Vocabulary List 16: Aeneid 1.180-222

abeo, abire, abivi(ii), abitus: depart, go away; go off, go forth; pass away, die, disappear; be changed
absisto, absistere, absistiti, -: withdraw from; desist, cease; leave off; depart, go away from; stand back
accingo, accingere, accinxi, accinctus: gird on or about, surround; equip, provide; get ready, prepare
aenus, aena, aenum: copper, of copper; bronze, made of bronze, bronze-colored; brazen
aequo, aequare, aequavi, aequatus: level, make even/straight; equal; compare; reach as high or deep as
arboreus, arborea, arboreum: tree-, of tree; resembling a tree, branching; wooden
arcus, arcus M: bow, arc, coil, arch; rainbow; anything arched or curved
armentum, armenti N: herd; a head of cattle, individual bull/horse; cattle/horses
biremis, biremis, bireme: two-oared; having two oars to each bench/banks of oars; having two oars
cadus, cadi M: jar, large jar for wine/oil/liquids; urn, funeral urn; money jar
celer, celeris -e, celerior -or -us, celerrimus -a -um: swift, quick, agile, rapid, speedy, fast; rash, hasty, hurried; lively; early
cervos, cervi M: stag/deer; forked branches; chevaux-de-frise
cestos, cesti M: band supporting breasts; girdle/belt/girth/strap
cornu, cornus N: horn; hoof; beak/tusk/claw; bow; horn/trumpet; end, wing of army; mountain top
costa, costae F: rib; side/flank/back; rib with meat; ribs/frame of ship; sides of pot
crudelis, crudele, crudelior -or -us, crudelissimus -a -um: cruel/hardhearted/unmerciful/severe, bloodthirsty/savage/inhuman; harsh/bitter
cura, curae F: concern, worry, anxiety, trouble; attention, care, pains, zeal; cure, treatment
daps, dapis F: sacrificial feast/meal; feast, banquet; food composing it; food/meal of animals
deripio, deripere, deripui, dereptus: seize/grab/snatch/take away; tear/pull off/down; remove
discrimen, discriminis N: crisis, separating line, division; distinction, difference
ductor, ductoris M: leader, commander
duro, durare, duravi, duratus: harden, make hard; become hard/stern; bear, last, remain, continue; endure
epula, epulae F: courses, food, dishes of food; dinner; banquet; feast for the eyes
eximo, eximere, exemi, exemptus: remove/extract, take/lift out/off/away; banish, get rid of; free/save/release
experior, experiri, expertus sum: test, put to the test; find out; attempt, try; prove, experience
ferina, ferinae F: game, flesh of wild animals
figo, figere, fixi, fixus: fasten, fix; pierce, transfix; establish
forsan: perhaps
frondeus, frondea, frondeum: leafy
frustum, frusti N: crumb, morsel, scrap of food
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusus: pour, cast; scatter, shed, rout
futurus, futura, futurum: about to be; future
gemo, gemere, gemui, gemitus: moan, groan; lament; grieve that; give out a hollow sound
herba, herbae F: herb, grass
heros, herois M: hero; demigod
humus, humi F: ground, soil, earth, land, country
ignarus, ignara, ignarum: ignorant; unaware, having no experience of; senseless; strange
illic: in that place, there, over there
impleo, implere, implevi, impletus: fill up; satisfy, fulfill; fill, finish, complete; spend
iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutus: help, assist, aid, support, serve, further; please, delight, gratify
loco, locare, locavi, locatus: place, put, station; arrange; contract; farm out on contract
maereo, maerere, -, -: grieve, be sad, mourn; bewail/mourn for/lament; utter mournfully
maestus, maesta -um, maestior -or -us, maestissimus -a -um: sad/unhappy; mournful/gloomy; mourning; stern/grim; ill-omened/inauspicious
malus, mala -um, peior -or -us, -: bad, evil, wicked; ugly; unlucky
memini, meminisse, -: remember; keep in mind, pay heed to; be sure; recall
mensa, mensae F: table; course, meal; banker's counter
onero, onerare, oneravi, oneratus: load, burden; oppress
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentus: show; reveal; make clear, point out, display, exhibit
partior, partiri, partitus sum: share, divide up, distribute
pasco, pascere, pavi, pastus: feed, feed on; graze
penitus: inside; deep within; thoroughly
pinguis, pingue, pinguior -or -us, pinguissimus -a -um: fat; rich, fertile; thick; dull, stupid
pius, pia -um, -, piissimus -a -um: conscientious; upright; faithful; patriotic/dutiful, respectful; righteous/good
praecipue: especially; chiefly
prior, prior, prius: ahead, in front, leading; previous, earlier, preceding, prior; former; basic
prospectus, prospectus M: view, sight
rabies, rabiei F: madness
requiro, requirere, requisivi, requisitus: require, seek, ask for; need; miss, pine for
resurgo, resurgere, resurrexi, resurrectus: rise/appear again; rare up again, lift oneself, be restored/rebuilt, revive
revoco, revocare, revocavi, revocatus: call back, recall; revive; regain
seco, secare, secui, sectus: cut, sever; decide; divide in two/halve/split; slice/chop/cut up/carve; detach
sedes, sedis F: seat; home, residence; settlement, habitation; chair
simulo, simulare, simulavi, simulatus: imitate, copy; pretend; look like; simulate; counterfeit; feint
sono, sonare, sonavi, sonatus: make a noise/sound; speak/utter, emit sound; be spoken of; express/denote
sterno, sternere, stravi, stratus: spread, strew, scatter; lay out
tendo, tendere, tetendi, tentus: stretch/spread/extend; distend; aim/direct weapon/glance/steps/course; strive
tergus, tergoris N: back; skin, hide, leather
tremo, tremere, tremui, -: tremble, shake, shudder at
turba, turbae F: commotion, uproar, turmoil, tumult, disturbance; crowd, mob, multitude
varius, varia, varium: different; various, diverse; changing; colored; party colored, variegated
ver, veris N: spring; spring-time of life, youth
victor, victoris M: conqueror; victor
victus, victus M: living, way of life; that which sustains life; nourishment; provisions; diet
vinum, vini N: wine
viscus, visceris N: soft fleshy body parts, internal organs; entrails, flesh; offspring
voltus, voltus M: face, expression; looks