Vocabulary List 6: De Bello Gallico 5.24-28

ad: about
aliter: otherwise, differently; in any other way
centum: 100
colloco, collocare, collocavi, collocatus: place/put/set in order/proper position, arrange; station, post, position; apply
concilium, concili(i) N: public gathering/meeting; popular assembly, council; hearing; debate/discussion
confinium, confini(i) N: common boundary; border, limit; proximity/nearness/neighborhood
conscribo, conscribere, conscripsi, conscriptus: enroll/enlist/raise; write on/down, commit to/cover with writing; compos
crassus, crassa -um, crassior -or -us, crassissimus -a -um: thick/deep; thick coated; turbid/muddy; dense/concentrated/soli
distribuo, distribuere, distribui, distributus: divide, distribute, assign
frumentarius, frumentaria, frumentarium: grain producing; of/concerning grain
hibernum, hiberni N: winter camp; winter quarters
hibernus, hiberna, hibernum: wintry; stormy, of/for winter time/rainy season
inopia, inopiae F: lack, need; poverty, destitution, dearth, want, scarcity
lux, lucis F: light, daylight, light of day; life; world; day
medeor, mederi, -: heal, cure; remedy, assuage, comfort, amend
moror, morari, moratus sum: delay; stay, stay behind; devote attention to
munio, munire, munivi, munitus: fortify; strengthen; protect, defend, safeguard; build
pacatus, pacata -um, pacatior -or -us, pacatissimus -a -um: peaceful, calm
perago, peragere, peregi, peractus: disturb; finish; kill; carry through to the end, complete
praeficio, praeficere, praefeci, praefectus: put in charge, place in command
praesum, praeesse, praefui, praefuturus: be in charge/control/head; take the lead; be present
provenio, provenire, proveni, proventus: come forth; come into being; prosper
quaestor, quaestoris M: quaestor; state treasurer; quartermaster general
quietus, quieta -um, quietior -or -us, quietissimus -a -um: at rest; quiet, tranquil, calm, peaceful; orderly; neutral; still; idle
quinque, quintus -a -um, quini -ae -a, quinquie(n)s: 5th-; 5th
quoad: as long as, until
siccitas, siccitatis F: dryness; drought; dried up condition
Treverus, Treveri M: Treveri, German tribe around Trier
auctor, auctoris: seller, vendor; originator; historian; authority; proposer, supporter; founder
Belgium, Belgii N: Belgium, country of Belgae
benevolentia, benevolentiae F: benevolence, kindness, goodwill; favor; endearments
Carnutes, Carnutis M: Carnutes, tribe of central Gaul, around Loire- Caesar
deficio, deficere, defeci, defectus: fail/falter; run short/out; grow weak/faint; come to end; revolt/rebel, defect
ibis, ibos/is F: ibis
impulsus, impulsus M: shock, impact; incitement
nascor, nasci, natus sum: be produced spontaneously, come into existence/being; spring forth, grow; live
opera, operae F: work, care; aid; service, effort/trouble
palam: openly, publicly; plainly
regno, regnare, regnavi, regnatus: reign, rule; be king; play the lord, be master
restituo, restituere, restitui, restitutus: restore; revive; bring back; make good
trado, tradere, tradidi, traditus: hand over, surrender; deliver; bequeath; relate
vereor, vereri, veritus sum: revere, respect; fear; dread
adscendo, adscendere, adscendi, adscensus: climb; go/climb up; mount, scale; mount up, embark; rise, ascend, move upward
aliqui: in some way/extent
circiter: about, around, near; towards
colloquium, colloquii N: talk, conversation; colloquy/discussion; interview; meeting/conference; parley
communis, communis, commune: common/joint/public; general/universal
concito, concitare, concitavi, concitatus: stir up, disturb; discharge/hurl; flow rapidly/strong current; rush
conclamo, conclamare, conclamavi, conclamatus: cry/shout aloud/out; make resound w/shouts; give a signal; summon; bewail/mourn
controversia, controversiae F: controversy/dispute; debate; moot case debated in school, forensic exercise
defectio, defectionis F: desertion/revolt/defection; failure/deficiency; ellipsis; eclipse
desperatus, desperata -um, desperatior -or -us, desperatissimus -a -um: desperate/hopeless; despairing/lacking hope; desperately ill/situated; reckless
emitto, emittere, emisi, emissus: hurl; let go; utter; send out; drive; force; cast; discharge; expel; publish
equester, equestris M: knight; one of equestrian order/class
Hispanus, Hispana, Hispanum: Spanish, of Spain
impello, impellere, impuli, impulsus: drive/persuade/impel; urge on/action; push/thrust/strike against; overthrow
Indutiomarus, Indutiomari M: Inductiomarus
lignator, lignatoris M: one who collects firewood
minuo, minuere, minui, minutus: lessen, reduce, diminish, impair, abate
oppugnatio, oppugnationis F: assault, siege, attack; storming
praesto: ready, available, at hand, waiting, on the spot, at one's service
prodio, prodire, prodivi, proditus: go/come forth/out, advance; appear; sprout/spring up; issue/extend/project
repentinus, repentina, repentinum: sudden, hasty; unexpected
tumultus, tumultus M: commotion, confusion, uproar; rebellion, uprising, disturbance
vallis, vallis F: valley, vale, hollow
adeo, adire, adivi(ii), aditus: approach; attack; visit, address; undertake; take possession
amplus, ampla -um, amplior -or -us, amplissimus -a -um: great, large, spacious, wide, ample; distinguished, important, honorable
assum, adesse, affui, affuturus: be near, be present, be in attendance, arrive, appear; aid
beneficium, benefici(i) N: kindness, favor, benefit, service, help; privilege, right
biduum, bidui N: two days
catena, catenae F: chain; series; fetter, bond, restraint; imprisonment, captivity
causa: for sake/purpose of, on account/behalf of, with a view to
colloquor, colloqui, collocutus sum: talk/speak to/with; talk together/over; converse; discuss; confer, parley
conduco, conducere, conduxi, conductus: draw/bring together, collect, assemble; unite/join; cause to curdle/coagulate
confiteor, confiteri, confessus sum: confess, admit, acknowledge, reveal, disclose; concede, allow; denote
consulo, consulere, consului, consultus: ask information/advice of; consult, take counsel; deliberate/consider; advise
debeo, debere, debui, debitus: owe; be indebted/responsible for/obliged/bound/destined; ought, must, should
educo, educere, eduxi, eductus: lead out; draw up; bring up; rear
eiusmodi: of this sort; of such kind
familiaris, familiaris: member of household; familiar acquaintance/friend
germanus, germana, germanum: own/full; genuine, real, actual, true
gratia, gratiae F: popularity/esteem/credit; partiality/favoritism; unpopularity
hospitium, hospiti(i) N: hospitality, entertainment; lodging; guest room/lodging; inn
humilitas, humilitatis F: insignificance/unimportance/degradation/debasement/humiliation; commonplaceness
iureiurando: an oath
levo, levare, levavi, levatus: lift/raise/hold up; support; erect, set up; lift off, remove; comfort
libertas, libertatis F: freedom, liberty; frankness of speech, outspokenness
loquor, loqui, locutus sum: speak, tell; talk; mention; say, utter; phrase
meritum, meriti N: merit, service; value, due reward
missus, missus M: sending; dispatch; shooting, discharge of missiles
moneo, monere, monui, monitus: remind, advise, warn; teach; admonish; foretell, presage
nego, negare, negavi, negatus: deny, refuse; say... not
nunc: now, today, at present
oro, orare, oravi, oratus: beg, ask for, pray; beseech, plead, entreat; worship, adore
pendo, pendere, pependi, pensus: weigh out; pay, pay out
pietas, pietatis F: responsibility, sense of duty; loyalty; tenderness, goodness; pity; piety
polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus sum: promise
porro: at distance, further on, far off, onward; of old, formerly, hereafter; again
praesertim: especially; particularly
priusquam: before; until; sooner than
quidam, quaedam, quoddam: a certain thing
quinquaginta: 50
quod: with respect to which
quoniam: because, since, seeing that
ratio, rationis F: account, reckoning, invoice; plan; prudence; method; reasoning; rule; regard
recupero, recuperare, recuperavi, recuperatus: regain, restore, restore to health; refresh, recuperate
resisto, resistere, restiti, -: pause; continue; resist, oppose; reply; withstand, stand; make a stand
salus, salutis F: health; prosperity; good wish; greeting; salvation, safety
satisfacio, satisfacere, satisfeci, satisfactus: satisfy; make amends; apologize, excuse; satisfy a claim; compensate; suffice
sentio, sentire, sensi, sensus: perceive, feel, experience; think, realize, see, understand
servitus, servitutis F: slavery; slaves; servitude
stipendium, stipendi(i) N: tribute, stipend; pay, wages; military service
tueor, tueri, tutus sum: see, look at; protect, watch; uphold
ago, agere, egi, actus: drive/urge/conduct/act; spend; thank; deliver
audeo, audere, ausus sum: intend, be prepared; dare/have courage, act boldly, venture, risk
audio, audire, audivi, auditus: hear, listen, accept, agree with; obey; harken, pay attention; be able to hear
centurio, centurionis M: centurion, captain/commander of a century/company
credo, credere, credidi, creditus: trust, entrust; commit/consign; believe, trust in, rely on, confide; suppose
doceo, docere, docui, doctus: teach, show, point out
exsisto, exsistere, exstiti, -: step out, come forth, emerge, appear, stand out, project; arise; come to light
humilis, humile, humilior -or -us, humillimus -a -um: low, lowly, small, slight, base, mean, humble, obscure, poor, insignificant
ignobilis, ignobilis, ignobile: ignoble; unknown, obscure; of low birth
iniussus, iniussus M: without orders, unbidden, voluntary, of one's own accord
levis, leve, levior -or -us, levissimus -a -um: light, thin, trivial, trifling, slight; gentle; fickle, capricious; nimble
neglego, neglegere, neglexi, neglectus: disregard, neglect, ignore, regard of no consequence; do nothing about; despise
nihil, undeclined N: nothing; no; trifle/thing not worth mentioning; nonentity; nonsense; no concern
posterus, postera -um, posterior -or -us, postremus -a -um: coming after, following, next; COMP next in order, latter; SUPER last/hindmost
primus, -a, -um: first
spons, spontis F: free will
temere: rashly, blindly
testimonium, testimoni(i) N: testimony; deposition; evidence; witness
tribunus, tribuni M: tribune
turpis, turpe, turpior -or -us, turpissimus -a -um: ugly; nasty; disgraceful; indecent; base, shameful, disgusting, repulsive
vulnus, vulneris N: wound; mental/emotional hurt; injury to one's interests; wound of love