Vocabulary List 5: De Bello Gallico 4.31-36

adfligo, adfligere, adflixi, adflictus: overthrow/throw down; afflict, damage, crush, break, ruin; humble, weaken, vex
aer, aeris: air; atmosphere, sky; cloud, mist, weather; breeze; odor
casus, casus M: fall, overthrow; chance/fortune; accident, emergency, calamity, plight; fate
commodus, commoda -um, commodior -or -us, commodissimus -a -um: suitable, convenient, obliging; opportune/timely; favorable/lucky; advantageous
comporto, comportare, comportavi, comportatus: carry, transport, bring in, convey; bring together; amass, collect
cotidie: daily, every day; day by day; usually, ordinarily, commonly
etsi: although, though, even if; albeit; I know that but
eventus, eventus M: outcome, result, success; event, occurrence; chance, fate, accident
intermitto, intermittere, intermisi, intermissus: interrupt; omit; stop; leave off; leave a gap
materia, materiae F: wood, lumber, timber; woody branch/growth/part of tree
suspicor, suspicari, suspicatus sum: mistrust, suspect; suppose
aegre, aegrius, aegerrime: scarcely, with difficulty, painfully, hardly; reluctantly, uncomfortably
aliquid: to some degree/extent; somewhat
armo, armare, armavi, armatus: equip, fit with armor; arm; strengthen; rouse, stir; incite war; rig
circumdo, circumdare, circumdedi, circumdatus: surround; envelop, post/put/place/build around; enclose; beset; pass around
cohors, cohortis F: court; enclosure/yard/pen, farmyard; attendants, retinue, staff; circle; crowd
confertus, conferta -um, confertior -or -us, confertissimus -a -um: crowded/pressed together/thronging; in close order; dense/compact
confestim: immediately, suddenly; at once, without delay, forthwith; rapidly, speedily
consuetudo, consuetudinis F: habit/custom/usage/way; normal/general/customary practice, tradition/convention
delitisco, delitiscere, delitui, -: hide, go in hiding/seclusion; withdraw; vanish/be concealed; take refuge/shelte
demeto, demetere, demessui, demessus: reap, cut, mow; cut off/down; pick; gather; take; shear
depono, deponere, deposivi, depositus: put/lay down/aside/away; let drop/fall; give up; resign; deposit/entrust/commit
dispergo, dispergere, dispersi, dispersus: scatter, disperse
equito, equitare, equitavi, equitatus: ride
essedum, essedi N: war chariot; light traveling carriage
frumentor, frumentari, frumentatus sum: get grain, forage
huc: here, to this place; to this point
incertus, incerta, incertum: uncertain; unsure, inconstant, variable; doubtful
ineo, inire, inivi(ii), initus: enter; undertake; begin; go in; enter upon
interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectus: kill; destroy
interpono, interponere, interposui, interpositus: insert, introduce; admit; allege; interpose
meto, metere, messui, messus: reap; mow, cut off
noctu: by night, at night
novus, nova -um, novior -or -us, novissimus -a -um: new, fresh, young; unusual, extraordinary
porta, portae F: gate, entrance; city gates; door; avenue; goal
premo, premere, pressi, pressus: press, press hard, pursue; oppress; overwhelm
procedo, procedere, processi, processus: proceed; advance; appear
pulvis, pulveris M: dust, powder; sand
remaneo, remanere, remansi, remansus: stay behind; continue, remain
silva, silvae F: wood, forest
statio, stationis F: outpost, picket; station; watch
subito: suddenly, unexpectedly; at once, at short notice, quickly; in no time at all
succedo, succedere, successi, successus: climb; advance; follow; succeed in
suspicio, suspicere, suspexi, suspectus: look up to; admire
sustineo, sustinere, sustinui, sustentus: support; check; put off; put up with; sustain; hold back
ventito, ventitare, ventitavi, ventitatus: keep coming; come regularly, come often; resort
auriga, aurigae M: charioteer, driver; groom, ostler; helmsman; the Waggoner
brevis, breve, brevior -or -us, brevissimus -a -um: short, little, small, stunted; brief, concise, quick; narrow, shallow; humble
citus, cita -um, citior -or -us, citissimus -a -um: quick, swift, rapid; moving/acting/passing/occurring quickly, speedy; early
conloco, conlocare, conlocavi, conlocatus: place/put/set in order/proper position, arrange; station, post, position; apply
currus, currus M: chariot, light horse vehicle; triumphal chariot; triumph; wheels on plow; cart
declivis, declivis, declive: sloping, descending, sloping downwards; shelving; tending down; falling
excedo, excedere, excessi, excessus: pass, withdraw, exceed; go away/out/beyond; die
exercitatio, exercitationis F: exercise, training, practice; discipline
flecto, flectere, flexi, flexus: bend, curve, bow; turn, curl; persuade, prevail on, soften
insinuo, insinuare, insinuavi, insinuatus: push in, work in, creep in, insinuate
interim: meanwhile, in the meantime; at the same time; however, nevertheless
mobilitas, mobilitatis F: mobility, agility; speed; quickness of mind; inconstancy
moderor, moderari, moderatus sum: guide; control; regulate; govern
pedes, peditis M: foot soldier, infantryman; pedestrian, who goes on foot; infantry
percurro, percurrere, percucurri, percursus: quickly move/run/travel/hasten/pass through/over; form continuous line; stroke
perequito, perequitare, perequitavi, perequitatus: ride through; ride around
praeceps, (gen.), praecipitis: head first, headlong; steep, precipitous
proelior, proeliari, proeliatus sum: fight
receptus, receptus M: retreat
rota, rotae F: wheel
stabilitas, stabilitatis F: stability, steadiness
strepo, strepere, strepui, strepitus: make a loud noise; shout confusedly; resound
temo, temonis M: pole, beam; tongue of a wagon or chariot
terror, terroris M: terror, panic, alarm, fear
turma, turmae F: troop, squadron
advenio, advenire, adveni, adventus: come to, arrive; arrive at, reach, be brought; develop, set in, arise
alienus, aliena -um, alienior -or -us, alienissimus -a -um: foreign; unconnected; another's; contrary; unworthy; averse, hostile; mad
auxilium, auxili(i) N: help, assistance; remedy/antidote; supporting resource/force; auxiliaries
celeriter, celerius, celerrime: quickly/rapidly/speedily; hastily; soon/at once/early moment; in short period
committo, committere, commisi, commissus: bring together, unite/join, connect/attach; put together, construct; entrust
continuus, continua, continuum: incessant/unremitting, constantly repeated/recurring; successive, next in line
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus: send away/off; allow to go, let go/off; disband, discharge, dismiss
expello, expellere, expuli, expulsus: drive out, expel, banish; disown, reject
lacesso, lacessere, lacessivi, lacessitus: provoke, excite, harass, challenge, harass; attack, assail
libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatus: free; acquit, absolve; manumit; liberate, release
novitas, novitatis F: newness; strangeness/novelty/unusualness/rarity; unfamiliarity; freshness
nuntius, nuntia, nuntium: announcing, bringing word; giving warning; prognosticatory
oportunus, oportuna -um, oportunior -or -us, oportunissimus -a -um: suitable; advantageous; useful, fit, favorable/opportune, ready; liable/exposed
peditatus, peditatus M: infantry
perpetuus, perpetua, perpetuum: continuous, uninterpreted; whole; perpetual, lasting; everlasting
praeda, praedae F: booty, loot, spoils, plunder, prey
praedico, praedicare, praedicavi, praedicatus: proclaim/declare/make known/publish/announce formally; praise/recommend; preach
quantus, quanta, quantum: how great; how much/many; of what size/amount/degree/number/worth/price
reduco, reducere, reduxi, reductus: lead back, bring back; restore; reduce
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, relictus: leave behind, abandon; be left, remain; bequeath
timor, timoris M: fear; dread
acies, aciei F: sharpness, sharp edge, point; battle line/array; sight, glance; pupil of eye
ante: in front/presence of, in view; before; over against, facing
celeritas, celeritatis F: speed, quickness, rapidity; speed of action, dispatch; haste; early date
circito, circitare, circitavi, circitatus: go round as a hawker/peddler/solicitor; frequent, be busy
deinde: then/next/afterward; thereon/henceforth/from there/then; in next position/place
diu, diutius, diutissime: a long/considerable time/while; long since
effugio, effugere, effugi, effugitus: flee/escape; run/slip/keep away, eschew/avoid; baffle, escape notice
nanciscor, nancisci, nactus sum: obtain, get; find, meet with, receive, stumble on, light on
tergum, tergi N: back, rear; reverse/far side; outer covering/surface
verto, vertere, verti, versus: turn, turn around; change, alter; overthrow, destroy
vis, viris F: strength, force, power, might, violence; resources; large body
aequinoctium, aequinocti(i) N: equinox
duplico, duplicare, duplicavi, duplicatus: double, bend double; duplicate; enlarge
idoneus, idonea, idoneum: suitable, appropriate, adequate, having right qualities; qualified, able; apt
incolumis, incolumis, incolume: unharmed, uninjured; alive, safe; unimpaired
infirmus, infirma -um, infirmior -or -us, infirmissimus -a -um: fragile/frail/feeble; unwell/sick/infirm
infra: below, on the under side, underneath; further along; on the south
lego, legare, legavi, legatus: bequeath, will; entrust, send as an envoy, choose as a deputy
medius, media, medium: middle, middle of, mid; common, neutral, ordinary, moderate; ambiguous
missus, missi M: messenger; legate
navigatio, navigationis F: sailing; navigation; voyage
propinquus, propinqua, propinquum: near, neighboring
subicio, subicere, subieci, subiectus: throw under, place under; make subject; expose