Vocabulary List 19: Aeneid 2.40-56, 2.201-266

alvus, alvi: belly/paunch/stomach; womb; bowel; bowel movement; hull; beehive; cavity
amplector, amplecti, amplexus sum: surround, encircle, embrace, clasp; esteem; cherish; surround, include, grasp
anguis, anguis: snake, serpent; dragon; Draco, Serpens, Hydra
arvum, arvi N: arable land/field, soil, region; country; dry land; stretch of plain
careo, carere, carui, caritus: be without/absent from/devoid of/free from; miss; abstain from, lack, lose
caverna, cavernae F: hollow/grotto/cavern/cave/crevice/hole; burrow/den; cavity; hold
cavo, cavare, cavavi, cavatus: hollow out, make concave/hollow; excavate; cut/pierce through; carve in relief
cervix, cervicis F: neck, nape; severed neck/head; cervix, neck
civis, civis: fellow citizen; countryman/woman; citizen, free person; a Roman citizen
clipeum, clipei N: round/embossed shield; disk of sun; vault of sky; meteorite
collum, colli N: neck; throat; head and neck; severed head; upper stem; mountain ridge
comito, comitare, comitavi, comitatus: accompany, go along with; attend; follow; grow alongside
complector, complecti, complexus sum: embrace, hug; welcome; encircle, encompass; attain; include, bring in, involve
conscius, conscia, conscium: conscious, aware of, knowing, privy; sharing knowledge; guilty
conticisco, conticiscere, conticui, -: cease to talk, fall silent, lapse into silence; cease to function, become idle
contorqueo, contorquere, contorsi, contortus: stir up/agitate, make rough; utter with vigor; turn about/sway
curvus, curva, curvum: curved/bent/arched; crooked; morally wrong; stooped/bowed; winding; w/many bend
cuspis, cuspidis F: point/tip, pointed end; spit/stake; blade; javelin/spear/lance; sting
decurro, decurrere, decucurri, decursus: run/hurry/rush/flow/slope down; hasten; travel downstream; come to land/end
delubrum, delubri N: shrine; temple; sanctuary
depascor, depasci, depastus sum: graze down; feed/pasture; devour/eat up; consume
diffugio, diffugere, diffugi, diffugitus: scatter, disperse, dispel; flee/run away in different/several directions
dirus, dira -um, dirior -or -us, dirissimus -a -um: awful/dire/dreadful; ominous/frightful/terrible/horrible; skillful
divello, divellere, divulsi, divulsus: alienate/estrange; compel to part company, force away; separate from
donum, doni N: gift, present; offering
draco, draconis M: dragon; snake
ecce: behold! see! look! there! here!
error, erroris M: wandering; error; winding, maze; uncertainty; deception
expendo, expendere, expendi, expensus: pay; pay out; weigh, judge; pay a penalty
exsanguis, exsanguis, exsangue: bloodless, pale, wan, feeble; frightened
fabricor, fabricari, fabricatus sum: build/construct/fashion/forge/shape; train; get ready; invent/devise
fatalis, fatalis, fatale: fated, destined; fatal, deadly
ferus, fera, ferum: wild, savage; uncivilized; untamed; fierce
festus, festa, festum: festive, joyous; holiday; feast day; merry; solemn
foedo, foedare, foedavi, foedatus: defile; pollute; soil, stain, make filthy/unclean; contaminate; corrupt
frons, frondis F: foliage, leaves, leafy branch, green bough, frond
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitus: flee, fly, run away; avoid, shun; go into exile
furtim: stealthily, secretly; imperceptibly
gaudeo, gaudere, gavisus sum: be glad, rejoice
hasta, hastae F: spear/lance/javelin; spear stuck in ground for public auction/centumviral court
horresco, horrescere, horrui, -: dread, become terrified; bristle up; begin to shake/tremble/shudder/shiver
immemor, (gen.), immemoris: forgetful; lacking memory; heedless
immensus, immensa, immensum: immeasurable, immense/vast/boundless/unending; infinitely great; innumerable
implico, implicare, implicui, implicitus: implicate; involve/engage/entangle/embroil; interweave/fold/twine w/itself
improvidus, improvida, improvidum: improvident; thoughtless; unwary
includo, includere, inclusi, inclusus: shut up/in, imprison, enclose; include
inclutus, incluta -um, inclutior -or -us, inclutissimus -a -um: celebrated, renowned, famous, illustrious, glorious
incumbo, incumbere, incumbui, incumbitus: lean forward/over/on, press on; attack, apply force; fall on
infelix, infelicis (gen.), infelicior -or -us, infelicissimus -a -um: unfortunate, unhappy, wretched; unlucky, inauspicious; unproductive
inlabor, inlabi, inlapsus sum: slide/glide/flow, move smoothly; fall/sink
innubo, innubere, innupsi, innuptus: marry
insania, insaniae F: insanity, madness; folly, mad extravagance
insono, insonare, insonui, insonitus: make a loud noise; sound; resound
inspicio, inspicere, inspexi, inspectus: examine, inspect; consider, look into/at, observe
instruo, instruere, instruxi, instructus: construct, build; prepare, draw up; fit out; instruct, teach
intendo, intendere, intendi, intentus: hold out; stretch, strain, exert
intorqueo, intorquere, intorsi, intortus: twist or turn round, sprain; hurl or launch a missile at
invado, invadere, invasi, invasus: enter, attempt; invade; take possession of; attack
involvo, involvere, involvi, involutus: wrap, cover, envelop; roll along
iuba, iubae F: mane of a horse; crest
iussus, iussus M: order, command, decree, ordinance
laevus, laeva, laevum: left, on the left hand; from the left; unpropitious, unfavorable, harmful
lambo, lambere, lambui, lambitus: lick; lap/lick/suck up, absorb; wash/bathe; surround; fondle/caress; fawn
lapsus, lapsus M: gliding, sliding; slipping and falling
latebra, latebrae F: hiding place, retreat, lair; subterfuge
laxo, laxare, laxavi, laxatus: loosen, slaken, relax, weaken; expand, open up, extend
lignum, ligni N: wood; firewood; trunk/stump/tree; timber; beam/post; wood; stave
ligo, ligare, ligavi, ligatus: bind, tie, fasten; unite
limen, liminis N: threshold, entrance; lintel; house
machina, machinae F: machine; siege engine; scheme
macto, mactare, mactavi, mactatus: magnify, honor; sacrifice; slaughter, destroy
mereor, mereri, meritus sum: earn; deserve/merit/have right; win/gain/incur; earn soldier/whore pay, serve
monstrum, monstri N: monster; portent, unnatural thing/event regarded as omen/sign/portent
mordeo, mordere, momordi, morsus: bite; sting; hurt, pain; vex; criticize, carp at; eat, consume; bite/cut into
mugitus, mugitus M: lowing, bellowing; roaring, rumble
natus, nati M: son; child; children
nodus, nodi M: knot; node
obicio, obicere, obieci, obiectus: throw before/to, cast; object, oppose; upbraid; throw in one's teeth; present
omne, omnis N: all things; everything; a/the whole, entity, unit
pando, pandere, pandi, passus: spread out
pariter: equally; together
patefacio, patefacere, patefeci, patefactus: reveal/uncover/disclose/expose; bring to light; make known/visible; dissect
pavor, pavoris M: fear, panic
perfundo, perfundere, perfudi, perfusus: pour over/through, wet, flood, bathe; overspread, coat, overlay; imbue
phalanx, phalangis F: phalanx, compact body of heavy infantry; battalion; men in battle formation
pineus, pinea, pineum: of the pine, covered in pines
polus, pola, polum: little; small; small amount/quantity of/little bit of
pone: behind
promo, promere, promsi, promptus: take/bring out/forth; bring into view; bring out/display on the stage
puella, puellae F: girl, child/daughter; maiden; young woman/wife; sweetheart; slavegirl
puer, pueri M: boy, lad, young man; servant; child
quisquis: whoever; every one who; whoever it be; everyone; each
recutio, recutere, recussi, recussus: strike so as to cause to vibrate
refero, referre, retuli, relatus: bring/carry back/again/home; move/draw/force back, withdraw; go back, return
regius, regia, regium: royal, of a king, regal
robur, roboris N: oak; tough core; resolve/purpose; B:tetanus
sacer, sacra, sacrum: sacred, holy, consecrated; accursed, horrible, detestable
sacerdos, sacerdotis: priest, priestess
sacro, sacrare, sacravi, sacratus: consecrate, make sacred, dedicate
sanguineus, sanguinea, sanguineum: bloody, bloodstained; blood-red
sanies, saniei F: ichorous/bloody matter/pus discharged from wound/ulcer; other such fluids
scando, scandere, scandi, scansus: climb; mount, ascend, get up, clamber
scelero, scelerare, sceleravi, sceleratus: defile
scelus, sceleris N: crime; calamity; wickedness, sin, evil deed
securis, securis F: ax, hatchet, chopper; blow; vine-dresser's blade
sepelio, sepelire, sepelivi, sepultus: bury/inter; submerge, overcome; suppress; ruin
serpens, serpentis: serpent, snake
sibilus, sibila, sibilum: hissing
silentium, silenti(i) N: silence
sinuo, sinuare, sinuavi, sinuatus: bend into a curve; bend; billow out
sisto, sistere, stiti, status: stop, check; cause to stand; set up
sollemnis, sollemne, sollemnior -or -us, sollemnissimus -a -um: solemn, ceremonial, sacred, in accordance w/religion/law; traditional/customary
somnus, somni M: sleep
sonitus, sonitus M: noise, loud sound
sono, sonere, sonui, sonitus: make a noise/sound; speak/utter, emit sound; be spoken of; express/denote
sopor, soporis M: deep sleep
spira, spirae F: coil
squameus, squamea, squameum: scaly
stuppeus, stuppea, stuppeum: of tow
subsisto, subsistere, substiti, -: halt, stand; cause to stop
sufficio, sufficere, suffeci, suffectus: be sufficient, suffice; stand up to; be capable/qualified; provide, appoint
taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitus: be silent; pass over in silence; leave unmentioned, be silent about something
taurus, tauri M: bull
tranquillus, tranquilla, tranquillum: quiet, calm
tremefacio, tremefacere, tremefeci, tremefactus: cause to tremble
tremendus, tremenda, tremendum: terrible, awe inspiring
uterum, uteri N: womb; belly, abdomen
velo, velare, velavi, velatus: veil, cover, cover up; enfold, wrap, envelop; hide, conceal; clothe in
venenum, veneni N: poison; drug
verus, vera -um, verior -or -us, verissimus -a -um: true, real, genuine, actual; properly named; well founded; right, fair, proper
vibro, vibrare, vibravi, vibratus: brandish, wave, crimp, corrugate; rock; propel suddenly; flash; dart; glitter
vigilo, vigilare, vigilavi, vigilatus: remain awake, be awake; watch; provide for, care for by watching, be vigilant
vitta, vittae F: band, ribbon; fillet
volumen, voluminis N: book, chapter, fold