Vocabulary List 12: Aeneid 1.34-64

abdo, abdere, abdidi, abditus: remove, put away, set aside; depart, go away; hide, keep secret, conceal
acutus, acuta -um, acutior -or -us, acutissimus -a -um: sharp, sharpened, pointed/tapering; severe; glaring; acute, wise; high-pitched
adoro, adorare, adoravi, adoratus: honor, adore, worship, pay homage, reverence; beg, plead with, appeal to
aeolia, aeoliae: northwest region of Asia Minor
aes, aeris N: money, pay, fee, fare; copper/bronze/brass, base metal; debt; gong
aeternus, aeterna -um, aeternior -or -us, aeternissimus -a -um: eternal/everlasting/imperishable; perpetual, w/out start/end
antrum, antri N: cave; cavern; hollow place with overarching foliage; cavity, hollow; tomb
ara, arae F: altar, structure for sacrifice, pyre; sanctuary; home; refuge, shelter
ast: but, on the other hand/contrary; but yet; at least; in that event; if further
ater, atra -um, atrior -or -us, aterrimus -a -um: black, dark; dark-colored; gloomy/murky; unlucky; sordid/squalid
aura, aurae F: breeze, breath, wind; gleam; odor, stench; vapor; air, heaven
auster, austri M: south; south wind; southern parts
caelus, caeli M: heaven, sky, heavens; space; air, climate, weather; universe, world
carcer, carceris M: prison, jail; jailbird; starting barriers at race-course, traps; beginning
celsus, celsa, celsum: high, lofty, tall; haughty; arrogant/proud; prominent, elevated; erect; noble
classis, classis F: class/division of Romans; grade; levy/draft; fleet/navy; group/band
claustrum, claustri N: bolt; key; bars, enclosure; barrier; door, gate, bulwark; dam
coniunx, coniugis: spouse/mate/consort; husband/wife/bride/fiancee/intended; concubine; yokemate
corripio, corripere, corripui, correptus: seize/grasp/snatch up, lay hold of; sweep off; carry away; appropriate/arrogate
desisto, desistere, destiti, destitus: stop/cease/desist; give up, leave/stand off; dissociate oneself
disicio, disicere, disieci, disiectus: break up; scatter; drive apart; separate into two halves, halve, divide
divus, divi M: god
everto, evertere, everti, eversus: overturn, turn upside down; overthrow, destroy, ruin
expiro, expirare, expiravi, expiratus: breathe out; exhale; expire; die; cease
fetus, feta, fetum: pregnant/breeding; fertile/fruitful; growing/teeming/abounding/full of
flammo, flammare, flammavi, flammatus: inflame, set on fire; excite
foedus, foederis N: treaty, league, formal agreement, alliance; P:peace, amity
freno, frenare, frenavi, frenatus: brake, curb, restrain, check
furia, furiae F: frenzy, fury; rage; mad craving; Furies, avenging spirits
furo, furere, -, -: rave, rage; be mad/furious; be wild
habena, habenae F: thong, strap; whip; halter; reins; direction, management, government
impono, imponere, imposui, impositus: impose, put upon; establish; inflict; assign/place in command; set
incedo, incedere, incessi, incessus: advance, march; approach; step, walk, march along
indignor, indignari, indignatus sum: deem unworthy, scorn, regard with indignation, resent, be indignant
infigo, infigere, infixi, infixus: fasten, fix, implant, affix; impose; drive/thrust in
insuper: above, on top; in addition; over
iaculor, iaculari, iaculatus sum: throw a javelin; hurl, cast; shoot at
laetus, laeta -um, laetior -or -us, laetissimus -a -um: happy/cheerful/joyful/glad; favorable/propitious; prosperous/successful
laxus, laxa -um, laxior -or -us, laxissimus -a -um: wide, spacious, ample, roomy; loose, not close packed; slack, not tight; lax
locum, loci N: seat, rank, position; soldier's post; quarters; category; book passage, topic
luctor, luctari, luctatus sum: wrestle; struggle; fight
mollio, mollire, mollivi, mollitus: soften, mitigate, make easier; civilize, tame, enfeeble
murmur, murmuris: murmur/mutter; whisper/rustle, hum/buzz; low noise; roar/growl/grunt/rumble
nimbus, nimbi M: rainstorm, cloud
noxa, noxae F: hurt, injury; crime; punishment, harm
nubes, nubis F: cloud/mist/haze/dust/smoke; sky/air; billowy formation; swarm/multitude
omnipotens, (gen.), omnipotentis: all-powerful, omnipotent
pallas, palladis F: olive tree; E:goddess Minerva/Athene
patria, patriae F: native land; home, native city; one's country
pectus, pectoris N: breast, heart; feeling, soul, mind
pontus, ponti M: sea
profundus, profunda, profundum: deep, profound; boundless; insatiable
quippe: of course; as you see; obviously; naturally; by all means
rapidus, rapida -um, rapidior -or -us, rapidissimus -a -um: rapid, swift
ratis, ratis F: raft; ship, boat
ruo, ruere, rui, rutus: destroy, ruin, overthrow; rush on, run; fall; charge; be ruined
sal, salis M: salt; wit
sceptrum, sceptri N: scepter
scopulus, scopuli M: rock, boulder
sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessus: sit, remain; settle; encamp
sonorus, sonora, sonorum: noisy, loud, resounding, sonorous
soror, sororis F: sister
spelunca, speluncae F: cave
spumo, spumare, spumavi, spumatus: foam, froth; be covered in foam; cover with foam
submergo, submergere, submersi, submersus: plunge under, submerge
supplex, (gen.), supplicis: suppliant, kneeling, begging
talis, talis, tale: such; so great; so excellent; of such kind
tellus, telluris F: earth, ground; the earth; land, country
turbo, turbinis M: that which whirls; whirlwind, tornado; spinning top; spiral, round, circle
vastus, vasta -um, vastior -or -us, vastissimus -a -um: huge, vast; monstrous
velum, veli N: sail, covering; curtain
ventus, venti M: wind
verro, verrere, verri, versus: sweep clean; sweep together; sweep; skim, sweep; sweep along
veto, vetare, vetui, vetitus: forbid, prohibit; reject, veto; be an obstacle to; prevent
vinclum, vincli N: chain, bond, fetter; imprisonment
volnus, volneris N: wound; mental/emotional hurt; injury to one's interests; wound of love
voluto, volutare, volutavi, volutatus: roll, wallow, turn over in one's mind, think or talk over