Vocabulary List 8: De Bello Gallico 5.36-42

communico, communicare, communicavi, communicatus: share; share/divide with/out; receive/take a share of; receive; join with
impetro, impetrare, impetravi, impetratus: obtain/procure; succeed/achieve/be granted; obtain
interpres, interpretis: interpreter, translator
parco, parcere, peperci, parsus: forbear, refrain from; spare; show consideration; be economical/thrifty with
persevero, perseverare, perseveravi, perseveratus: persist, persevere; continue
saucius, saucia, saucium: wounded; ill, sick
abicio, abicere, abieci, abiectus: throw/cast away/down/aside; abandon; slight; humble; debase; sell too cheaply
aquilifer, aquiliferi M: standard bearer of a legion, officer who carried the eagle standard
aquilus, aquila, aquilum: dark colored/hued, swarthy
circum: around, about, among, near, in neighborhood of; in circle around
condicio, condicionis F: agreement/contract; terms, proposal/option/alternative; situation; stipulation
consulto: purposely, deliberately, on purpose, by design; of set purpose
despero, desperare, desperavi, desperatus: despair; have no/give up hope; give up as hopeless
instituo, instituere, institui, institutus: set up, establish, found, make, institute; build; prepare; decide
intro, intrare, intravi, intratus: enter; go into, penetrate; reach
labor, labi, lapsus sum: slip, slip and fall; slide, glide, drop; perish, go wrong
praesentia, praesentiae F: present time; presence
sermo, sermonis M: conversation, discussion; rumor; diction; speech; talk; the word
ululo, ululare, ululavi, ululatus: howl, yell, shriek; celebrate or proclaim with howling
vallum, valli N: wall, rampart; entrenchment, line of palisades, stakes
adiutor, adiutoris M: assistant, deputy; accomplice; supporter; secretary; assistant schoolmaster
hortor, hortari, hortatus sum: encourage; cheer; incite; urge; exhort
iniuria, iniuriae F: injury; injustice, wrong, offense; insult, abuse; sexual assault
profiteor, profiteri, professus sum: declare; profess
sublatus, sublata, sublatum: elated
ulciscor, ulcisci, ultus sum: avenge; punish
adipiscor, adipisci, adeptus sum: gain, secure, win, obtain; arrive at, come up to/into; inherit; overtake
advolo, advolare, advolavi, advolatus: fly to, dash to, hasten towards
Ceutrones, Ceutronum: the Ceutrones, a Gallic tribe
concurro, concurrere, concurri, concursus: run/assemble/knock/snap together; agree, fit, concur; coincide; make same claim
conscendo, conscendere, conscendi, conscensus: climb up, ascend, scale; rise to; mount; board/embark/set out
fama, famae F: rumor; reputation; tradition; fame, public opinion, ill repute; report, news
improvisus, improvisa, improvisum: unforeseen/unexpected
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptus: begin; start, undertake
intercipio, intercipere, intercepi, interceptus: cut off; intercept, interrupt; steal
itaque: and so, therefore
lignatio, lignationis F: getting/collecting firewood
munitio, munitionis F: fortifying; fortification
nonnullus, nonnulla, nonnullum (gen -ius): some, several, a few; one and another; considerable
perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatus: carry through; bear, endure to the end, suffer; announce
socius, socia, socium: sharing; associated; allied
sustento, sustentare, sustentavi, sustentatus: endure, hold out
victor, (gen.), victoris: triumphant
admodum: very, exceedingly, greatly, quite; excessively; just so; certainly, completely
aeger, aegra -um, aegrior -or -us, aegerrimus -a -um: sick/ill, infirm; unsound, injured; painful, grievous; corrupt; sad/sorrowful
attexo, attexere, attexui, attextus: add, join on, link to; weave/plait on, attach by weaving
concursus, concursus M: running to and fro/together, collision, charge/attack; assembly/crowd; tumult
contabulo, contabulare, contabulavi, contabulatus: board over, cover with boards; furnish with roof/floor/bridge; build; bridge
cratis, cratis F: wickerwork; bundle of brush, fascine; framework, network, lattice; bush-harrow
deinceps, (gen.), deincipitis: following, next in succession
excito, excitare, excitavi, excitatus: wake up, stir up; cause; raise, erect; incite; excite, arouse
fossa, fossae F: ditch, trench, canal; moat; dike, fosse
incredibilis, incredibilis, incredibile: incredible; extraordinary
littera, litterae F: letter; letter, epistle; literature, books, records, account
lorica, loricae F: coat of mail; breastwork, parapet, fortification
muralis, muralis, murale: of walls; of a wall; turreted; mural
obsideo, obsidere, obsedi, obsessus: blockade, besiege, invest, beset; take possession of
opus, operis N: need; work; fortifications, works
pilum, pili N: javelin, heavy iron-tipped throwing spear; pike
pinna, pinnae F: feather; wing; fin; battlement/parapet, spire/steeple; flap; water wheel paddle
praemium, praemi(i) N: prize, reward; gift; recompense
praeustus, praeusta, praeustum: burnt at the end; hardened by burning
pridie: day before
propono, proponere, proposui, propositus: display; propose; relate; put or place forward
quies, quietis F: quiet, calm, rest, peace; sleep
quiesco, quiescere, quievi, quietus: rest, keep quiet/calm, be at peace/rest; be inactive/neutral; permit; sleep
sudis, sudis F: stake, log
tenuis, tenue, tenuior -or -us, tenuissimus -a -um: thin, fine; delicate; slight, slender; little, unimportant; weak, feeble
turris, turris F: tower; high building, palace, citadel; dove tower, dove cot
valetudo, valetudinis F: good health, soundness; condition of body/health; illness, indisposition
via, viae F: way, road, street; journey
addo, addere, addidi, additus: add, insert, bring/attach to, say in addition; increase; impart; associate
commemoro, commemorare, commemoravi, commemoratus: recall; keep in mind, remember; mention/relate; place on record
diffido, diffidere, diffisus sum: distrust; despair; lack confidence, despair; expect not
erro, errare, erravi, erratus: wander, go astray; make a mistake, err; vacillate
inveterasco, inveterascere, inveteravi, -: grow old; become established/customary
iustitia, iustitiae F: justice; equality; righteousness
metus, metus M: fear, anxiety; dread, awe; object of awe/dread
nitor, niti, nisus sum: press/lean upon; struggle; advance; depend on; strive, labor
nolo, nolle, nolui, -: be unwilling; wish not to; refuse to
ostento, ostentare, ostentavi, ostentatus: show, display; point out, declare; disclose, hold out
potestas, potestatis F: power, rule, force; strength, ability; chance, opportunity
praesidium, praesidi(i) N: protection; help; guard; garrison, detachment
quisquam, cuiusquam: any, anyone anything; any man, any person
recuso, recusare, recusavi, recusatus: reject, refuse, refuse to; object; decline
tunc: then, thereupon, at that time
caespes, caespitis M: grassy ground, grass; earth; sod, turf; altar/rampart/mound of sod/turf/earth
captivus, captiva, captivum: caught, taken captive; captured, imprisoned; conquered; of captives
cingo, cingere, cinxi, cinctus: surround/encircle/ring; enclose; beleaguer; accompany; gird, equip; ring
circueo, circuire, circuivi(ii), circuitus: encircle, surround; border; skirt; circulate/wander through; go/measure round
circumcido, circumcidere, circumcidi, circumcisus: cut/make incision around, ring; clip; circumcise; cut out; remove; diminish
exhaurio, exhaurire, exhausi, exhaustus: draw out; drain, drink up, empty; exhaust, impoverish; remove; end
falx, falcis F: sickle. scythe; pruning knife; curved blade; hook for tearing down walls
ferramentum, ferramenti N: iron tool
gladius, gladi(i) M: sword
nitor, niti, nixus sum: press/lean upon; struggle; advance; depend on; strive, labor
nos: we
repello, repellere, repuli, repulsus: drive/push/thrust back/away; repel/rebuff/spurn; fend off; exclude/bar; refute
sagulum, saguli N: cloak, traveling cloak
terra, terrae F: earth, land, ground; country, region
testudo, testudinis F: tortoise; testudo; armored movable shed; troops locking shields overhead
vallo, vallare, vallavi, vallatus: surround/fortify/furnish with a palisaded rampart