Vocabulary List 13: Aeneid 1.65-91

accumbo, accumbere, accumbui, accumbitus: take a place/recline at the table; lie on, lie at/prone, lie beside
aequor, aequoris N: level/smooth surface, plain; surface of the sea; sea, ocean
aether, aetheris M: upper air; ether; heaven, sky; sky; space surrounding a deity
ater, atra -um, atrior -or -us, aterrimus -a -um: black, dark; dark-colored; gloomy/murky; unlucky; sordid/squalid
caelus, caeli M: heaven, sky, heavens; space; air, climate, weather; universe, world
capesso, capessere, capessivi, capessitus: grasp, take, seize eagerly; undertake, manage; pursue w/zeal; carry out orders
cavus, cava, cavum: hollow, excavated, hollowed out; concave; enveloping; porous
conubium, conubi(i) N: marriage/wedlock; right to marry; act/ceremony of marriage
corpus, corporis N: body; person, self; virility; flesh; corpse; trunk; frame; collection/sum
cuspis, cuspidis F: point/tip, pointed end; spit/stake; blade; javelin/spear/lance; sting
dico, dicare, dicavi, dicatus: dedicate/consecrate; deify; devote; attach to another state; assign; show
disiicio, disiicere, disieci, disiectus: break up; scatter; drive apart; separate into two halves, halve, divide
diverto, divertere, diverti, diversus: separate; divert, turn away/in; digress; oppose; divorce/leave marriage
divus, divi M: god
epula, epulae F: courses, food, dishes of food; dinner; banquet; feast for the eyes
exigo, exigere, exegi, exactus: drive out, expel; finish; examine, weigh
forma, formae F: form, figure, appearance; beauty; mold, pattern
imus, ima, imum: inmost, deepest, bottommost, last
incubo, incubare, incubui, incubitus: lie in or on; sit upon; brood over; keep a jealous watch
incutio, incutere, incussi, incussus: strike on or against; instill
intento, intentare, intentavi, intentatus: point; point in a threatening manner, threaten
intono, intonare, intonui, intonitus: thunder
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctus: ioin, unite; bring together, clasp; connect, yoke, harness
labor, laboris M: labor/toil/exertion/effort/work; task/undertaking; production; childbirth
mico, micare, micui, -: vibrate, quiver, twinkle; tremble, throb; beat; dart, flash, glitter
mulceo, mulcere, mulsi, mulsus: stroke, touch lightly, fondle, soothe, appease, charm, flatter, delight
nimbus, nimbi M: rainstorm, cloud
nubes, nubis F: cloud/mist/haze/dust/smoke; sky/air; billowy formation; swarm/multitude
nymphe, nymphes F: nymph; water; bride; young maiden
obruo, obruere, obrui, obrutus: cover up, hide, bury; overwhelm, ruin; crush
oculus, oculi M: eye
omne, omnis N: all things; everything; a/the whole, entity, unit
opto, optare, optavi, optatus: choose, select; wish, wish for, desire
perflo, perflare, perflavi, perflatus: blow through or over
polus, poli M: pole, end of an axis; heaven, sky, celestial vault
pontus, ponti M: sea
procella, procellae F: storm, gale; tumult, commotion
proles, prolis F: offspring, descendant; that springs by birth/descent; generation; race, breed
proprius, propria, proprium: own, very own; individual; special, particular, characteristic
pulcher, pulchra -um, pulchrior -or -us, pulcherrimus -a -um: pretty; beautiful; handsome; noble, illustrious
puppis, puppis F: stern/aft; poop; ship; back
regina, reginae F: queen
rex, regis M: king
rudens, rudentis M: rope
ruo, ruere, rui, rutus: destroy, ruin, overthrow; rush on, run; fall; charge; be ruined
sceptrum, sceptri N: scepter
sedes, sedis F: seat; home, residence; settlement, habitation; chair
septem: 7
stabilis, stabilis, stabile: stable; steadfast
stridor, stridoris M: hissing, buzzing, rattling, whistling; high-pitched sound
submergo, submergere, submersi, submersus: plunge under, submerge
talis, talis, tale: such; so great; so excellent; of such kind
turbo, turbinis M: that which whirls; whirlwind, tornado; spinning top; spiral, round, circle
vastus, vasta -um, vastior -or -us, vastissimus -a -um: huge, vast; monstrous
velut: just as, as if
ventus, venti M: wind
volvo, volvere, volvi, volutus: roll, cause to roll; travel in circle/circuit; bring around/about; revolve