Vocabulary List 25: Aeneid 6.295-332, 6.384-425

adgredior, adgredi, adgressus sum: approach, advance; attack, assail; undertake, seize, attempt
admiror, admirari, admiratus sum: admire, respect; regard with wonder, wonder at; be surprised at, be astonished
aestuo, aestuare, aestuavi, aestuatus: boil, seethe, foam; billow roll in waves; be agitated/hot; burn; waver
agnosco, agnoscere, agnovi, agnitus: recognize, realize, discern; acknowledge, claim, admit to/responsibility
alveus, alvei M: cavity, hollow; tub; trough, bowl, tray; gameboard; beehive; canoe
apricus, aprica -um, apricior -or -us, apricissimus -a -um: sunny, having lots of sunshine; warmed by/exposed to/open to the sun, basking
autumnus, autumna, autumnum: of autumn, autumnal
caenum, caeni N: mud, mire, filth, slime, dirt, uncleanness; scum/filth
caeruleus, caerulea, caeruleum: blue, cerulean, dark; greenish-blue, azure; of river/sea deities; of sky/sea
canities, canitiei F: white/gray coloring/deposit; gray/white hair, grayness of hair; old age
carinus, carina, carinum: nut-brown
caro, carere, -, -: card/comb
caros, cari M: variety/seed of plant hypericum; heavy sleep, stupor, sleep of death
castus, casta -um, castior -or -us, castissimus -a -um: pure, moral; chaste, virtuous, pious; sacred; spotless; free from/untouched by
celo, celare, celavi, celatus: conceal, hide, keep secret; disguise; keep in dark/in ignorance; shield
coluber, colubri M: snake; serpent
comprimo, comprimere, compressi, compressus: press/squeeze together, fold, crush; hem/shut/keep/hold in; copulate
contus, conti M: long pole esp. used on ship); lance, pike
crudus, cruda -um, crudior -or -us, crudissimus -a -um: raw; bloody/bleeding; crude, cruel, rough, merciless; fierce/savage; grievous
cumba, cumbae F: skiff, small boat
defungor, defungi, defunctus sum: have done with, finish, bring/come to end, be quit/done/rid of; discharge
dependo, dependere, dependi, depensus: pay over/down; pay; expend; spend, lay out; bestow
deus: god; God
domina, dominae F: mistress of a family, wife; lady, lady-love; owner
eructo, eructare, eructavi, eructatus: bring up noisily; discharge violently
exopto, exoptare, exoptavi, exoptatus: long for
expono, exponere, exposui, expositus: set/put forth/out; abandon, expose; publish; explain, relate; disembark
extendo, extendere, extendi, extentus: stretch/thrust out; make taut; extend/prolong/continue; enlarge/increase
ferrugineus, ferruginea, ferrugineum: of the color of iron-rust, somber
fluentus, fluenta, fluentum: flowing
fluvius, fluvi(i) M: river, stream; running water
forus, fori M: gangway in a ship; row of benches erected for games/circus; cell of bees
frigidus, frigida -um, frigidior -or -us, frigidissimus -a -um: cold, cool, chilly, frigid; lifeless, indifferent, dull
genero, generare, generavi, generatus: beget, father, produce, procreate; spring/descend from
gigno, gignere, genui, genitus: give birth to, bring forth, bear; beget; be born
glaucus, glauca, glaucum: bluish gray
guttur, gutturis: throat, neck; gullet; swollen throat, goiter
increpo, increpare, increpui, increpitus: rebuke, chide, reprove; protest at/indignantly, complain loudly/scornfully
incultus, inculta -um, incultior -or -us, incultissimus -a -um: uncultivated, overgrown; unkempt; rough, uncouth; uncourted
informis, informis, informe: formless, shapeless; deformed; ugly, hideous
inhumatus, inhumata, inhumatum: unburied
inremeabilis, inremeabilis, inremeabile: along or across which one cannot return
invictus, invicta, invictum: unconquered; unconquerable, invincible
istinc: from there, thence; from where you are; on the other side; from here
ianitor, ianitoris M: doorkeeper, porter; janitor
iuvenis, iuvenis: youth, young man/woman
laeto, laetare, laetavi, laetatus: gladden, cheer; be glad/joyful, rejoice
latro, latrare, latravi, latratus: bark, bark at
limus, lima, limum: oblique, transverse; sidelong, sideways; askew, aslant; askance
lividus, livida, lividum: livid, slate-colored; discolored by bruises; envious, spiteful
longaevus, longaeva, longaevum: aged; of great age, ancient
magnanimus, magnanima, magnanimum: brave, bold, noble in spirit; generous
mater, matris F: mother, foster mother; lady, matron; origin, source, motherland, mother city
medico, medicare, medicavi, medicatus: heal, cure; medicate; dye
navita, navitae M: sailor, seaman, mariner
obruo, obruere, obrui, obrutus: cover up, hide, bury; overwhelm, ruin; crush
offa, offae F: lump of food, cake
olle, olla, ollud: that; that person/thing; the well known; the former; those
ossum, ossi N: bone; kernel; heartwood; stone
palus, paludis F: swamp, marsh
patruus, patrui M: father's brother; paternal uncle
persono, personare, personui, personitus: make loud/continuous/pervasive noise/loud music; ring/resound; chant/shout out
plus, pluris N: more, too much, more than enough; more than; higher price/value
pondus, ponderis N: weight, burden, impediment
portitor, portitoris M: ferry man
propinquo, propinquare, propinquavi, propinquatus: bring near; draw near
rabidus, rabida, rabidum: mad, raging, frenzied, wild
ramus, rami M: branch, bough
raucus, rauca, raucum: hoarse; husky; raucous
recubo, recubare, recubui, recubitus: lie down/back, recline, lie on the back
resido, residere, residi, -: sit down; settle; abate; subside, quieten down
reviso, revisere, -, -: revisit, go back and see
rimosus, rimosa, rimosum: full of cracks or fissures
senectus, senectutis F: old age; extreme age; senility; old men; gray hairs; shed snake skin
soporo, soporare, soporavi, soporatus: rend to sleep, render unconscious, stupefy
soporus, sopora, soporum: that induces sleep
sordidus, sordida -um, sordidior -or -us, sordidissimus -a -um: dirty, unclean, foul, filthy; vulgar, sordid; low, base, mean, paltry; vile
squalor, squaloris M: squalor, filth
stagnum, stagni N: alloy of sliver and lead; tin
subigo, subigere, subegi, subactus: conquer, subjugate; compel
subvecto, subvectare, subvectavi, subvectatus: convey upwards
summoveo, summovere, summovi, summotus: remove; drive off, dislodge; expel; ward off; keep at a distance; bar/debar
sutilis, sutilis, sutile: made by sewing, consisting of things stitched together
terribilis, terribilis, terribile: frightful, terrible
thalamus, thalami M: bedroom; marriage
transmitto, transmittere, transmisi, transmissus: send across; go across; transmit
trifaucis, trifaucis, trifauce: having three throats
ulva, ulvae F: sedge; various grass/rush-like aquatic plants
vasto, vastare, vastavi, vastatus: lay waste, ravage, devastate
vates, vatis M: prophet/seer, mouthpiece of deity; oracle, soothsayer; poet
vecto, vectare, vectavi, vectatus: transport, carry; ride, be conveyed, travel
venerabilis, venerabilis, venerabile: venerable, august
ventosus, ventosa, ventosum: windy; swift; fickle, changeable; vain, puffed up
vestigium, vestigi(i) N: step, track; trace; footstep
virgo, virginis F: maiden, young woman, girl of marriageable age; virgin, woman sexually intact
viridis, viridis, viride: fresh, green; blooming,youthful
volito, volitare, volitavi, volitatus: fly about, hover over
vorago, voraginis F: deep hole, chasm, watery hollow