Vocabulary List 14: Aeneid 1.91-131

abripio, abripere, abripui, abreptus: drag/snatch/carry/remove away by force; wash/blow away; abduct, kidnap
adpareo, adparere, adparui, adparitus: appear; be evident/visible/noticed/found; show up, occur; serve
agger, aggeris M: rampart; causeway, pier; heap/pile/mound; dam/dike; mud wall
aquilo, aquilonis M: north wind; NNE/NE wind; north; Boreas
beatus, beata -um, beatior -or -us, beatissimus -a -um: happy, fortunate, bringing happiness; rich, wealthy, copious, sumptuous
campus, campi M: plain; level field/surface; open space for battle/games; sea; scope; campus
caput, capitis N: head; person; life; leader; top; source/mouth; capital
commoveo, commovere, commovi, commotus: shake/stir up, agitate; displace, disturb, trouble/worry, upset; jolt; excite
compages, compagis F: action of binding together, fastening; bond, tie; joint; structure, framework
corpus, corporis N: body; person, self; virility; flesh; corpse; trunk; frame; collection/sum
cumulus, cumuli M: heap/pile/mound/aggregate/mass/accumulation; wave; surplus, increase
dehinc: hereafter, henceforth, from here/now on; afterwards; for/in the future, next
dehisco, dehiscere, dehivi, -: gape/yawn/split open; part/divide, develop/leave a gap/leak; be/become apart
dolus, doli M: trick, device, deceit, treachery, trickery, cunning, fraud
dorsum, dorsi N: back, range, ridge; slope of a hill
duplex, (gen.), duplicis: twofold, double; divided; two-faced
effundo, effundere, effudi, effusus: pour out/away/off; allow to drain; shower; volley; send/stream forth
excutio, excutere, excussi, excussus: shake out or off; cast out; search, examine
extemplo: immediately, forthwith
fatisco, fatiscere, -, -: gape, crack; crack open, part asunder; grow weak or exhausted, droop
ferio, ferire, -, -: hit, strike; strike a bargain; kill, slay
fidus, fida, fidum: faithful, loyal; trusting, confident
frigus, frigoris N: cold; cold weather, winter; frost
galea, galeae F: helmet
gaza, gazae F: treasure
grandaevus, grandaeva, grandaevum: of great age, old
graviter: violently; deeply; severely; reluctantly
gurges, gurgitis M: whirlpool; raging abyss; gulf, the sea; flood, stream
harena, harenae F: sand, grains of sand; sandy land or desert; seashore; arena, place of contest
ibidem: in that very place; at that very instant
Iliacus, -a, -um: Ilian, Trojan
Ilioneus, Ilionei: Ilioneus
imber, imbris M: rain, shower, storm; shower of liquid/snow/hail/missiles; water
imus, ima, imum: inmost, deepest, bottommost, last
ingemo, ingemere, ingemui, ingemitus: groan/moan/sigh; utter cry of pain/anguish; creak/groan
ingens, ingentis (gen.), ingentior -or -us, ingentissimus -a -um: not natural, immoderate; huge, vast, enormous; mighty; remarkable, momentous
inlido, inlidere, inlisi, inlisus: strike/beat/dash/push against/on; injure by crushing; drive
italus, itala, italum: of Italy, Italian
magister, magistri M: teacher, tutor, master, expert, chief; pilot of a ship; rabbi
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtus: mix, mingle; embroil; confound; stir up
miserabilis, miserabilis, miserabile: wretched, miserable, pitiable
no, nare, navi, -: swim, float
occumbo, occumbere, occumbui, occumbitus: meet with; meet one's death
oculus, oculi M: eye
oppeto, oppetere, oppetivi, oppetitus: meet, encounter; perish
palma, palmae F: palm/width of the hand; hand; palm tree/branch; date; palm award/first place
pendeo, pendere, pependi, -: hang, hang down; depend
placidus, placida, placidum: gentle, calm, mild, peaceful, placid
praeruptus, praerupta, praeruptum: steep
procella, procellae F: storm, gale; tumult, commotion
pronus, prona, pronum: leaning forward; prone
prora, prorae F: prow
prospicio, prospicere, prospexi, prospectus: foresee; see far off; watch for, provide for, look out for
puppis, puppis F: stern/aft; poop; ship; back
quater: four times; on four occasions; time and again
rarus, rara -um, rarior -or -us, rarissimus -a -um: thin, scattered; few, infrequent; rare; in small groups; loose knit
refundo, refundere, refudi, refusus: pour back
rima, rimae F: crack, narrow cleft; chink, fissure
ruina, ruinae F: fall; catastrophe; collapse, destruction
saxum, saxi N: stone
stagno, stagnare, stagnavi, stagnatus: form/lie in pools; be under water
strido, stridere, stridi, -: creak, squeak, grate, shriek, whistle; hiss; gnash
syrtis, syrtis F: sandbank, quicksand
tabula, tabulae F: writing tablet; records; document, deed, will; list
torqueo, torquere, torsi, tortus: turn, twist; hurl; torture; torment; bend, distort; spin, whirl; wind
unda, undae F: wave
urgeo, urgere, ursi, -: press/squeeze/bear hard/down; tread/traverse continually; push/shove/thrust
validus, valida, validum: strong, powerful; valid
veho, vehere, vexi, vectus: bear, carry, convey; pass, ride, sail
vertex, verticis M: whirlpool, eddy, vortex; crown of the head; peak, top, summit; the pole
voro, vorare, voravi, voratus: swallow, devour
vortex, vorticis M: whirlpool, eddy, vortex; crown of the head; peak, top, summit; the pole