Vocabulary List 21: Aeneid 4.160-218

adquiro, adquirere, adquisivi, adquisitus: acquire besides/in addition, obtain, gain, win, get; add to stock; accrue
aether, aetheris M: upper air; ether; heaven, sky; sky; space surrounding a deity
aggero, aggerere, aggessi, aggestus: heap/cover up over, pile/build up, erect; accumulate; intensify, exaggerate
amarus, amara -um, amarior -or -us, amarissimus -a -um: bitter, brackish, pungent; harsh, shrill; sad, calamitous; ill-natured, caustic
ammoneo, ammonere, ammonui, ammonitus: admonish, remind, prompt; suggest, advise, raise; persuade, urge; warn, caution
amnis, amnis M: river, stream; current; water; the river Ocean
an: can it be that
aro, arare, aravi, aratus: plow, till, cultivate; produce by plowing, grow; furrow, wrinkle
attollo, attollere, -, -: raise/lift up/towards/to a higher position; erect, build; exalt; extol, exalt
coeo, coire, coivi(ii), coitus: fit together; have sexual intercourse; collect/gather; meet; rally
comes, comitis: comrade, companion, associate, partner; soldier/devotee/follower of another
comitatus, comitatus M: company of soldiers/mercenaries; war band; company/throng/crowd; rank and file
commisceo, commiscere, commiscui, commixtus: intermingle, mix together/up, combine; unite/join sexually
coniugium, coniugi(i) N: marriage/wedlock; husband/wife; couple; mating, pair; close connection
conubium, conubi(i) N: marriage/wedlock; right to marry; act/ceremony of marriage
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretus: come forth/to be; arise/spring; be born; become visible/great; grow
cruor, cruoris M: blood; vegetable/other juice
declino, declinare, declinavi, declinatus: deflect/divert/turnaside/swerve/change direction/deviate/dodge; digress/diverge
detorqueo, detorquere, detorsi, detortus: turn/twist/bend/pull away/aside; deflect; deviate; divert; sway
devenio, devenire, deveni, deventus: come to, arrive/turn up; go; reach; land; turn to; extend to
dido, didere, dididi, diditus: distribute, deal out, disseminate; spread, diffuse; spread abroad
diffundo, diffundere, diffundi, diffusus: diffuse; spread/pour out/widely; bottle/draw off; squander, distribute lavishly
dignor, dignari, dignatus sum: deem/consider/think worthy/becoming/deserving/fit; deign, condescend
epulor, epulari, epulatus sum: dine sumptuously, feast
excubia, excubiae F: watching; keeping of a watch/guard/vigil; the watch, soldiers on guard
exiguus, exigua, exiguum: small; meager; dreary; a little, a bit of; scanty, petty, short, poor
factum, facti N: fact, deed, act; achievement
femina, feminae F: woman; female
fictus, ficta, fictum: feigned, false; counterfeit
florens, florentis (gen.), florentior -or -us, florentissimus -a -um: blooming/in bloom, flowering; flowery, bright/shining; flourishing, prosperous
foedus, foeda -um, foedior -or -us, foedissimus -a -um: foul; filthy, unclean; disgusting, loathsome, ghastly, beastly; hideous, ugly
fulgeo, fulgere, fulsi, -: flash, shine; glow, gleam, glitter, shine forth, be bright
fulmen, fulminis N: lightning, flash; thunderbolt; crushing blow
furtivus, furtiva, furtivum: stolen; secret, furtive
grando, grandinis F: hail, hail-storm
honoro, honorare, honoravi, honoratus: respect, honor
inanis, inanis, inane: void, empty, hollow; vain; inane, foolish
inficio, inficere, infeci, infectus: corrupt, infect, imbue; poison; dye, stain, color, spoil
ingredior, ingredi, ingressus sum: advance, walk; enter, step/go into; undertake, begin
irrito, irritare, irritavi, irritatus: excite; exasperate, provoke, aggravate, annoy, irritate
letum, leti N: death; Death; manner of dying; P:destruction
libo, libare, libavi, libatus: nibble, sip; pour in offering/a libation; impair; graze, touch, skim
lumen, luminis N: light; lamp, torch; eye; life; day, daylight
luxus, luxus M: luxury, soft living; sumptuousness
madeo, madere, madui, -: be wet, be dripping/sodden
medito, meditare, meditavi, meditatus: consider/contemplate/ponder; meditate, think about; reflect on; devise/plan
mentum, menti N: chin; projecting edge
mitra, mitrae F: mitre; oriental headband/coif/turban/head-dress; rope/cable
mox: soon, next
multiplex, (gen.), multiplicis: having many twists/turns; having many layers/thicknesses, many deep; complex
nepos, nepotis: grandson/daughter; descendant; spendthrift, prodigal, playboy; secondary shoot
nequiquam: in vain
nubilum, nubili N: clouds, rain clouds
nubis, nubis M: cloud/mist/haze/dust/smoke; sky/air; billowy formation; swarm/multitude
nymphe, nymphes F: nymph; water; bride; young maiden
pecus, pecudis F: sheep; animal
perhibeo, perhibere, perhibui, perhibitus: present, give, bestow; regard, hold; name
pernix, (gen.), pernicis: persistent, preserving; nimble, brisk, active, agile, quick, swift, fleet
pingo, pingere, pinxi, pictus: paint, tint, color; adorn/decorate w/colored designs; paint/draw/depict/portray
pluma, plumae F: feather; plume
praetexo, praetexere, praetexui, praetextus: weave in front, fringe; cloak; pretend
pravus, prava, pravum: crooked; misshapen, deformed; perverse, vicious, corrupt; faulty; bad
pretium, preti(i) N: price/value/worth; reward/pay; money; prayer/request
pronuba, pronubae F: married woman who conducted the bride to the bridal chamber
protinus: straight on, forward; immediately; without pause; at once
quot, undeclined: how many; of what number; as many
raptum, rapti N: plunder; prey
repello, repellere, reppuli, repulsus: drive/push/thrust back/away; repel/rebuff/spurn; fend off; exclude/bar; refute
repleo, replere, replevi, repletus: fill again; complete, fill
semivir, semiviri M: half man
sertum, serti N: wreath; chains of flowers, garlands, festoons
solum, soli N: bottom, ground, floor; soil, land
subnecto, subnectere, subnexui, subnexus: bind under, add, subjoin, fasten up
subrigo, subrigere, subrexi, subrectus: rise, lift
subter: beneath, under; towards/at base
supinus, supina, supinum: lying face upwards, flat on one's back; turned palm upwards; flat; passive
tenax, tenacis (gen.), tenacior -or -us, tenacissimus -a -um: holding fast, clinging; tenacious; retentive; close-fisted/tight/niggardly
terrifico, terrificare, terrificavi, terrificatus: terrify
territo, territare, territavi, territatus: intimidate; keep on frightening
torus, tori M: swelling, protuberance; mussel, brawn; bed, couch, stuffed bolster, cushion
totidem, undeclined: as many; just so/as many; the equivalent number of, same
vigeo, vigere, -, -: be strong/vigorous; thrive, flourish, bloom/blossom; be active, be effective
vigil, (gen.), vigilis: awake, wakeful; watchful; alert, vigilant, paying attention