Vocabulary List 23: Aeneid 4.296-361

abscondeo, abscondere, abscondui, absconditus: hide, conceal, secrete, shelter; leave behind; bury, engulf, swallow up; keep
admoneo, admonere, admonui, admonitus: admonish, remind, prompt; suggest, advise, raise; persuade, urge; warn, caution
amo, amare, amavi, amatus: love, like; fall in love with; be fond of; have a tendency to
arva, arvae F: arable land, plowed field; soil, region; countryside; dry land; lowlands, plain
astrum, astri N: star, heavenly body, planet/sun/moon; the stars, constellation; sky, heaven
ausonia, ausoniae: an archaic name for the Italian peninsula
auspicium, auspici(i) N: divination; omen; beginning; auspices; right of doing auspices
bacchor, bacchari, bacchatus sum: celebrate rites of Bacchus; revel/rave/riot; run wild; be frenzied/raving mad
bene, melius, optime: well, very, quite, rightly, agreeably, cheaply, in good style; better; best
capesso, capessere, capessivi, capessitus: grasp, take, seize eagerly; undertake, manage; pursue w/zeal; carry out orders
commotus, commota -um, commotior -or -us, commotissimus -a -um: excited, nervous; frenzied/deranged; angry/annoyed; temperamental; tempestuous
desino, desinere, desivi, desitus: stop/end/finish, abandon/leave/break off, desist/cease; come to/at end/close
destruo, destruere, destruxi, destructus: demolish, pull/tear down; destroy, ruin; demolish/refute
detineo, detinere, detinui, detentus: detain, hold; hold off, keep away; hold prisoner; retain; occupy
dexter, dextera -um, dexterior -or -us, dextimus -a -um: right, on/to the right hand/side; skillful/dexterous/handy
elido, elidere, elisi, elisus: strike or dash out; expel; shatter; crush out; strangle; destroy
enumero, enumerare, enumeravi, enumeratus: count up, pay out; specify, enumerate
eundem: same, the same, the very same; also
excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptus: take out; remove; follow; receive; ward off, relieve
exuo, exuere, exui, exutus: pull off; undress, take off; strip, deprive of; lay aside, cast off
fandus, fanda, fandum: that may be spoken; proper, lawful
fingo, fingere, finxi, fictus: mold, form, shape; create, invent; produce; imagine; compose; devise, contrive
fraudo, fraudare, fraudavi, fraudatus: cheat/defraud/swindle; deprive deceitfully; baffle, make ineffectual; dishonor
hospes, (gen.), hospitis: of relation between host and guest; that hosts; that guests; foreign, alien
igneus, ignea, igneum: fiery, hot; ardent
immotus, immota, immotum: unmoved, unchanged; immovable; inflexible
infensus, infensa, infensum: hostile, bitterly hostile, enraged
inops, (gen.), inopis: weak, poor, needy, helpless; lacking, destitute, meager
invidia, invidiae F: hate/hatred/dislike; envy/jealousy/spite/ill will; use of words/acts to arouse
iste, ista, istud: that, that of yours, that which you refer to; such
lacrima, lacrimae F: tear; exuded gum/sap; bit of lead; quicksilver from ore; weeping; dirge
ludo, ludere, lusi, lusus: play, mock, tease, trick
mereo, merere, merui, meritus: earn; deserve/merit/have right; win/gain/incur; earn soldier/whore pay, serve
misero, miserare, miseravi, miseratus: pity, feel sorry for; view with compassion
moribundus, moribunda, moribundum: dying
morior, moriri, moritus sum: die; expire, pass/die/wither away/out; decay
nomas, nomados/is M: nomad, esp. a Numidian; nomads, certain wandering pastoral tribes
obnixus, obnixa, obnixum: resolute, determined; obstinate
odi, odisse, osus: hate, dislike; be disinclined/reluctant/adverse to
operio, operire, operui, opertus: cover; bury; overspread; shut/close; conceal; clothe, cover/hide the hea
orgium, orgi(i) N: secret rites, mysteries; orgies
parvulus, parvula, parvulum: very small, very young; unimportant; slight, petty
paucum, pauci N: only a small/an indefinite number of/few things, a few words/points
perfidus, perfida, perfidum: faithless, treacherous, false, deceitful
piget, pigere, -, pigitus est: it disgusts, irks, pains, chagrins, afflicts, grieves
praesentio, praesentire, praesensi, praesensus: feel or perceive beforehand; have a presentiment of
praetendo, praetendere, praetendi, praetentus: stretch out; spread before; extend in front; allege in excuse
prex, precis F: prayer, request
promereor, promereri, promeritus sum: deserve, merit; deserve well of; earn; gain
pudor, pudoris M: decency, shame; sense of honor; modesty; bashfulness
quando: when, since, because
querela, querelae F: complaint, grievance; illness; difference of opinion; lament; blame
recidivus, recidiva, recidivum: recurring
sacrum, sacri N: sacrifice; sacred vessel; religious rites
spiritus, spiritus M: breath, breathing, air, soul, life
stimulo, stimulare, stimulavi, stimulatus: urge forward with a goad, torment sting; incite, rouse to frenzy
suboles, subolis F: shoot, sucker; race; offspring; progeny
taeda, taedae F: pine torch
testor, testari, testatus sum: give as evidence; bear witness; make a will; swear; testify
thyia, thyiae F: citrus tree
trietericus, trieterica, trietericum: of 3 years, of alternate years; triennial
tyrannus, tyranni M: tyrant; despot; monarch, absolute ruler; king, prince
umeo, umere, -, -: be wet; be moist
undosus, undosa, undosum: abounding in waves, flowing water, etc
uterque, utraque, utrumque: both, each
valeo, valere, valui, valitus: be strong/powerful/influential/healthy; prevail