Vocabulary List 18: Aeneid 1.520-578

absumo, absumere, absumpsi, absumptus: spend, waste, squander, use up; take up; consume; exhaust, wear out
adeo: to such a degree/pass/point; precisely, exactly; thus far; indeed, truly, even
adhuc: thus far, till now, to this point; hitherto; yet, as yet; still; besides
adno, adnare, adnavi, adnatus: swim to/towards, approach by swimming; sail to/towards; brought by sea
adsurgo, adsurgere, adsurrexi, adsurrectus: rise/stand up, rise to one's feet/from bed; climb, lift oneself; grow; soar
adveho, advehere, advexi, advectus: carry, bring, convey
aetherius, aetheria, aetherium: ethereal, heavenly, divine, celestial; of the upper atmosphere; aloft; lofty
apto, aptare, aptavi, aptatus: adapt, fit, apply, adjust, accommodate; put on, fasten; prepare, furnish
arvus, arva, arvum: arable; cultivated, plowed
aspicio, aspicere, aspexi, aspectus: look/gaze on/at, see, observe, behold, regard; face; consider, contemplate
breviter, brevitius, brevitissime: shortly, briefly, in a nut shell; quickly; for/within a short distance/time
caecus, caeca -um, caecior -or -us, caecissimus -a -um: blind; unseeing; dark, gloomy, hidden, secret; aimless, confused, random; rash
certo, certare, certavi, certatus: vie, contest, contend/struggle, dispute; fight, strive
cio, cire, civi(ii), citus: move, set in motion; excite/rouse/stir up; urge on; summon/muster/call up
cognomen, cognominis N: surname, family/3rd name; name
compello, compellere, compuli, compulsus: drive together, round up; force, compel, impel, drive; squeeze; gnash
coram: in person, face-to-face; in one's presence, before one's eyes; publicly/openly
custos, custodis: guard; sentry/watch; guardian/protector/keeper; doorkeeper/watchman/janitor
eiicio, eiicere, eieci, eiectus: cast/throw/fling/drive out/up, extract, expel, discharge, vomit; out
equidem: truly, indeed; for my part
fretus, freta, fretum: relying on, trusting to, supported by
gesto, gestare, gestavi, gestatus: bear, carry; wear
glaeba, glaebae F: clod/lump of earth/turf; land, soil; hard soil; piece, lump, mass
hesperius, hesperia, hesperium: western
humanus, humana -um, humanior -or -us, humanissimus -a -um: human; kind; humane, civilized, refined
infandus, infanda, infandum: unspeakable, unutterable; abominable, monstrous
introgredior, introgredi, introgressus sum: enter; go in; step in
invius, invia, invium: impassable; inaccessible
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctus: join, unite; bring together, clasp; connect, yoke, harness
lustro, lustrare, lustravi, lustratus: purify cermonially, cleanse by sacrifice, expiate
miser, misera -um, miserior -or -us, miserrimus -a -um: poor, miserable, wretched, unfortunate, unhappy, distressing
mortalis, mortalis, mortale: mortal, transient; human, of human origin
nefandus, nefanda, nefandum: impious, wicked; abominable
nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitus: not know; be ignorant/unfamiliar/unaware/unacquainted/unable/unwilling
nimbosus, nimbosa, nimbosum: full of/surrounded by rain clouds
obtundo, obtundere, obtudi, obtusus: strike, beat, batter; make blunt; deafen
occubo, occubare, occubui, occubitus: lie; lie dead
parito, paritare, paritavi, paritatus: make ready
permitto, permittere, permisi, permissus: let through; let go through; relinquish; permit, allow; entrust; hurl
poeniteo, poenitere, poenitui, -: displease; regret; repent, be sorry
populo, populare, populavi, populatus: ravage, devastate, lay waste; plunder; despoil, strip
procax, (gen.), procacis: pushing, impudent; undisciplined; frivolous
profor, profari, profatus sum: speak out
quasso, quassare, quassavi, quassatus: shake repeatedly; wave, flourish; batter; weaken
resto, restare, restiti, -: stand firm; stay behind; be left, be left over; remain
saltem: at least, anyhow, in all events; even, so much as
salum, sali N: open sea, high sea, main, deep, ocean; sea in motion, billow, waves
secludo, secludere, seclusi, seclusus: shut off
statuo, statuere, statui, statutus: set up, establish, set, place, build; decide, think
stringo, stringere, strinxi, strictus: draw tight; draw; graze; strip off
superbia, superbiae F: arrogance, pride, haughtiness
tam: so, so much; to such an extent/degree; nevertheless, all the same
temno, temnere, -, -: scorn, despise
trabs, trabis F: tree trunk; log, club, spear; beam, timber, rafter; ship, vessel; roof, house
uber, uberis N: breast/teat; udder, dugs/teats; rich soil; plenty/abundance
utinam: if only, would that
vescor, vesci, -: feed on, eat, enjoy