Vocabulary List 22: Aeneid 4.259-295

adfatus, adfatus M: address, speech, converse with; pronouncement, utterance
adimo, adimere, ademi, ademptus: withdraw, take away, carry off; castrate; deprive, steal, seize; annul; rescue
adsidue, assiduius, adsiduissime: continually, constantly, regularly
ala, alae F: wing; upper arm/foreleg/fin; armpit; squadron, flank, army's wing
alatus, alata, alatum: winged, having/furnished with wings
alterno, alternare, alternavi, alternatus: do by turns, vary; alternate, waver, ebb and flow; bear/crop in alternate years
ambio, ambire, ambivi, ambitus: go round, visit in rotation, inspect; solicit, canvass; circle, embrace
apex, apicis M: point, top, summit; cap, crown; conical priest cap; highest honor
arduus, ardua -um, arduior -or -us, arduissimus -a -um: steep, high, lofty, towering, tall; erect, rearing; uphill; arduous, difficult
aspectus, aspectus M: appearance, aspect, mien; act of looking; sight, vision; glance, view; horizon
attono, attonare, attonui, attonitus: strike with lightning, blast; drive crazy, distract
aureus, aurea, aureum: of gold, golden; gilded; gold bearing; gleaming like gold; beautiful, splendid
aurum, auri N: gold, gold money, riches
avis, avis F: bird; sign, omen, portent
avos, avi M: grandfather; forefather, ancestor
coma, comae F: hair, hair of head, mane of animal; wool, fleece; foliage, leaves; rays
continuo: immediately, forthwith, at once, without delay/intermission; continuously
cyllenius, cyllenia, cyllenium: born on mount Cyllene
discerno, discernere, discrevi, discretus: see, discern; distinguish, separate
evanesco, evanescere, evanui, -: vanish/disappear; pass/fade/die; lapse; become weak/void/forgotten
evoco, evocare, evocavi, evocatus: call forth; lure/entice out; summon, evoke
exordium, exordi(i) N: beginning; introduction, preface
facesso, facessere, facessi, facessitus: do; perpetrate; go away
faux, faucis F: pharynx, gullet/throat/neck/jaws/maw; narrow pass/shaft/strait; chasm
flamen, flaminis: gust/blast; gale; breath/exhalation; wind/breeze; note on woodwind
fulcio, fulcire, fulsi, fultus: prop up, support
fulvus, fulva, fulvum: tawny, reddish yellow; yellow
fundo, fundare, fundavi, fundatus: establish, found, begin; lay the bottom, lay a foundation; confirm
glacies, glaciei F: ice; ice fields
harenosus, harenosa, harenosum: sandy, containing sand
haud: not, not at all, by no means; not
heres, heredis: heir/heiress
horridus, horrida, horridum: wild, frightful, rough, bristly, standing on end, unkempt; grim; horrible
illuc: there, thither, to that place/point
infundo, infundere, infudi, infusus: pour in, pour on, pour out
iaspis, iaspidis F: jasper
iuxta: nearly; near, close to, near by, hard by, by the side of; just as, equally
laena, laenae F: woolen double cloak
mandatum, mandati N: order, command, commission; mandate; commandment
maternus, materna, maternum: maternal, motherly, of a mother
mollis, molle, mollior -or -us, mollissimus -a -um: soft; flexible/supple/loose/pliant; mild/tolerable; easy; calm
monitus, monitus M: warning, command; advice, counsel
murex, muricis M: purple fish, shellfish which gave Tyrian dye; purple dye; purple cloth
necto, nectere, nexui, nexus: tie, bind
nix, nivis F: snow
novo, novare, novavi, novatus: make new, renovate; renew, refresh, change
oblitus, oblita, oblitum: forgetful
obmutesco, obmutescere, obmutui, -: lose one's speech, become silent
ocis, oce, ocior -or -us, ocissimus -a -um: swift/rapid, at speed; arriving/appearing/occurring earlier/sooner
otium, oti(i) N: leisure; spare time; holiday; ease/rest/peace/quiet; tranquility/calm; lull
palleo, pallere, pallui, -: be/look pale; fade; become pale at
pinifer, pinifera, piniferum: covered with/bearing/carrying/producing pine/fir trees
piscosus, piscosa, piscosum: teeming with fish
planta, plantae F: cutting, heel, young shoot detached for propagation; seedling, young plant
potior, potior, potius: better/preferable/superior; more useful/effective; more important
proles, prolis F: offspring, descendant; that springs by birth/descent; generation; race, breed
pulso, pulsare, pulsavi, pulsatus: beat; pulsate
quando: when, at what time; at any time
regnator, regnatoris M: king, lord
resigno, resignare, resignavi, resignatus: unseal; open; resign
rigeo, rigere, -, -: be stiff or numb; stand on end; be solidified
rumpo, rumpere, rupi, ruptus: break; destroy
senex, senis (gen.), senior -or -us, -: aged, old
sive: or if; or
stello, stellare, -, stellatus: set/furnish/cover with stars/points of light
struo, struere, struxi, structus: build, construct
sublimis, sublime, sublimior -or -us, sublimissimus -a -um: high, lofty; eminent, exalted, elevated; raised on high; in high position
supo, supare, supavi, supatus: throw; pour; strew, scatter
talare, talaris N: winged sandals of Mercury; skirts/robes reaching to ankles
tango, tangere, tetigi, tactus: touch, strike; border on, influence; mention
tela, telae F: web; warp
tempto, temptare, temptavi, temptatus: test, try; urge; worry; bribe
tero, terere, trivi, tritus: rub, wear away, wear out; tread
trano, tranare, tranavi, tranatus: swim across
tristis, tristis, triste: sad, sorrowful; gloomy
turbidus, turbida, turbidum: wild/stormy; muddy/turbid; murky/foggy/clouded/opaque; gloomy, frowning
uxorius, uxoria, uxorium: of or belonging to a wife; of marriage; excessively fond of one's wife
virga, virgae F: twig, sprout, stalk; switch, rod; staff, wand; stripe/streak; scepter
visus, visus M: look, sight, appearance; vision