Vocabulary List 20: Aeneid 2.267-316, 2.558-622

adytum, adyti N: innermost part of a temple, sanctuary, shrine; innermost recesses/chamber
aequaevus, aequaeva, aequaevum: of the same age; contemporary
almus, alma, almum: nourishing, kind, propitious; of a nurse/breast, providing nurture, fostering
ancisus, ancisa, ancisum: cut up, chopped up; cut around/away
appareo, apparere, apparui, apparitus: appear; be evident/visible/noticed/found; show up, occur; serve
arbor, arboris F: tree; tree trunk; mast; oar; ship; gallows; spearshaft; beam; squid?
asto, astare, astiti, -: stand at/on/by; assist; stand up/upright/waiting/still, stand on one's feet
avello, avellere, avulsi, avulsus: tear/pluck/wrench away/out/off; separate by force, part; take away, wrest
barba, barbae F: beard/ whiskers; large unkempt beard
biga, bigae F: two-horsed chariot; span/pair of horses; pair harnessed to an open car
boa, boae F: large Italian snake; water serpent; disease with pustules
caelicola, caelicolae: heaven dweller; deity, god/goddess; worshiper of heavens
caligo, caligare, caligavi, caligatus: be dark/gloomy/misty/cloudy; have bad vision; cloud; be blinded; be/make dizzy
cinis, cineris: ashes; embers, spent love/hate; ruin, destruction; the grave/dead, cremation
circumsto, circumstare, circumsteti, circumstatus: stand/gather/crowd around, surround, beset; be on either side
clamo, clamare, clamavi, clamatus: proclaim, declare; cry/shout out; shout/call name of; accompany with shouts
clangor, clangoris M: clang, noise; blare/blast; crying/clamor; barking/baying
claresco, clarescere, clarui, -: be illuminated; become bright/evident/clear; become loud or famous/notorious
comes, comitis: Count, Earl; official, magnate; occupant of any state office
concresco, concrescere, concrevi, concretus: thicken; condense/collect; set/curdle/congeal; clot/coagulate; solidify/freeze
coniunx, (gen.), coniugis: yoked together; paired; linked as a pair
crinis, crinis M: hair; lock of hair, tress, plait; plume; tail of a comet
cruentus, cruenta -um, cruentior -or -us, cruentissimus -a -um: bloody/bleeding/discharging blood; gory; blood red; polluted w/blood-guilt
culmen, culminis N: height/peak/top/summit/zenith; roof, gable, ridge-pole; head, chief; keystone
cur: why, wherefore; for what reason/purpose?; on account of which?; because
defetiscor, defetisci, defessus sum: become exhausted/suffer exhaustion, grow weary/faint/tired/weak; lose heart
denique: finally, in the end; and then; at worst; in short, to sum up; in fact, indeed
diripio, diripere, diripui, direptus: pull/tear apart/to pieces/away; tear asunder/to shreds; pull out/off; divert
diverto, divertere, diverti, diversus: separate; divert, turn away/in; digress; oppose; divorce/leave marriage
effulgeo, effulgere, effulsi, -: shine forth, glitter; be or become conspicuous
emoveo, emovere, emovi, emotus: move away, remove, dislodge
ensis, ensis M: sword
eruo, eruere, erui, erutus: pluck/dig/root up, overthrow, destroy; elicit
exardesco, exardescere, exarsi, exarsus: flare/blaze up; break out; glow; rage; be provoked, enraged; be exasperated
exhalo, exhalare, exhalavi, exhalatus: breathe out; evaporate; die
exorior, exoriri, exortus sum: come out, come forth; bring; appear; rise, begin, spring up; cheer up
expleo, explere, explevi, expletus: fill out; fill, fill up, complete, finish; satisfy, satiate
expromo, expromere, exprompsi, expromptus: bring/take out, put out; put to use, put in play; disclose, reveal
exuvia, exuviae F: things stripped off; spoils, booty; memento, something of another's
femineus, feminea, femineum: woman's; female, feminine; proper to/typical of a woman; effeminate, cowardly
fletus, fletus M: weeping, crying, tears; wailing; lamenting
fretum, freti N: sea; narrow sea, straits
furio, furiare, furiavi, furiatus: madden, enrage
haurio, haurire, hausi, haustus: draw up/out; drink, swallow, drain, exhaust
hebeto, hebetare, hebetavi, hebetatus: blunt, deaden, make dull/faint/dim/torpid/inactive, weaken
heu: oh! ah! alas!
horror, horroris M: shivering, dread, awe rigidity
imago, imaginis F: likeness, image, appearance; statue; idea; echo; ghost, phantom
incido, incidere, incidi, incisus: cut into, cut open; inscribe, engrave inscription; break off
inclemens, (gen.), inclementis: harsh
indomitus, indomita, indomitum: untamed; untamable, fierce
induo, induere, indui, indutus: put on, clothe, cover; dress oneself in
infestus, infesta -um, infestior -or -us, infestissimus -a -um: unsafe, dangerous; hostile; disturbed, molested, infested, unquiet
ingruo, ingruere, ingrui, -: advance threateningly; make an onslaught on; break in, come violently, force
inscius, inscia, inscium: not knowing, ignorant; unskilled
insido, insidere, insedi, insessus: sit/settle on; occupy/seize, hold; penetrate, sink in; merge into
insupo, insupare, insupavi, insupatus: throw in
invideo, invidere, invidi, invisus: envy, regard with envy/ill will; be jealous of; begrudge, refuse
largus, larga, largum: lavish; plentiful; bountiful
laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatus: recommend; praise, approve, extol; call upon, name; deliver eulogy on
luctus, luctus M: grief, sorrow, lamentation, mourning; cause of grief
manifestus, manifesta -um, manifestior -or -us, manifestissimus -a -um: detected, plainly guilty; flagrant, plain; caught in act/redhanded; undoubted
memorabilis, memorabilis, memorabile: memorable; remarkable
minister, ministri M: attendant, servant, waiter; agent, aide; accomplice
montanus, montana, montanum: mountainous
mora, morae F: delay, hindrance, obstacle; pause
muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatus: move, change, shift, alter, exchange, substitute; modify
nefas, undeclined N: sin, violation of divine law, impious act
nubs, nubis M: cloud/mist/haze/dust/smoke; sky/air; billowy formation; swarm/multitude
nusquam: nowhere; on no occasion
obduco, obducere, obduxi, obductus: lead or draw before; cover/lay over; overspread; wrinkle; screen
obtego, obtegere, obtexi, obtectus: cover over; conceal; protect
offero, offerre, obtuli, oblatus: offer; present; cause; bestow
passim: here and there; everywhere
pastor, pastoris M: shepherd, herdsman
patesco, patescere, patui, -: be opened/open/revealed; become clear/known; open; extend, spread
patrius, patria, patrium: father's, paternal; ancestral
penetralis, penetralis, penetrale: inner, innermost
pererro, pererrare, pererravi, pererratus: wander through, roam or ramble over
praecipito, praecipitare, praecipitavi, praecipitatus: throw headlong, cast down
praemetuo, praemetuere, -, -: fear beforehand
prehendo, prehendere, prehendi, prehensus: catch/capture; take hold of/possession of/in hand, arrest; occupy; seize/grasp
purus, pura -um, purior -or -us, purissimus -a -um: pure, clean, unsoiled; free from defilement/taboo/stain; blameless, innocent
quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitus: search for, seek, strive for; obtain; ask, inquire, demand
quatio, quatere, -, quassus: shake
quonam: to whatever place
rapto, raptare, raptavi, raptatus: drag violently off; ravage
refulgeo, refulgere, refulsi, -: flash back, reflect light; shine brightly; gleam, glitter, glisten
reluceo, relucere, reluxi, -: shine out
roseus, rosea, roseum: rose-colored, red; made of roses
salio, salire, salui, saltus: leap, jump; move suddenly/spasmodically, twitch
sat: enough, adequately; sufficiently; well enough, quite; fairly, pretty
satio, satiare, satiavi, satiatus: satisfy, sate; nourish
scilicet: one may know, certainly; of course
secor, seci, secutus sum: follow; escort/attend/accompany; aim at/reach after/strive for/make for/seek
secretus, secreta -um, secretior -or -us, secretissimus -a -um: separate, apart; private, secret; remote; hidden
seges, segetis F: grain field; crop
serenus, serena, serenum: clear, fair, bright; serene, tranquil; cheerful, glad
serpo, serpere, serpsi, serptus: crawl; move slowly on, glide; creep on
spissus, spissa, spissum: thick, dense, crowded
squaleo, squalere, squalui, -: be covered with a rough or scaly layer; be dirty
sudo, sudare, sudavi, sudatus: sweat, perspire
suscito, suscitare, suscitavi, suscitatus: encourage, stir up; awaken, rouse, kindle
torrens, torrentis M: torrent, rushing stream
traiicio, traiicere, traieci, traiectus: transfer; transport; pierce, transfix
triumphus, triumphi M: triumph, victory parade
tuba, tubae F: trumpet; hydraulic ram pipe
tumeo, tumere, -, -: swell, become inflated; be puffed up; be bombastic; be swollen with conceit
ultrix, (gen.), ultricis: avenging, vengeful
umidus, umida, umidum: damp, moist, dank, wet, humid
undo, undare, undavi, undatus: surge/flood/rise in waves; gush/well up; run, stream; billow; undulate; waver
vanus, vana, vanum: empty, vain; false, untrustworthy
vultus, vultus M: face, expression; looks