatio, aestimationis F: valuation, estimation of money value; value, price; assessment of damages
comperior, comperiri, compertus sum: learn/discover/find; verify/know for certain; find guilty
coniunctim: jointly, in common; together; in combination
cor, cordis N: heart; mind/soul/spirit; intellect/judgment; sweetheart; souls/persons
diligo, diligere, dilexi, dilectus: love, hold dear; value/esteem/favor; have special regard for
dos, dotis F: dowry, dower; talent, quality
excrucio, excruciare, excruciavi, excruciatus: torture; torment
fructus, fructus M: produce, crops; fruit; profit; enjoyment; reward
funus, funeris N: burial, funeral; funeral rites; ruin; corpse; death
illustris, illustre, illustrior -or -us, illustrissimus -a -um: bright, shining, brilliant; clear, lucid; illustrious, distinguished, famous
iustus, iusta -um, iustior -or -us, iustissimus -a -um: just, fair, equitable; right, lawful, justified; regular, proper
magnificus, magnifica -um, magnificentior -or -us, magnificentissimus -a -u: splendid/excellent/sumptuous/magnificent/stately; noble/eminent; proud/boastful
nex, necis F: death; murder
quaestio, quaestionis F: questioning, inquiry; investigation
servilis, servilis, servile: servile, of slaves
sumptuosus, sumptuosa, sumptuosum: expensive, costly; sumptuous
uxor, uxoris F: wife
vivus, viva, vivum: alive, fresh; living
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsus: deceive; slip by; disappoint; be mistaken, beguile, drive away; fail; cheat
neve: or not, and not
rumor, rumoris M: hearsay, rumor, gossip; reputation; shouting
sanctus, sancta -um, sanctior -or -us, sanctissimus -a -um: consecrated, sacred, inviolable; venerable, august, divine, holy, pious, just
temerarius, temeraria, temerarium: casual, rash, accidental; reckless