Vocabulary List 26: Aeneid 6.450-476, 6.847-853, 6.854-899

accumulo, accumulare, accumulavi, accumulatus: accumulate, heap/pile up/soil; add by exaggeration; add, increase, enhance
acerbus, acerba -um, acerbior -or -us, acerbissimus -a -um: harsh, strident, bitter, sour; unripe, green, unfinished; grievous; gloomy
adloquor, adloqui, adlocutus sum: speak to; address, harangue, make a speech; call on; console
adsuesco, adsuescere, adsuevi, adsuetus: accustom, become/grow accustomed to/used to/intimate with; make familiar
aeripes, (gen.), aeripedis: brazen-footed; having/with feet of bronze
albus, alba -um, albior -or -us, albissimus -a -um: white, pale, fair, hoary, gray; bright, clear; favorable, auspicious, fortunate
alumnus, alumna, alumnum: nourished, brought up; reared/fostered by; native, brought up locally
ancus, anci M: group of musical notes
aptus, apta -um, aptior -or -us, aptissimus -a -um: suitable, adapted; ready; apt, proper; tied, attached to; dependent on
armipotens, (gen.), armipotentis: powerful/strong in arms/war, valiant, warlike
armus, armi M: forequarter, shoulder; upper arm; side, flank; shoulder cut meat
augustus, augusta -um, augustior -or -us, augustissimus -a -um: sacred, venerable; majestic, august, solemn; dignified; worthy of honor
auro, aurare, auravi, auratus: gild, overlay with gold
aversus, aversa -um, aversior -or -us, aversissimus -a -um: turned/facing away, w/back turned; behind, in rear; distant; averse; hostile
axis, axis M: axle, axis, pole; chariot; the sky, heaven; north pole; region, clime
brutus, bruta, brutum: heavy, unwieldy, inert; dull, stupid, brute; irrational, insensitive, brutish
caelifer, caelifera, caeliferum: supporting sky/heavens
caeneus, caenei: a Lapith hero
calcar, calcaris N: spur; spur, incitement, stimulus; spur of a cock
calleo, callere, callui, -: be calloused/hardened; grow hard; be experienced/skilled, understand; know how
camillus, camilli M: boy/noble youth attendant of a flamen/priest
candeo, candere, candui, -: be of brilliant whiteness, shine, gleam; become/be hot; glow, sparkle
capitolium, capitolii N: religious/cathedral chapter, chapter meeting/house; right of cofraternity
cautis, cautis F: rough pointed/detached rock, loose stone; rocks, cliff, crag; reef
cerva, cervae F: doe, hind; deer
cieo, ciere, civi, citus: move, set in motion; excite/rouse/stir up; urge on; summon/muster/call up
circa: around, all around; round about; near, in vicinity/company; on either side
circumvolo, circumvolare, circumvolavi, circumvolatus: fly/hover/flutter around; run/hasten/rush around
civilis, civilis, civile: of/affecting fellow citizens; civil; legal; public; political; unassuming
clades, cladis F: defeat, reverse; casualties, slaughter/carnage/devastation; ruins; dissolution
coerceo, coercere, coercui, coercitus: enclose, confine; restrain, check, curb, repress; limit; preserve; punish
comitor, comitari, comitatus sum: join as an attendant, guard/escort; accompany, follow; attend
complecto, complectere, complecti, complexus: embrace, hug; welcome; encircle, encompass; attain; include, bring in, involve
concors, concordis (gen.), concordior -or -us, concordissimus -a -um: agreeing, concurring; like-minded; united, joint, shared; peaceful, harmonious
cora, corae F: pupil of the eye
corneus, cornea, corneum: made of/belonging to cornel-tree/wood
cossis, cossis M: worm or grub found in wood
crimen, criminis N: indictment/charge/accusation; blame/reproach/slander; verdict/judgment
crista, cristae F: crest/comb; plume; plant yellow-rattle; clitoris
curis, curis F: spear
debello, debellare, debellavi, debellatus: fight out/to a finish; bring a battle/war to an end; vanquish, subdue
describo, describere, descripsi, descriptus: describe/draw, mark/trace out; copy/transcribe/write; establish
desuesco, desuescere, desuevi, desuetus: forget/unlearn; become/be unaccustomed to; disaccustom; lay aside custom/habit
dominor, dominari, dominatus sum: be master/despot/in control, rule over, exercise sovereignty; rule/dominate
dono, donare, donavi, donatus: present, grant; forgive; give, bestow
eburnus, eburna, eburnum: made of ivory; decorated with/made partially out of ivory; white as ivory
egregius, egregia, egregium: singular; distinguished; exceptional; extraordinary; eminent; excellent
elephantus, elephanti M: elephant; ivory; large variety of lobster, large sea creature; elephantiasis
exim: thence; after that, next in order, thereafter, then; furthermore; by that cause
exsors, (gen.), exsortis: without share in exempt from lottery
fascis, fascis M: bundles of rods
feminus, femina, feminum: female
flos, floris M: flower, blossom; youthful prime
fodio, fodere, fodi, fossus: dig, dig out/up; stab
fungor, fungi, functus sum: perform, execute, discharge; be engaged in
fusus, fusi M: spindle
gener, generi M: son-in-law
gnatus, gnati M: son; child; children
iliacus, iliaca, iliacum: colicky
impunis, impunis, impune: unpunished
inamabilis, inamabilis, inamabile: disagreeable, unattractive
incanus, incana, incanum: quite gray, hoary
infans, (gen.), infantis: speechless, inarticulate; new born; childish, foolish
inlustris, inlustre, inlustrior -or -us, inlustrissimus -a -um: bright, shining, brilliant; clear, lucid; illustrious, distinguished, famous
insomnium, insomni(i) N: wakefulness; vision, dream
insons, (gen.), insontis: guiltless, innocent; harmless
instar, undeclined N: image, likeness, resemblance; counterpart; the equal/form of
invitus, invita, invitum: reluctant; unwilling; against one's will
iactans, iactantis (gen.), iactantior -or -us, iactantissimus -a -um: arrogant; boastful; proud; exaltant
laurentius, laurentia, laurentium: crowned w/laurel
lenio, lenire, lenivi(ii), lenitus: mitigate, moderate; alleviate, allay, assuage, ease, calm, placate, appease
lilium, lili(i) N: lily; lily trap
lugeo, lugere, luxi, luctus: mourn, grieve; bewail, lament; be in mourning
manis, manis M: shades/ghosts of dead; gods of Lower World; corpse/remains; underworld
marmor, marmoris N: marble, block of marble, marble monument/statue; surface of the sea
meatus, meatus M: movement along line, course/path; progress; line followed; channel; passage-way
memento: remember; be mindful of
mergo, mergere, mersi, mersus: dip, plunge, immerse; sink, drown, bury; overwhelm
miserandus, miseranda, miserandum: pitiable, unfortunate
molliter, mollius, mollissime: calmly/quietly/softly/gently/smoothly/easily; w/out pain/anger/harshness; weakl
myrteus, myrtea, myrteum: of myrtle
nilum, nili N: nothing; nothingness, which does not exist; something valueless; no respect
niteo, nitere, nitui, -: shine, glitter, look bright; be sleek/in good condition; bloom, thrive
novem, nonus -a -um, noveni -ae -a, novie(n)s: 9 times, on 9 occasions-
nubilus, nubila, nubilum: cloudy; lowering
oborior, oboriri, obortus sum: arise, occur; appear, spring/rise up before; well up
obscurus, obscura -um, obscurior -or -us, obscurissimus -a -um: dim, dark, obscure; dusky, shadowy, only faintly/dimly seen; dingy; gloomy
obsto, obstare, obstiti, -: oppose, hinder
obvius, obvia, obvium: in the way, easy; hostile; exposed
oliva, olivae F: olive; olive tree
opimus, opima, opimum: rich, fertile; abundant; fat, plump
pampineus, pampinea, pampineum: of/covered with vine shoots/foliage/tendrils
parum, minus, minime: too/very little, not enough/so good, insufficient; less; not at all
pauper, pauperis (gen.), pauperior -or -us, pauperrimus -a -um: poor/meager/unproductive; scantily endowed; cheap, of little worth; of poor man
pauperies, pauperiei F: poverty
peredo, peresse, -, -: eat up, consume, waste
perosus, perosa, perosum: detesting
popularis, popularis, populare: of the people; popular
postumus, postuma, postumum: late/last born, born late in life/after will; posthumous; last/final
praeterlabor, praeterlabi, praeterlapsus sum: glide or slip past
priscus, prisca, priscum: ancient, early, former
proco, procare, procoravi, procoratus: urge/press; woo, importune for one's hand; ask/demand
profero, proferre, protuli, prolatus: bring forward; advance; defer; discover; mention
proicio, proicere, proieci, proiectus: throw down, throw out; abandon; throw away
promitto, promittere, promisi, promissus: promise
propago, propaginis F: layer or set by which a plant is propagated; offspring, children, race, breed
proprius, propria, proprium: own, very own; individual; special, particular, characteristic
purpureus, purpurea, purpureum: purple, dark red
quaeso, quaesere, -, -: beg, ask, ask for, seek
quercus, quercus F: oak, oak-tree; oak wood/timber/object; oak leaf garland; sea-oak
radius, radi(i) M: ray; rod
rebellis, rebellis, rebelle: insurgent, rebellious
reses, (gen.), residis: motionless, inactive, idle, sluggish
saeculum, saeculi N: age; generation, people born at a time; breed, race; present time/age; century
securus, secura, securum: secure, safe, untroubled, free from care
sentus, senta, sentum: rough, rugged, uneven
septemgeminus, septemgemina, septemgeminum: sevenfold
serra, serrae F: saw
serus, sera -um, serior -or -us, serissimus -a -um: late; too late; slow, tardy; after the expected/proper time; at a late hour
signo, signare, signavi, signatus: mark, stamp, designate, sign; seal
situs, situs M: situation, position, site; structure; neglect, disuse, stagnation; mold
socer, soceri M: father in law
spiro, spirare, spiravi, spiratus: breathe; blow; live; breathe out; exhale; breathe the spirit of
spolium, spoli(i) N: spoils, booty; skin, hide
stella, stellae F: star; planet, heavenly body; point of light in jewel; constellation; star shape
stirps, stirpis: race
strages, stragis F: overthrow; massacre, slaughter, cutting down; havoc; confused heap
subtraho, subtrahere, subtraxi, subtractus: carry off; take away; subtract
suspendo, suspendere, suspendi, suspensus: hang up, suspend
tabes, tabis F: wasting away; decay; putrefaction; fluid resulting from corruption or decay
temero, temerare, temeravi, temeratus: violate; defile, pollute; violate sexually
tigris, tigridos/is M: tiger
torquatus, torquata, torquatum: wearing a collar or necklace
torvus, torva, torvum: pitiless/grim; fierce/stern/harsh/savage/dreadful; staring/piercing/wild
triumpho, triumphare, triumphavi, triumphatus: triumph over; celebrate a triumph; conquer completely, triumph
turritus, turrita, turritum: crowned with towers, tower-shaped
uber, uberis (gen.), uberior -or -us, uberrimus -a -um: fertile, rich, abundant, abounding, fruitful, plentiful, copious, productive
ultor, ultoris M: avenger, revenger
ultra, ulterius, ultimum: beyond, further; on the other side; more, more than, in addition, besides
umbrifer, umbrifera, umbriferum: providing shade, shady
umbro, umbrare, umbravi, umbratus: cast a shadow on, shade
urna, urnae F: pot; cinerary urn; urn used for drawing lots; voting urn; water jar,~13 liters
utcumque: whatever, as far as; in whatever manner/degree. no matter how/to what extent
vagitus, vagitus M: crying