Vocabulary List 17: Aeneid 1.418-440, 494-519

adspecto, adspectare, adspectavi, adspectatus: look/gaze at/upon; observe, watch; pay heed; face/look towards
adultus, adulta -um, adultior -or -us, adultissimus -a -um: grown, mature, ripe; adult; at peak/height/full strength
adversa, adversae F: enemy/adversary/opponent
aestas, aestatis F: summer; summer heat/weather; a year
alii: some... others
amicio, amicire, amixi, amictus: clothe, cover, dress; wrap about; surround; veil; clothe with words
apis, apis F: bee; swarm regarded as a portent; Apis, sacred bull worshiped in Egypt
aveho, avehere, avexi, avectus: carry away, carry; ride away/off, sail away, go away, depart
avidus, avida -um, avidior -or -us, avidissimus -a -um: greedy, eager, ardent, desirous of; avaricious, insatiable; lustful, passionate
caterva, catervae F: crowd/cluster; troop, company, band of men/followers/actors; flock/herd/swarm
cavus, cava, cavum: hollow, excavated, hollowed out; concave; enveloping; porous
cella, cellae F: storeroom, cellar, larder; temple chamber, sanctuary; room, garret; pen
cerno, cernere, crevi, cretus: sift, separate, distinguish, discern, resolve, determine; see; examine; decide
chorus, chori M: chorus; choral passage in a play; dancing/singing performance/ers; school
collis, collis M: hill, hillock, eminence, hill-top; mound; high ground; mountains
columna, columnae F: column/pillar, post/prop; portico
concludo, concludere, conclusi, conclusus: shut up, confine; contain, limit; close; include; conceal, keep secret
decus, decoris N: glory/splendor; honor/distinction; deeds; dignity/virtue; decorum; grace/beauty
dispello, dispellere, dispuli, dispulsus: drive apart or away; disperse
dissimulo, dissimulare, dissimulavi, dissimulatus: conceal, dissemble, disguise, hide; ignore
distendo, distendere, distendi, distentus: stretch; spread out; distend; extend; rack; detract, perplex
divus, diva -um, -, divissimus -a -um: divine; blessed, saint
effodio, effodere, effodi, effossus: dig out, excavate; gouge out
fastigium, fastigi(i) N: peak, summit, top; slope, declivity, descent; gable, roof; sharp point, tip
fetus, fetus M: offspring/young; children; brood/litter
floreus, florea, floreum: flowery
foris, foris F: door, gate; a folding door; double door; entrance
fortuno, fortunare, fortunavi, fortunatus: make happy, bless, prosper
fragro, fragrare, fragravi, fragratus: smell strongly
fucus, fuci M: dye; rouge; bee-glue, propolis; presence/disguise/sham; seaweed
fundamentum, fundamenti N: foundation; beginning; basis
gaudium, gaudi(i) N: joy, delight, gladness; source/cause of joy; physical/sensual delight
glomero, glomerare, glomeravi, glomeratus: collect, amass, assemble; form into a ball
gradior, gradi, gressus sum: walk, step, take steps, go, advance
haereo, haerere, haesi, haesus: stick, adhere, cling to; hesitate; be in difficulties
ignavus, ignava -um, ignavior -or -us, ignavissimus -a -um: lazy/idle/sluggish; spiritless; cowardly, faint-hearted; ignoble, mean; useless
iuvenis, iuvenis, iuvene: youthful, young
lectus, lecti: chosen/picked/selected men
linquo, linquere, liqui, lictus: leave, quit, forsake; abandon, desist from; allow to remain in place; bequeath
liqueo, liquere, liqui, -: be in molten/liquid state; be clear to a person; be evident
magalium, magalii: hut, cottage
mel, mellis N: honey; sweetness; pleasant thing; darling/honey
mille, millis N: thousand; thousands; miles
mirabilis, mirabilis, mirabile: wonderful, marvelous, astonishing, extraordinary; remarkable; admirable
miro, mirare, miravi, miratus: be amazed/surprised/bewildered; look in wonder/awe/admiration at
monstro, monstrare, monstravi, monstratus: show; point out, reveal; advise, teach
murus, muri M: wall, city wall
nebula, nebulae F: mist, fog; cloud; thin film, veneer; obscurity
nectar, nectaris N: nectar, the drink of the gods; anything sweet, pleasant or delicious
obstipesco, obstipescere, obstipui, -: be amazed
obtutus, obtutus M: gaze; contemplation
oreas, oreadis: mountain nymph
pecus, pecoris N: cattle, herd, flock
percello, percellere, perculi, perculsus: strike down; strike; overpower; dismay, demoralize, upset
pertempto, pertemptare, pertemptavi, pertemptatus: test, try out; explore thoroughly; agitate thoroughly
pharetra, pharetrae F: quiver
praesepe, praesepis N: crib; manger; stall; brothel; haunt; lodging; home turf
pulcher, pulchra -um, pulchrior -or -us, pulcherrimus -a -um: pretty; beautiful; handsome; noble, illustrious
qualis, qualis, quale: what kind/sort/condition; what is like; what/how excellent a...
quondam: formerly, once, at one time; some day, hereafter
redoleo, redolere, redolui, -: emit a scent, be odorous
resideo, residere, resedi, resessus: sit down/on/in; settle; be perched; remain seated/idle/fixed/in place; squat
rus, ruris N: country, farm
saepio, saepire, saepsi, saeptus: surround/envelop/enfold/encircle; clothe/cover/protect; close/seal off; shut in
sancio, sancire, sanxi, sanctus: confirm, ratify; sanction; fulfill; enact; ordain; dedicate
semita, semitae F: path
solium, soli(i) N: throne, seat
speculor, speculari, speculatus sum: watch, observe; spy out; examine, explore
stipo, stipare, stipavi, stipatus: crowd, press together, compress, surround closely
stratum, strati N: coverlet; bed, couch; horse-blanket
strepitus, strepitus M: noise, racket; sound; din, crash, uproar
stupeo, stupere, stupui, -: be astounded
subnixus, subnixa, subnixum: relying on; elated by
subvolvo, subvolvere, -, -: roll uphill
sulcus, sulci M: furrow; rut; trail of a meteor, track, wake; female external genitalia
superemineo, supereminere, -, -: overtop, stand out above the level of
surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectus: rise, lift; grow
tacitus, tacita, tacitum: silent, secret
tectum, tecti N: roof; ceiling; house
templum, templi N: temple, church; shrine; holy place
theatrum, theatri N: theater
thymum, thymi N: thyme
traho, trahere, traxi, tractus: draw, drag, haul; derive, get
turbo, turbare, turbavi, turbatus: disturb, agitate, throw into confusion
turbo, turbonis M: that which whirls; whirlwind, tornado; spinning top; spiral, round, circle
umerus, umeri M: upper arm, shoulder
venia, veniae F: favor, kindness; pardon; permission; indulgence