Vocabulary List 24: Aeneid 4.629-705

abluo, abluere, ablui, ablutus: wash away/off/out, blot out, purify, wash, cleanse; dispel; quench
abrumpo, abrumpere, abrupi, abruptus: break; break off; tear asunder; cut through, sever; remove, separate
adfor, adfari, adfatus sum: speak to, address; be spoked to/addressed, be decreed by fate
anilis, anilis, anile: old-womanish; of an old woman; inflicted by an old woman; old wives tale
artus, arta -um, artior -or -us, artissimus -a -um: close, firm, tight; thrifty; dense, narrow; strict; scarce, critical; brief
atrium, atri(i) N: atrium, reception hall in a Roman house; auction room; palace, house
aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatus: bear/carry/take/fetch/sweep/snatch away/off, remove, withdraw; steal, obtain
calor, caloris M: heat; warmth, glow; warm/hot/summer heat/weather; fever; passion, zeal; love
carina, carinae F: keel, bottom of ship, hull; boat, ship, vessel; voyage; half walnut shell
celebro, celebrare, celebravi, celebratus: celebrate/perform; frequent; honor/glorify; publicize/advertise; discuss/bandy
colos, coloris M: color; pigment; shade/tinge; complexion; outward appearance/show; excuse/pretex
concutio, concutere, concussi, concussus: shake/vibrate/agitate violently; wave, brandish; strike
conlabor, conlabi, conlapsus sum: collapse, fall down/in ruin; fall in swoon/exhaustion/death; slip/slink
croceus, crocea, croceum: yellow, golden; saffron-colored; of saffron/its oil, saffron-; scarlet
cubile, cubilis N: bed, couch, seat; marriage bed; lair, den, nest, pen, hive of bees; base, bed
cubitum, cubiti N: elbow; forearm; ulna; cubit; elbow bend/pipe
devolo, devolare, devolavi, devolatus: fly/swoop/drop down; hurry/rush/hasten/fly down/away
dilabor, dilabi, dilapsus sum: run/flow/slip away, spread; dissolve/melt away, disperse
efferus, effera, efferum: savage, cruel, barbarous
ergo: therefore; well, then, now
evado, evadere, evasi, evasus: evade, escape; avoid
exanimis, exanimis, exanime: dead; lifeless; breathless, terrified, dismayed
exsolvo, exsolvere, exsolvi, exsolutus: unfasten/undo/loose; open; thaw; let flow; solve
exterreo, exterrere, exterrui, exterritus: strike with terror, scare
felix, felicis (gen.), felicior -or -us, felicissimus -a -um: happy; blessed; fertile; favorable; lucky; successful, fruitful
flavus, flava, flavum: yellow, golden, gold colored; flaxen, blond; golden-haired
fluvialis, fluvialis, fluviale: river
fraus, fraudis F: fraud; trickery, deceit; imposition, offense, crime; delusion
furibundus, furibunda, furibundum: raging, mad, furious; inspired
gena, genae F: cheeks; eyes
gradus, gradus M: step; position
halitus, halitus M: breath, steam, vapor
imprimo, imprimere, impressi, impressus: impress, imprint; press upon; stamp
incubo, incubare, incubui, incubitus: lie in or on; sit upon; brood over; keep a jealous watch
ingemisco, ingemiscere, ingemui, ingemitus: groan/moan at/over; cry w/pain/anguish/sorrow; creak/groan
inrumpo, inrumpere, inrupi, inruptus: invade; break/burst/force/rush in/upon/into, penetrate; intrude on; interrupt
interfusus, interfusa, interfusum: poured/flowing/spread out between, suffused here and there
interior, interior, interius: inner, interior, middle; more remote; more intimate
inultus, inulta, inultum: unpunished, scot-free; acting with impunity; having no recompense, unavenged
lamentum, lamenti N: wailing, weeping, groans, laments
lympha, lymphae F: water; water-nymph
macula, maculae F: spot, stain, blemish; dishonor; mesh in a net
miseror, miserari, miseratus sum: pity, feel sorry for; view with compassion
nimius, nimia, nimium: excessive, too great
nutrix, nutricis F: nurse
obitus, obitus M: approaching; approach, visit; setting, death
omen, ominis N: omen, sign; token
pallidus, pallida, pallidum: pale, yellow-green
penna, pennae F: feather, wing
pereo, perire, perivi(ii), peritus: die, pass away; be ruined, be destroyed; go to waste
piaculum, piaculi N: expiatory offering or rite; sin; crime
plangor, plangoris M: outcry, shriek
praeclarus, praeclara, praeclarum: very clear; splendid; famous; bright, illustrious; noble, distinguished
pugnus, pugni M: fist
quia: because
recludo, recludere, reclusi, reclusus: open; open up, lay open, disclose, reveal
resolvo, resolvere, resolvi, resolutus: loosen, release, disperse, melt; relax; pay; enervate, pay back; break up
resono, resonare, resonavi, resonatus: resound
revolvo, revolvere, revolvi, revolutus: throw back, roll back
rite: duly, according to religious usage, with due observance; solemnly; well
rogus, rogi M: funeral pyre
roscidus, roscida, roscidum: dewy, wet w/dew; consisting of dew; wet, dripping w/moisture; resembling dew
semianimis, semianimis, semianime: half-alive
sicco, siccare, siccavi, siccatus: dry, drain; exhaust
spargo, spargere, sparsi, sparsus: scatter, strew, sprinkle; spot
stygius, stygia, stygium: Stygian, of river Styx; of fountain Styx
subitus, subita, subitum: sudden; rash, unexpected
trepidus, trepida, trepidum: nervous, jumpy, agitated; perilous, alarming, frightened; boiling, foaming
unguis, unguis M: nail, claw, talon
verbum, verbi N: word; proverb
vestis, vestis F: garment, clothing, blanket; clothes; robe